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F.t Island (latest Korean Boy Group)

Guest Misuknow

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Guest Misuknow

All in their 1990s + Profile & information added.

They are a BOYBAND and not typical boygroup.Thanks.


From left to right : Hongki,Jaejin,wonbin,minhwan,Jonghun



5 Hottest Guys Idol Band F.T Island

Their first reality show program was boardcasted on 13th March @ M.net

And the concept of the show is

"To Sell Good looking Guys which they're the boys in girl's dream" or

"Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"

By Voting at http://M.net.com/ftisland to see whom gonna be the most wanted guy from the girls

F.T Island formed by the teenagers who love in cords and melody

and 5 members have different characters

the members are

Lee Hongki (18) The Handsome Guy who always resist to his cute

Lee Jaejin (17) The Handsome Honour student

O Wonbin (18) The Sport Man

Choi Minhwan (16) The Cutiest Boy in the universe

and Choi Jonghun (18) The Romantic Guy

After the show broadcasted for 10 minutes,

there was 100 of girls posted their photos to M.net F.T Island

because all of them want to be F.T Island's Girlfriends

F.T Island is not A boy band but they are a instrumental band

and they really want to show their ability in Music much more than their looks

The Band name "F.T Island" comes from

F is Five because the band have 5 members

and T is Treasure because They believe that their ability in Music is like a Treasure.

So they named themselves as a Treasure Island. Then it becomes Five Treasure Island

They will debut in the Early May. Please support them

credits to NewsEn.com

Translated by Ami_shibutani@F.T Island's Soompi or JongHun_Parfait@ F.T Island Thailand


My friend ask me about them when she was watching mnet last sat or sunday.so i finally found some pictures about them too.

There is a soompi thread for them but since they have not release anything yet it is close but you all still can go and see the members profile which the person provided.


F.T Island means Five Treasure Island

Members Profile:


DOB: 1990년 2월 25일


Lead Vocal



DOB: 1992년 11월 11일




DOB: 1991년 12월 17일




DOB: 1990년 3월 7일


(Electric) Guitar+Piano

cy: http://www.cyworld.com/style0000000


DOB: 1990년 3월 26일




M.Net Profiles translation


- ChoiJongHoon is the leader

- Within 10 minutes after the M.Net cable show [1st episode 3-13-07], they were Navers' #1 searched

- Album be out around May

Profile + Information credit to jina_bing_bang(Jina)

+F.T Island Thailand.

daum cafe.


Thailand F.T Island Forum



THe mnet programme they are in.


I think they are finding girlfriend in this programme or some sort of simulation game.So alot of girls have been sending in their pictures into their mnet website.

anyone care to give more information since i can't read korea.but that is what i know by looking at the website and thing.And according to the mnet.THe highest vote belong to jaejin and 2nd hongki

Mnet pictures:












Updates on M.Net pictures

M.Net Pictures

march 23 updates

Captures from their programme

Hongki Captures

JaeJin Captures

Minhwan Captures



Kangin VS Hongki

Lee Hongki~the kangin lookalike that was posted in bestiz.

thanks for som4tang for reminding me.^^






3/25 New Group Pictures

3/25 New Group Pictures 2

Pictures from their Cyworld

Jonghun CY

Hongki CY

Members Solo Pictures


Credit : M.net+Naver+Misuknow+Jina+F.T.island thailand forum (dolphin_n and ami_shibutani)

PS: i personally think jaejin look the most cute.XD

Please credit if you took anything from this thread

Please also come back to check this thread for updates since they do not have a official thread in the Korea Music forum so everything about them will be updated here instead.Thanks for all the information and pictures that some have provided.

Dear ppl, i post up their pictures and information for the others to know more about them and not post them to let some of you to bash them or whatever.so if you really don't like them or what, please do not reply

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Guest skyhigh302

haha no offense but some of them look like girls -__-

the guy in the last pic w/ his stomach showing has a girl stomach...well skinnier than me at least lol

but i'm curious to see their debut!

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Guest hyeminnie

in the first pic, the guy in the center is cute.

just looked at their profiles and my gosh they're young. some of them don't look their age... like a lot of new singers that came out.

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Aren't they a bunch of hot cuties? :3

I really hope they sing well, too!

I don't see how they look like girls... =0=;

I guess it's the fact they have long hair?

But don't 99% of Korean male celebrities have long hair? Puhaha.

I absolutely can't wait till their official debut song/single/album!

By the way, that guy really, really, really looks like Kangin.

Up to a point where it's kind of scary. >___<

Thanks for sharing!


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