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Kang Dong-Won 강동원 [Upcoming movies: “Broker”, “The Plot”]


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Gang Dong-Won 강동원

[ November 2015 | Cr: 10Asia ]

Name: Gang Dong-Won [강동원 | 姜棟元]
Born: January 18, 1981 | Busan 
Body: 186cm | Type B
Family: Parents, older sister 
Education: Namyang Elementary School > Gyeongwon Middle School > Geochang High School > Hanyang University ERICA Campus (Mechanical Engineering / Bachelor) > Sangmyung University Graduate School (Film major / Master)
Religion: Irreligion (Atheism)
Debut: 2003 MBC drama ‘Country Princess 위풍당당 그녀’

Hobby: Travel to must-eat places, woodworking, exercise, listen to music, web surfing
Specialty: Soccer
Nicknames: Kang Tuna, Tuna Oppa (because of Dongwon Tuna)
Agency: YG Entertainment [ HP | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | VLive ]
Links: Profile@YG | DaumCafe | DC || namu



[ 2009-2019 K-Movie Star Box Office Power #9 | Cr: THE SCREEN ]

[kofic] Born in Busan in 1981, to a major company executive, GANG, who boasts an IQ of 137, attended Hanyang University, graduating with honors in Mechanical Engineering. All that changed however, when he was spotted by a modelling agent and began a successful career as a runway model. Following an appearance in a music video, he decided to change his focus to acting, becoming a full-time performer in 2003 when he got his start on TV. His first film followed soon after, with 2004’s <Too Beautiful to Lie> and his breakthrough <Romance of Their Own>, based on a popular internet novel. His popularity shot up, even developing fan bases across other Asian countries, such as Japan. He next starred in LEE Myung-se’s idiosyncratic period swordplay film <The Duelist> (2005); as a prisoner in the praised drama <Maundy Thursday> (2006); and the antagonist in the hit kidnap drama <Voice of a Murderer> (2007). That year, GANG also appeared in the fiercely artistic <M>, as a writer getting lost in his own head. Another hit came GANG’s way with CHOI Dong-hoon’s <Woochi>, in which he played a charismatic time-hopping Joseon Era magician in 2009, and then another as a North Korean agent alongside SONG Kang-ho in JANG Hoon’s <Secret Reunion> (2010). He took one more role, the sci-fi superhero pic <Haunters>, before entering his military service. His return came in 2014 with both YOON Jong-bin’s period action film <Kundo: Age of the Rampant> and E J-yong’s melodrama <My Brilliant Life>. GANG’s star power came back in a big way at the end of 2015 when he appeared alongside KIM Yun-seok in the hugely successful exorcism thriller <The Priests>. Just a few months later, his pairing with HWANG Jung-min in the prison thriller <A Violent Prosecutor> proved even more potent.


 [ 2004 movie ‘Temptation of Wolves | Romance of Their Own’ | Cr: Showbox ]

[ 2009 movie ‘Woochi’ | cr: CJ Entertainment ]


[ 2014 movie ‘Kundo’ | Cr: Showbox ]



MOVIE (Src: Kobis)
Opening Date / Title / Role / Total Admissions (people)





Year / Network / Title / Role



  • [2022-04-01] YouTube/Monotube ‘Dongwon Woodworking Shop | 동원 목공소’ [ playlist | #0 | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 ]
  • [2021-12-02] YouTube/Monotube ‘[LIVE] Gang Dongwon Woodworking Highlight | [LIVE] 강동원 목공 하이라이트’ [ playlist ]
  • [2020-06-20] YouTube/Monotube ‘Gang Dongwon X Monotube Live | 강동원 X 모노튜브 Live’ [ x ]
  • [2019-06-01~2019-07-20] YouTube/Monotube ‘Vlog Gang Dongwon & Friends’ [ Teaser | #0 | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | SP | #5 | #6 ]
  • [2018-07-22] ‘Actor&Chatter | 배우What수다’ Ep 22 || [ x ]



  • 2022: Joo Hyung-jin 주형진 'By Your Side | 들을게' (YouTube)
  • 2019: Joo Hyung-jin 주형진 ‘Rest | 쉼’ (Youtube)
  • 2016: Joo Hyung-jin 주형진 ‘Telling a Secret | 비밀을 말하다’ (Youtube | JHJ)
  • 2012: Joo Hyung-jin 주형진 ‘Gang Dong Won in a day | 강동원 in a day’ (Youtube)
  • 2010: Joo Hyung-jin 주형진 ‘The Moment | 헤어지자고’ (Youtube)
  • 2001: Jo Sung-mo 조성모 ‘I Swear | 다짐’ (Youtube)
  • 2001: LINK ‘Rain | 비가와’ (Youtube)
  • 2001: J.ae 제이 ‘Light | 빛’ (Youtube)


  • 2019: ‘PLAC’
  • 2018: ‘UNIQLO Slim Fit Damage Jean 유니클로 슬림피트 데미지 진’
  • 2016-2017: ‘Kolon Sport Antarctica 코오롱스포츠 안타티카’
  • 2015-2019: ‘NamYang Dairy 남양유업: French Cafe LOOKAS 9 프렌치카페 루카스나인, French Cafe LOOKAS 9 Latte 프렌치카페 루카스나인 라떼’
  • 2014: ‘UNIQLO Slim fit Straight Selvedge Jeans 유니클로 슬림피트 스트레이트 셀비지 진, UNIQLO Fleece Full-Zip Jacket 유니클로 후리스풀짚재킷’
  • 2013: ‘adidas 아디다스: Adidas originals 아디다스 오리지널스’
  • 2012-2014: NamYang Dairy 남양유업: French Cafe LOOKA 프렌치카페 루카’ 
  • 2011: ‘NamYang Dairy 남양유업: French Cafe Cafe Mix 프렌치카페 카페믹스’
  • 2010-2011: ‘Cowon Systems 코원시스템’
  • 2009-2011: ‘NamYang Dairy 남양유업: French Cafe 프렌치카페’
  • 2009: ‘Daesun Bombom Soju 대선주조: 봄봄(소주)’
  • 2008-2009: ‘Sejung & Future: CHRIS.CHRISTY 세정과 미래: 크리스크리스티’
  • 2006-2007: ‘Sharp Electronics RD 샤프전 리얼딕’ || ‘LG Cyon 싸이언’ || ‘Samsung C&T MVIO 삼성물산 제일모직 엠비오’
  • 2005: ‘Pantech 팬택‘ || ‘Basic House 더베이직하우스’
  • 2004: ‘Maeil Dairy 매일유업: Sunup Beauty Collagen 썬업 뷰티 콜라겐, Cafe Latte 카페라떼’
  • 2003-2005: ‘KTF: Good Time Chance 굿타임찬스, Magic N 매직엔, K-ways’
  • 2003: ‘Yeshin smex 예신퍼슨스 스멕스’ || ‘Oriental Brewery Cass | OB맥주 카스’ 
  • 2002-2003: ‘CJ: Hamsville Pocopoco 햄스빌 포코포코, Katsuo Udon 가쓰오우동’
  • 2002: ‘CJ39 Shopping: CJ Mall’
  • 2001: ‘Nestle Korea Nescafé 한국네슬레 네스카페’


Nov ‘10: 30th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: Best Actor | Cr:언제나



[2014-06-26~07-02] The 13th Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival: honorary judge 

[2020-10-22] The 29th Buil Film Awards: Popular Star (Peninsula)

[2017-07-13] The 16th New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF): Star Asia Award





[2016-02-22] InStyle Star Icon: Screen Actor sector
[2010-11-08] The 30th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best Actor (Secret Reunion)





[2006-11-19] The 5th Korea Film Awards: Netizen’s Popularity Award (Maundy Thursday) // Cancelled since winners (KDW & LNY) didn’t attend.

[2005-11-29] The 26th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (Duelist)



[2005-05-20] The 41st Baeksang Arts Awards: TV section’s Popular Star (Magic)



[2005-03-31] The 28th Gold Awards Festival: New Actor (Temptation of Wolves)



[2005-01-06] The 3rd CGV Audience's Choice Movie Awards of the Year: New Actor of the Year (Too Beautiful to Lie, Temptation of Wolves)




[2004-12-28] Cine21 Movie Awards: New Actor of the Year (Temptation of Wolves)
[2004-12-15] The 7th Director’s CUT Awards: New Actor of the Year (Too Beautiful to Lie)



[2004-12-05] The 3rd Korea Film Awards: New Actor (Temptation of Wolves)





[2004-11-29] The 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (Temptation of Wolves)
[2004-11-25] The 24th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: New Actor (Too Beautiful to Lie)

[2004-10-08] The 5th Pusan Film Critics Association Awards: New Actor (Temptation of Wolves)
[2004-03-26] The 40th Baeksang Arts Awards: Film section’s Popular Star (Too Beautiful to Lie)



[2004-xx-xx] The 9th Female Audience Film Awards: The Most Hopeful Male Character (Too Beautiful to Lie)
[2003-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: New Actor (1% of Anything)


[ 2005-12-12 | 25th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Accepted Best Movie & Director Awards on behalf of director Lee Myung-se (Duelist) ]



Cine21 | FILM2.0 | MovieWeek | PREMIERE | SCREEN





[2022-03-23] Korean Star Gang Dong-won Signs With CAA: x
[2022-03-17] Kang Dong-won is considering the offer to star in the movie “Possessed”: x
[2021-08-30] KangDongWon Confirmed to Star in a Remake of Hong Kong Film ‘Accident’: x

[2021-07-05] Koreeda’s Korean Debut BROKER Completes Production: x

[2020-08-26] SongKangHo-KangDongWon-BaeDooNa in HirokazuKoreeda’s Movie: 1 | 2

[2020-08-08] [PICK] Top 7 Best Kang Dong Won Movies

[2020-07-26] Zombie blockbuster 'Peninsula' breaks even

[2020-07-15] Peninsula interviews [ Yonhap | JoongAng | Herald | Newsis ] || [ LMDAllkpop | Deadline | ]

[2020-06-30] Summer zombie blockbuster 'Peninsula' sold to 185 overseas markets

[2020-06-04] Peninsula made Cannes' 2020 Official Selection: 1 | 2

[2020-05-04] Actor Kang Dong-won Adorns Himself with Unique Styles



[2019-12-31] THE SCREEN’s 2009-2019 K-Movie Actor Box Office Power Top 50: 1 

[2019-11-21] Celebs open YouTube channels to ride new media trend

[2019-05-20] KangDongWon Gives SneakPeek Into His DailyLife

[2018-07-27] Illang interviews [ FN | kofic | ]

[2018-07-26] ‘Illang’ fails to satisfy movie critics + audience

[2018-07-07] NYAFF2018: JangJoonHwan on ‘1987’ risks+triumphs

[2018-07-06] Koreans Vote For The Most Handsome Male Stars

[2018-06-18] Director Kim Jee-woon's 'Inrang' unveiled to media

[2018-06-11] Singapore interview: 8 questions with actors

[2018-05-18] Malaysia interview: Demons that haunt him

[2018-05-10] Hollywood Reporter Names 5 South Korean Talents to Watch: 1 | 2

[2018-05-09] Cannes invites Hollywood rookie Gang Dong-won

[2018-04-04] GangDongWon’s Exclusive Fan Meeting In Singapore
[2018-04-01] “The List 2018” Reveals Rankings For Best Korean Celebrity Drinkers

[2018-03-25] Gang Dong-won’s Hollywood Debut Secures Korean Distributor: 1 | 2

[2018-02-12] Golden Slumber interviews [ Yonhap | KoreaTimesKofic-director |  ]

[2018-02-12] KangDongWon On Malicious Comments & Misunderstandings
[2018-02-06] KangDongWon Explains His Standards For Choosing Films

[2018-01-21] Golden Slumber reports: 1 | 2

[2018-01-05] Jang Joon-hwan’s acclaimed film ‘1987’ almost didn’t happen

[2018-01-02] MartialArts Director Jung Doo-hong: TOP 7 best action actors

[2017-12-17] Gang Dong-won to Star in SimonWest’s ‘Tsunami LA’: 1 | 2

[2017-11-10] VANISHING TIME Wins Award @FilmFestivalCoréen in Paris

[2017-09-28] SongGangHo-GangDongWon Invite Audiences to ‘The Running Actress’

[2017-06-20] GANG Dong-won Receives StarAsiaAward @NYAFF: 1 | 2Interview-theknockturnal | Interview-LMD | 3

[2017-05-03] Gang Dong-won apologizes over great-grandfather's controversial past

[2017-03-07] A-list actor mired in controversy

[2017-03-03] Illang reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 

[2017-01-18] KangDongWon: Acting In Dramas + Working Outside Of Korea

[2017-01-04] Gang is at his best when out of his element

[2016-12-xx] Master interviews: kofic-director
[2016-11-xx] Vanishing Time interviews: kofic-director | VFXsupervisor

[2016-11-03] Korea’s top 10 movie stars of 2016
[2016-11-02] Vanishing Time reports: 1 | 2 | 3

[2016-05-xx] Elle Interview Breathless
[2016-01-19] Gang Dong-won signs with YG Entertainment
[2016-01-17] Gang does cameo in a music video

[2016-01-28] KangDongWon Changed Attitude Towards Doing Dramas

[2015-11-13] Kang Dong-won handsome as always in Vogue

[2015-11-05] Kang Dong-won charms the evening news viewers

[2015-06-04] Netizens Pick the 50 Most Beautiful Korean Actors+Actresses
[2015-03-23] Moviegoers Vote “Most Trusted Actor when Choosing a Movie”




[2009-12-24] “WOOCHI” sets box office record on opening day

[2009-12-17] Woochi Marks Birth of Korean Superhero

[2010-12-16] Woochi interviews [ 10asia (part  1 | 2 | 3 ) | JoongAng | KBS | ]

[2009-12-14] Gang Dong-won says he may write “Woochi” sequel
[2009-11-18] “Woochi” set to work its magic – Part [ 12 ]
[2008-04-30] Korea pair prep superhero film
[2007-10-07] ’M’ Sets Busan Film Festival on Fire

[2006-09-19] Gang to star in Lee Myung-se's M


Data: gathered/translated/updated from namu | YGkobis | kobiz |

Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (copyrights/credits belong to original sources/creators).


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Guest thunderbolt

I'm so glad I saved his bio. Here it is:

Bio (credit: juny, Soompi)


Birthdate: Jan. 18, 1981

Birthplace: Pusan

Family: parents, one older sister

Status: not married, in a relationship with model Do Yuhjin

Blood Type: B

Height & Weight: 186 cm, 72 kg

Schools Attended: Namyang Elementary, Kyungwon Junior High, Guhchang High

Current School: Hanyang University

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: listening to music, sports, websurfing, collecting shoes

Expertise: soccer

Personality: introverted

Ideal Girl: pure and innocent

Life Motto: Never change. Don't hurt other people, and do what I want to do.

TV Appearances:

-2003 MBC A Funny Wild Girl - drama

-2003 MBC 1% of Something - drama

-2004 Too Beautiful to Lie/Don't Trust Her - movie

-2004 A Wolf's Attraction - movie

-2004 SBS Magic - drama

-2005 Duelist - movie

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Guest ponkie

heavenly angel, can you move his info to the first post? Thanks for making oppa's thread btw. I wanted to, but it doesn't matter now. :P

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Guest Airine Pratama

:blink: ... Gosh i'm kinda shock with what happend to our Soompi ...

Now we need to start all over again ...

But that's OK now i have his name on my ID :rolleyes: ... Just to show some love for KDW ... B)

Heavely_Angel ... I was about to make a thread for Kang Dong Won at first but you made it already ... Same with Camy :P ... :D Thank You for made this thread for Kang Dong Won :wub:

But yeah i agree with Camy, it's just an advice to copy Kang Dong Won's Biodata to the very first post ... your post ... Anyway that spring_waltz_2nd is my photobucket album hehehehe ...

Have you seen it all?

;) My Kang Dong Won's photobucket album ...

I see Camy, Heavenly_Angel still here with the same username ...

Mine is about the same too airine = AiRiNe<3KDW ...

Hi thunder ... you are here too !!!!!

Hmm ... where's t'enka and Island ... Did you guys change your username????

Diia, x jinaa, oceanluv, my immortality, ME 하루 ... Hiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!

anyone know what religion kang dong won believes in?

out of curiosity..

Hmm i think he's a christian ...

did duelist already come out?

sorry~ im slow on movie dates ^^;;

Duelist is out in Korean Cinema ...

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Guest Airine Pratama

nicely said, MAYOR HOTTIE. haha i cant wait to watch the duelist too. hes acting with my favorite actress! eek. haha

Yeah ... I luv your subtitle Heavenly_Angel ... It's a fact he's a MAJOR HOTTIE !!!


Wow you're here already t'enka ... re-welcoming you to the thread !!!!

Looks like we all want to be the topic starter ...

Whoa just realise that my first post is in this thread ... Yeah!!!!!

The first one for Kang Dong Won ...




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Guest Origins
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  • Guest changed the title to Kang Dong Won 강동원 | Upcoming Film 2018 : Inrang
  • Helena changed the title to Kang Dong-Won 강동원 [Upcoming movies: “Broker”, “The Plot”]
  • Guest unfeatured this topic

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