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C I R C L E . L E N S Official Thread

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Guest lady_death

hi i'm participating to get a free pair of lens, from KOREAN-LENS.COM
I will soon publish here a review about Korean-Lens.com shop and products, please come again and read it soon.!





THEY HAVE A GIVEAWAY TOO! IT'S VERY EASY http://www.korean-lens.com/free-contact-lens-giveaway-947.html

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Hi, guys I did reeview on The Tofi circle lenses, so I'll share it with you :3

I also did a vidio from photos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb6RRtsutPQ&feature=youtu.be

I bought  2 pairs of circle lenses from http://www.solution-lens.com/ and get one pair for free, so I’m doing review of my favorite pair: ♥♥♥VASSEN TOFI RED♥♥♥












As you can see they have this amazing design, with which I really fell in love, but I have blue eyes so I was scared of, that they will look strange on my eyes, but...

…but firs let me take a selfie let’s look what I get in my parcel.
















This is it! Papadadá! I ordered 3 pairs of lenses and get this all,amazing isn’t it?











The lenses came in those bottles and sorry I already took off labels -.-“ .

It was kinda match get in them but I won! ˆˆ















You’ll also receive free lens cases and I was super happy that I get those colors because they look so good together :3











AND you’ll get pair of cute earrings for free.

















AND you’ll get this adorable ballpoint pen, also for free!

















AND you’ll get ton of a bubble wrap

AAAND ‘cause you’ll never have too much things for free, shipping is also free awww :3



And now! About the lenses:

















Diameter 15.0 mm

Water content 38-42%

Base curve 8.6

1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)








This is how they look on natural light, as you can see my natural eye color is light and you can see it, but I don’t think it’s too bad and the red color is still much more dominant, which I love!







Snap with flash.







One eye with the lens and my natural eye color (light blue-gray).






And my “naked” eyes.













Pretty scary aren’t I??


What I think about them… they are best circle lenses if you wanna have beautiful, huge, red eyes! I’ve never seen lenses with so amazing design, they would probably look better if you have dark eyes, but even if you have light eyes they’ll completely change your eye color!

I seriously love them!




What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?: light blue-gray
What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?: blue, gray and from now on... red J, I don’t have special favorite brand
Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?: no, I wear them only for cosplaying and just sometimes
Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends...) ?: on one blog I saw review and I was amazed of free worldwide shipping and … now it’s my favorite lens store J
What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?:






Is our website easy to visit / browse ?: yes, it is
Is our customer service good / quick ?: I think so!
What do you think about lens color ?: really beutiful color and amazing design
What do you think about lens comfort ?: when I firs puted them on I was soooo teary, but after 2 minutes my eyes get used to them and it was like I had nothing in my eyes, so I think they’re pretty comfortable when you get used to them
What do you think about lens enlargement ?: I have small eyes, so they‘re kinda huge for me, but my eyes definitly look bigger
What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?: Definitly the best lenses if you wanna completely change your eye color, with lovely design!
What is your overall opinion about our store ? What should we improve ?: My most favorite lens store! I love free shipping and quantity discounts! And I think everything is fine… maybe little bottle of solution in order would be a great J

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I'll do a quick review about the latest circle lenses I opened - EOS Dolly Eye Pink!



These have a diameter of 14.2 mm and the usual 8.6 mm base curve. My pair happens to be relabeled as The Dolly Eye, by the way. These contacts definitely are an opaque pink and I can recommend them for those who like bold and unnatural looking contacts. The EOS Dolly Eye contacts are also great for cosplay and/or LARP.



The photo with both lenses in is a flash photo. The one with one lens in is taken in bathroom light.
My natural eye color is some mix of blue-gray-green, depending on light. On my eyes these contacts don't seem to enlarge much at all. The color is obviously super noticeable though - it's a nice light-ish pink; kinda makes me think of strawberry milk haha.


Comfort wise they are pretty okay I guess, not the most comfy circle lenses I've ever had. I do have pink corners in my vision pretty frequently and these seem to blur my sight notably in insufficient light. Otherwise I don't feel them in my eyes; I could wear them for about 7 hours the first time before I started to feel them drying. But yeah, one point off in terms of comfort because of the common sight hindrance(s).

Color: 5/5
Enlargement: 1/5
Comfort: 3/5

All in all I'd still gladly recommend these for people looking for vibrant pink contacts! These scream unnatural though so those who prefer realistic contacts better stay away from the EOS Dolly Eye line.

Oh, if anyone wants to see more photos and read the full review then check it out here!

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Does anyone know what circle lenses these are? I've been looking for some yellow ones like this everywhere but haven't found anything. They don't look like Twilight Brown, which is the only yellow lens i've seen thusfar. Any ideas?

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Guest amywhiteroses

I've done a review about solutionlens.com's lenses!

I received a free pair of lenses from solutionlens.com, and you can to! Enter their permantant giveaway here!


Here are some photos of the lenses and me wearing them uvu



So they came in this package, and inside were some extra surprises!




A cute pen, some earrings, and the lenses, along with lens cases!



They're a very pretty honey color ^-^ These are the DUEBA KING BROWN CONTACT LENS.





Some pictures of me wearing the lenses today uvu

They had a few questions they wanted answered, so here they are, along with my answers~

- What is the natural color of your eyes and style ?

My natural eye color is both a dark brown and a lighter brown, and they're in between oval and circle!

- What are you favorite contact lenses colors and brands ?

My favorite contact lens colors are blue, white, and green~! My favorite brands are Vassen and GEO.

- Do you often wear color lenses (which brands) ?

I wear contact lenses quite often, usually to school or with cosplay, and I tend to wear GEO and Vassen!

- Where did you find our store (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, blogs, friends...) ?

I found your store through Google while I was looking for contacts to get for my Jean cosplay ^-^

- What contact lenses do you like on our store (add photos and links) ?

I really like these:



and these:



- Is our website easy to visit / browse ?

Yes, it was quite easy to browse!

- Is our customer service good / quick ?

Yes! I was retty impressed with the speed that you got back to me!

- What do you think about lens color ?

They're very vibrant, which is nice because my eyes are quite dark and some colors dont show up on them well, but these did!

- What do you think about lens comfort ?

Yes, they are pretty comfortable, though my eyes can only handle them for about 5 hours, which is a good amount of time!

- What do you think about lens enlargement ?

These lenses enlarge my eyes a bit, and they look larger :)

- What is your overall opinion about the lenses ?

I like these lenses a lot, they're comfortable and wearable for everyday. ^-^

- What is your overall opinion about our store ?

Your store is a quality store and I would definitely recommend your store to those looking for amazing contacts! :)  



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I'm not sure if this has been asked or answered already but does anyone happen to know what lenses Hyuna is wearing in her Red MV? thank you so very much in advance!
@_loner_ if you're looking for a gray/blue type contact I'd go for the EOS Bubble Gray~ their a gorgeous and exotic looking lens

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Guest hasakitsuki

Hi people! :)

I just want to share a review of one of my favorite circle lens pairs: I.Fairy Tofi Gold.
As the name says they have a golden color but they also have a beautiful pattern that looks like flower petals to me. <3 They are very big too, bonus points for this! The pupil hole is big too. Oh, and they are really comfortable to wear. ;)
Here are some pics for you. :'D





Do you like them? :) Check my blog for the full review!

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