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Oksana Sutra

Park Min Young 박민영 [ Drama 2020 :'I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice'(JTBC) | Upcoming show: Busted season 3 (Netflex) ]

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PD Jang Hyuk Jae and original cast member Park Min Young appeared to talk about the second season of “Busted!” The producer revealed that Lee Seung Gi will join the show as a new player. He said, “Lee Seung Gi participated in the second season. He came to our show without knowing anything. We only gave him the background information of him participating in our show as a new detective member.” The producer added, “He showed his unique charms of always working hard and looking smart but sometimes being sloppy.”

Park Min Young also shared, “We filmed one episode already, but it feels like he was originally one of our members. There are people who share similar traits, and he and I are similarly sloppy sometimes. It feels like the team has gotten younger. I didn’t have someone close in age to me, but now I have a good friend and partner.”

Netflix’s original variety show “Busted!” is a show where seven stars with very different personalities and charms try to solve a mystery that happens during each episode.




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PMY got nominated in Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards 2018 (YAHOO Search Popularity Awards)

Voting period : 12 November - 5 December

Hongkong fans vote link: yahoo.digitalmktg.com.hk/buzz2018/

(use your register mobile phone)

Overseas fans vote link : https://bit.ly/buzz18vote




FIGHTING guys!!!




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