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Park Min Young 박민영 - Upcoming drama: Cruel Office Romance (2022)

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Just want to share  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NzY0MzEyNg==&mid=208187439&idx=1&sn=0394960a8acbf2062057df985361b167#rd "Pu Minying , although she was a Korean girl, but so far, ma

15.10.06  instagram

I'll go to there again.. as today missing #phuket mom and me, sunset which is like a picture Minah+Steven my only one sister wedding! Bless this two, two rainbows floating in the sky kya April, 2015 #

Hello PMY fans, as you know, you can also vote for SDA via Daum. Here's how you do it.
First you need to register at Daum
1) Go to the daum site
2)Follow the instructions here.
3) Once you have registered successfully,  go to the voting page and cast your vote. http://media.daum.net/entertain/showcase/seouldrama/?type=actress It is one vote per account.
Need any help, PM me or ask here.

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Mimi, you know i am new in this and i have no clue as to how to pm you. i am so clueless with this.  i clicked the link that yamashi gaved. then clicked the icon to like or something.  then when i tried to click on PMY it just refresh the whole thing.  i did it like 5 times and same result.

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i used to like KKT character because of his undying love for YR. but dude!  get  a life!   find somebody who loves you. if you truly love this woman then set her free. if she comes back to you then its destiny. hahaha!  just kidding.  it gets really annoying about his threatening Jin over and over.  just because you are wearing that colorful uniform doesnt mean you have the right o threaten everyone..  hes  just like his evil daddy.  i wonder what will they do to YR if she gets caught about this Catholic thing.

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@whyiamhere22 PMd u. Try it once more.
@kelleymoore Try registering at daum. If you have any problems, just tell me.
Yeah, true. What I totally don't get is some fangirls who watch the drama only from KT's perspective. It's always KT who is sacrificing for them. They don't see other characters' sacrifices or their pains. Even when YR was being tortured, instead of saying how unjust it is for her to be framed and tortured for a crime she didn't commit, it was all how sad KT's fate is to see his love being tortured. 8-| If KT was not JJ and was a man whom they didn't have feelings for in real life, how many would have justified him? Accept that he is a flawed character who needs some growing up to do. He has his virtues, but to make him into a saint and not to see how he behaves with other people is totally blinding yourself. When the drama started, I got really mad with the fan girls who hated on YR and tried to invent stupid reasons as to why she rejected KT instead of looking at the actual reason the drama offered. Now I just don't bother. :) Let's see what happens.
@pards Good to know you are having success with FB. I think the Korean Standard time is a problem. Sometimes, my day and their day clash. That is why, I feel, they say I have already voted for that day even if I haven't.
@annealcones You are so hard-working a fan. Totally like MY. :) But sleep is important. Don't stress yourself too much.

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class="content-title" “Dr. Jin” to Have Two-Episode Extension hotshotlover30 July 13, 2012

MBC’s Dr. Jin,” starring Song Seung Heon, Park Min Young, Lee Beom Soo, and JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, was granted a two-episode extension. A representative of the production team explained, “We have decided on extending the series by two episodes. We felt the originally scheduled 20 episodes were not enough to tell the entire story.” As such, “Dr. Jin” will finish its broadcast early August.

Following the news of the extension, the cast of “Dr. Jin” showed their support. Lee Bum Soo stated, “I wish it was scheduled for forty episodes not twenty. It’s too short for the viewers to follow the story’s big picture.” Song Seung Heon revealed, “20 episodes are not enough to fully show what sageuks [historical dramas] have to offer.”

Netizens comments regarding the decision varied. Some expressed their delight at the news, commenting, “Yay, more of Song Seung Heon” and “Thank you for the extension.” Others disapproved, citing it as a way for the drama to reach the number one spot in ratings once its competitor, SBS’s “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” makes its exit.


cre: Soompi

I had been under the impression this was a 24 episode drama. So glad to know at least it will have 22 episodes coz I don't think they could have finished it off in 20 to anybody's satisfaction. Still wish there were 24, but since they have got the extension so early (they have got 8 more episodes to go), I hope they plan it out well.

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