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Kang Dong Won • 강동원 • Gang Dong Won • カン・ドンウォン • 姜棟元 • คังดงวอน

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Kang Dong Won In Talks To Star In French Film
Sep 4, 2018 by E. Cha



Actor Kang Dong Won may be starring in the upcoming French film “Matin Calme” (Calm Morning)!


On September 4, Korean news outlets reported that Kang Dong Won had been cast in the film after discussing his role with its producers at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival in France.


Later that morning, YG Entertainment responded to the reports by clarifying, “Kang Dong Won is in talks to appear in ‘Matin Calme,’ but nothing has yet been decided.”


“Matin Calme” will follow the story of a medical examiner and a Korean detective (the role offered to Kang Dong Won) who join forces to investigate the origins of a mysterious dead body—and who stumble upon something far more disturbing in the process.


Meanwhile, Kang Dong Won is currently preparing to star in the upcoming Hollywood film “Tsunami LA.”

Are you excited to potentially see Kang Dong Won appear in this new movie? Leave your thoughts below!


Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1225119wpp/kang-dong-won-talks-star-french-film





Kang Dong Won @ LA



Gang Dong Won (カン・ドンウォン) Japan Official Fanclub Update !

source : gangdongwon.jp 




66th San Sebastian Film Festival (#66SSIFF) @ San Sebastian, Spain





Japanese anime comes to life in a dystopian Korea

Thursday, September 27th, 2018


The Korean director, Kim Jeewoon, competed in the Official Selection here eight years ago withI Saw the Devil and has now returned to San Sebastián with Illang: The Wolf Brigade. This is an adaptation of the Japanese anime classic JinRoh, switched from a parallel 1950’s Japan to a dystopian Korea in 2029, where plans for Korea to be reunified plunge the country into chaos. Following the appearance of an armed anti-government terrorist group that is opposed to Korean reunification, the South Korean police launch a special unit, known as the Wolf Brigade.


Kim Jee-woon said that he felt that turning animated images into real-life action had made his film much more violent and bloody, but at the same time it also became more emotional and compassionate, while the star of the film Gang Dongwon, who accompanied the director at the press conference they gave after the screening of their film, commented that although we can’t change the world, perhaps the film might help to prevent things from getting worse.


source : https://sansebastianfestival.com/2018/festival_diary/1/7694/in

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Kim Yun Seok Jokes About Joo Ji Hoon’s Health And Talks About Friendship With Junior Actors


Kim Yun Seok later continued to talk about Joo Ji Hoon and other junior actors as he said, “My chemistry with Yoo Ah In, Kang Dong Won, Ha Jung Woo, Byun Yo Han; it’s all the same. They’re all junior actors that I feel extremely comfortable and friendly with.”


He continued, “If you look at just the age, they’re all kids who are like my nephews. Rather than an older brother, I’m at the age of being like an uncle. It’s really comfortable, because we’re close enough where I can grab a drink with them since they’re not underage. In addition, since were in the same industry, I know of their pain.”



Actor Kim Yun Seok had a lot to say about Joo Ji Hoon and his fellow co-stars’ health!

On September 14, Kim Yun Seok sat down for an interview for the release of his film “Dark Figure of Crime.”


“Dark Figure of Crime” will tell the story of a murderer (Joo Ji Hoon), who confesses to seven additional murders while in jail, and a detective (Kim Yun Seok), who believes his confession and investigates these crimes.


He stated, “Before, [the actors] were all healthy. Kang Dong Won was sturdy and Ha Jung Woo was equal to 100 men, but Joo Ji Hoon has an extremely weak stomach. He’s the style to get stomachaches when he’s nervous.”


He also stated, “Surprisingly, I think Jin Seon Kyu has weak bronchial tubes. He got a cold. If you see the movie, you’ll know, but there’s a scene where he acts while lying underground. It was extremely cold there.”


Kim Yun Seok later continued to talk about Joo Ji Hoon and other junior actors as he said, “My chemistry with Yoo Ah In, Kang Dong Won, Ha Jung Woo, Byun Yo Han; it’s all the same. They’re all junior actors that I feel extremely comfortable and friendly with.”


He continued, “If you look at just the age, they’re all kids who are like my nephews. Rather than an older brother, I’m at the age of being like an uncle. It’s really comfortable, because we’re close enough where I can grab a drink with them since they’re not underage. In addition, since were in the same industry, I know of their pain.”


Later, In response to Joo Ji Hoon, who described him as “a custard-like senior,” Kim Yun Seok stated, “I’m laughing. It was a very unique description. He said he saw my ‘sweet’ sides, so it was sweet.”


He added, “After watching the drama ‘The Lucifer,’ I thought [Joo Ji Hoon] was a charismatic actor. He was at the screening for ‘Will You Be There?’ He had worked with the director before, so after meeting him there, I told him we should work together, but we ended up working together for [‘Dark Figure of Crime’]. Maybe it’s because he’s friendly with Ha Jung Woo, but [Joo Ji Hoon] is more sly than I thought.”

“Dark Figure of Crime” premieres on October 3.


Source (1) (2)

source : https://www.soompi.com/article/1230349wpp/kim-yun-seok-jokes-joo-ji-hoons-health-talks-friendship-junior-actors



Netizens Find Similarities Between Cha EunWoo And Kang DongWon
SEPTEMBER 28, 2018




Netizens have a sharp eye on actors’ similarities. Last time, they commented on WonBin and Yoo SeungHo similarities. This time it is ASTRO‘s Cha EunWoo and Kang DongWon.


Cha EunWoo is part of the group ASTRO and is also an actor, he recently appeared in the drama “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty“. He is well known for his handsome looks and tall figure, he is often called “Genius Face” or “a character coming out from a comic book”.


Kang DongWon is a famous actor that mainly does movies. Before becoming an actor, he was first scouted as a model and did catwalks for famous clothing brands. His look and charms are well recognized and the actor is often selected as a top handsome actor in Korea.


On an online community, netizens mentioned both actors face similarities. They both have handsome visual, a similar face shape, high nose, and big eyes. Both of them also have a lovely and soft aura. However, lips and eyebrows are slightly different. Take a look for yourself.







Kang DongWon is already called lookalikes with actor JooWoon.




Do you also think like netizens that Cha EunWoo and Kang DongWon are lookalikes or have similarities?

Share with us your opinions in the poll and in the comment section.


source : https://www.kpopmap.com/netizens-find-similarities-between-cha-eunwoo-and-kang-dongwon/




Lookas9 x Gang Dong Won Oct 2018 Calendar

text by  @kdwarchive

source :  FB LOOKAS 9 루카스나인




ELLE KOREA August 2018

source : http://blog.naver.com/cjswo4354/221364942910




Kang Dong-won on ‘YG Future Strategy Office’  original sitcom by Netflix

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Kang Dong Won In Talks To Star In Sequel For “Train To Busan”

by K. Lew

Kang Dong Won may be starring in an upcoming zombie film.


On October 10, industry representatives reported that Kang Dong Won is positively in discussion to appear in “Bando.”


In response, the head of the production company behind “Bando” commented, “Kang Dong Won has been offered a role in ‘Bando.’ He is currently reviewing the offer.”


“Bando” is gaining attention for being the sequel to the hit film “Train to Busan.” The sequel will take place in the same world as “Train to Busan,” following the events occurring directly after the film where the zombie virus has spread to Busan, once considered a safe zone.


“Train to Busan” is about an apocalyptic zombie virus and the events that occurred when a train heading to Busan from Seoul was exposed to the virus. It was screened at the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival. The film achieved over 11.56 million moviegoers and premiered in over 160 countries, reaching over $140 million in revenue.


“Bando” will begin filming in the latter half of next year.


Source (1) (2)



Kang Dong Won in talks to star in 'Train To Busan' sequel  

Posted by beansss Wednesday, October 10, 2018

According to film insiders on October 10, actor Kang Dong Won is positively reviewing the script for the sequel film to 'Train To Busan'!

'Bando' is the title of the sequel film to 'Train To Busan', as director Yeon Sang Ho returns with the continued story of how the zombie virus has even struck Busan, after the events of the first movie. 
Currently, Kang Dong Won is busy with activities for his Hollywood film 'Tsunami LA', as well as for French film 'A Silent Morning'. Meanwhile, 'Bando' plans on casting its main roles by the end of this year before filming begins early next year. 
Golden Slumber 「ゴールデンスランバー」 Japanese Poster, will be released at Cinemart Shinjuku & nationwide sequentially Release: 12th Jan 2019
text by @kdwarchive
official website : http://hark3.com/goldenslumber/
tvN Movies : World First and Only

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The Hammer Museum 16th Annual Gala in the Garden at the Hammer Museum Los Angeles, California.

Director Yoon Jong bin (L) and Gang Dong-won (R) attend the Hammer Museum 16th Annual Gala in the Garden with generous support from South Coast Plaza at the Hammer Museum on October 14, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Hammer Museum)






Golden Slumber | 골든 슬럼버 DVD Limited Edition (OST Version)

aladin https://www.aladin.co.kr/shop/wproduct.aspx?ItemId=171606911

yes24 http://www.yes24.com/24/Goods/65772333?Acode=101


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The Return of Superman (슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다) ep.246 KBS *KDW cut



Director Kim Jee Woon and Gang Dong Won 'Illang: The Wolf Brigade' Interview with SensaCine

Kim Jee-woon ('Illang: La brigada del lobo'): "La ciencia ficción persigue los mismos problemas del ser humano"

Por Andrea Zamora — 19/10/2018 a las 11:34




Hablamso en el pasado Festival de San Sebastián con el director y actor protagonista de la versión de acción del anime 'Jin-Roh'. ¡Ya en Netflix!


Año 2029. Tras el intento de unificar Corea del Sur y del Norte, el caos inunda las calles del país. Ante la creación de La Secta, un grupo terrorista que se opone a la unión, el gobierno responderá con las Fuerzas Especiales. La tensión política es evidente y los rumores ya hablan sobre el nacimiento de la Brigada del lobo, un grupo dentro de la Unidad Especial formado por armas humanas.


Así comienza Illang: La brigada del lobo, la versión de acción real del anime Jin-Rohde Mamoru Oshii que dirige Kim Jee-woon y protagoniza Gang Dong-won. Con ambos pudimos hablar en el pasado Festival de San Sebastián sobre cómo ha sido la conversión de la animación al filme y sobre la importancia de la ciencia ficción y las distopías.


"La ciencia ficción se basa en el miedo hacia el futuro", comienza Jee-woon. "Pero a partir de los problemas del presente, y está persiguiendo los mismos problemas del ser humano", explica el realizador. La obra original está ambientada en el fracaso del movimiento estudiantil de Japón y en el nihilismo de esa época. Por eso, el director ha enfocado la trama en "la lucha de un individuo contra la sociedad".


Dong-won, por su parte, tuvo muy claro que quiso mantener el espíritu del anime original a la hora de interpretar a su personaje. "Es un trabajo bastante complicado pasar de la animación a la imagen real. Lo que intenté fue revivir el caracter del original para los fans del original. Que haya pocas diferencias entre le original y la película. Ha sido bastante duro, pero intenté, aunque es diferente la imagen real y la de animación, mantener más o menos la coherencia", afirma.


Illang: La brigada del lobo ya está disponible en Netflix. La película cuenta en su reparto con Woo-sung Jung, Hyo-Joo Han, Ye-ri Han. Sobre estas líneas, no te pierdas nuestra entrevista con el equipo de la película.

source : http://www.sensacine.com/noticias/cine/noticia-18572229/





Happy Together  (해피투게더) ep.559 KBS
Kang Dong Won didn't cover his face in public


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7 Celebrities Who Make It Hard To Believe They’re Turning 40 Next Year
CELEB Oct 15, 2018 by C. Hong



While it’s pretty common for celebrities to look younger than their age, there are some that still surprise you when you look up their Wikipedia page!


Recently a Korean media outlet compiled a list of baby-faced celebrities born in 1980 who will be turning 40 (Korean age) in 2019.

As the author writes, “It’s weird to call the people around you in their 40s or even 30s oppa or unni, but these celebrities can’t be called ahjussi [middle-aged man] or ahjumma [middle-aged woman] yet.”


Kang Dong Won


Kang Dong Won, the ideal type of thousands of Korean women (including celebrities!), is actually born in 1981. But according to how Korean age is calculated, he has a “fast” or “early” birthday (January 18) that puts him in line with those turning 40 in 2019.


A model-turned-actor, he started his career as a college freshman in 2000 when he was spotted on the street by a modeling agent. He soon became interested in acting and quickly became a household name, and far from slowing down in his 40s, is set to make his Hollywood debut next year.


source : https://www.soompi.com/article/1245765wpp/7-celebrities-make-hard-believe-theyre-turning-40-year



Gathered Attention for a Noticable Discomfort This Actor Has Because of HIs Long Legs, Fans Hope for a More Suitable Chair for Him



Being too tall is not his fault. 


Recently that gathered interest online was 4 pictures of actor Kang Dongwon posted by a fan account of his with a caption, “Please give Kang Dongwon a high chair.” This tweet has over 9 thousands retweets till date, showing how much netizens are agreeing on the post. It was a post that showed 4 pictures of the actor seated, on a chair that doesn’t seem right for his long legs. 









Known for his young looking visuals despite his real age and the golden proportion the actor has, Kang Dongwon may have had a disadvantage when it comes to chairs with a common height. The actor literally had to fold his legs inwards, under the chair so as to not be in anyone’s way. 



source : http://www.kstarlive.com/Gathered-Attention-for-a-Noticable-Discomfort-This-Actor-Has-Because-of-HIs-Long-Legs--Fans-Hope-for-a-More-Suitable-Chair-for-Him-601553



Korean Celebs Who Captivate With Their Different Eye Shapes

CELEB Oct 25, 2018 by S. Park


Some people may think of it as a complex, but for these celebrities, their two different eye shapes only add to the list of their many charms.


Here are six celebrities who have two unique eye shapes.

3. Kang Dong Won 



Movie star Kang Dong Won is one of the most well-known actors for having two differently shaped eyes. His left eye has a big inner eyelid while his right eye has more of a sharper shape.


He previously revealed that his mismatched eyes were a concern of his. Now thanks to his eyes, he’s able to portray a more variety of acting where he can be soft but sharp at the same time.


Who are some of your favorite stars with two differently shaped eyes?


Source (1)




Lookas9 x Gang Dong Won Nov 2018 Calendar

link : https://www.facebook.com/lookasnine/photos/a.635043099932051/1426319214137765





Kang Dong-won @ Park's BBQ - LA


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Gang Dong Won @ 2018 LACMA Art + Film Gala

Actor Gang Dong-Won, wearing Gucci, attends 2018 LACMA Art + Film Gala honoring Catherine Opie and Guillermo del Toro presented by Gucci at LACMA on November 3, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)










Gang Dong Won (カン・ドンウォン) Japan Official Fanclub Update !

Main Photo Website (1980x1320 pixel) source : @dw_kunn






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Universities attended by famous actors and directors.


1) No.5: Korea National University of Arts 

2) Actor Lee Jae-hun, who brought us all to tears with his stunning performance as a passive boy in ‘Architecture 101’ and whose on-screen chemistry with Nah Mun-hee in ‘I Can Speak’ is palpable, graduated from K’Arts. 

3) Park so-dam, perhaps best remembered for his iconic demonic possession in ‘The priests,’ and Kim Dong-uk, whose use of sign language in ‘Along with Gods’ surely emptied many a tissue box, also both graduated from K’Arts. Both majored in Acting.

4) Lee Jeong-beom, who directed the seminal ‘The Man from Nowhere,’ also graduated from K’Arts. He majored in directing.

5) No.4: Hanyang University

6) Screen idols Seol Kyung-goo and Lee Kyung-young, famous for their stirring performances in a number of films, graduated from Hanyang.

7) Hanyang’s Erica Campus is also known for producing famous actors and directors. The school ranks as high as No. 8.

8) Lee Byung-hun, who starred in six movies, all of which make top 100 Korean films list, graduated from Hanyang’s Erica Campus. Lee majored in French Literature.

9) Kang Dong-won also graduated from the Erica Campus with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

10) Director Na Hong-jin, famous for ‘The Chaser’ and ‘The Wailing,’ majored in Plastic Arts at the same university before studying Directing at K’Arts.


11) No.3: Dongguk University.

12) Actor Choi Min-sik who works tirelessly entered this University’s acting department in 1981.

13) Three of his films, ‘Roaring Currents’, ‘Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time’ and ‘New World,’ made the top 100 Korean films list.

14) The ever-cool Lee Jung-jae, famous for his portrayal of villainous characters, was a junior student of Choi Min-sik’s. 

15) Jeon Ji-hyun and Kim Hye-su, who also starred in ‘Thieves,’ also graduated from Dongguk. 

16) The late Kim Ju-hyeok, famous for ‘Confidential Assignment’ and ‘Believer,’ is also a Dongguk alumnus.


17) No.2: Chung-Ang University.

18) Both actor Ha Jeong-woo, who starred in 12 top 100 Korean movies, and his best friend, Director Yun Jong-bin, are Chung-Ang University alumni. Their friendship, transcending academic ties, has lead Ha to star in a number of Yun’s films.

19) Their films together include ‘KUNDO: Age of the Rampant’ and ‘Beastie Boys’. 

20) But which university ranked first?


21) No.1: Seoul Arts University.

22) Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Hae-jin, Ryu Seung-ryong and Kim Meong-min are all alumni of Seoul Arts University.

23) Director Kim Ji-wun, perhaps most famous for his ‘The good, the bad and the weird,’ is yet another alumnus. 

24) As is Han Je-rim, who directed ‘The Face Reader’ and ‘The King’.


25) Let’s recap:

26) When it comes to the Yonsei University and Korea University box office rivalry, Yonsei University emerges as the clear winner. 

27) Kim Han-min, who directed ‘Roaring Currents,’ Lee Yong-ju, the director of ‘Architecture 101’ and Bong Jun-ho are all graduates from Yonsei University. 

28) Korea University has but two directors with films that hit the ten million audience range. 

29) Directors Yang woo-suk, who directed ‘Steel Rain’ and ‘The Lawyer’ Director, and Yun Jae-gyun both studied at Korea University. The former majored in English Literature and the latter in Economics. 

30) Seoul National University wasn’t far behind at No.7.

31) Directors Lee Jae-gyu, who directed ‘Damo’ and ‘The Fatal Encounter,’ and Hwang Dong-hyeok, who directed ‘The Fortress’ and ‘Miss Granny,’ both majored in Media & Communications at Seoul National University.

32) Director Jang Hun of ‘The Taxi Driver’ and Director Jo Sung-hee who made ‘A Werewolf Boy,’ both majored in Art at the same school.

33) But let’s not forget…

34) Song Gang-ho, Kim Yun-seok and Zo Zin-woong all are from Busan. 


Video sourced from JoongAng Ilbo
Video produced by Lee Kyung-eun, Kim Han-sol and Yeo Yun-ha
Translated by Chung Yu-soo
Edited by Liam Reily



source : http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3055338



source : @regretnotdw





My Little Old Boy  (a.k.a. Mom's Diary : My Ugly Duckling 미운 우리 새끼) ep.108 SBS

Bae Jeong Nam : "Have you ever seen 'The Rose of Versailles'?" KDW cut (1)


Bae Jeong Nam : "He did that for a long time... I really think he's a warm-hearted person" KDW cut (2)

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Big Bang's G-Dragon
Big Bang's T.O.P
WINNER's Kim Jin Woo
Gang Dong Won
*In no particular order

post response: [+332][-59]
original post: pann.nate.com


[+213,-21] Wow Kim Jinwoo's face is crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
[+212,-17] GD is freaking handsome in a different way
[210,-13] Kang Dongwon is god;; Not even in YG, but I wouldn't even think that it's weird to consider among the top men in Korea
[+109,-5] Speechless..
[+93,-17] I think that Song Mino is pretty handsome too

[+68,-3] Kim Jinwoo in real life is everything

[+63,-12] TOP and Song Mino are my style


source : https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2018/11/enter-talk-ygs-5-biggest-flower-boys.html


Netizens discuss the 5 most handsome men in YG Entertainment
Who are the most handsome men in YG?


Although every individual has their own standards of beauty, netizens discussed the top five men of all sectors in YG Entertainment. As the visual "representative" of YG, and perhaps for all celebs in general, these men displayed their own charms in the images below. 

Can you already guess who the chosen 'Top 5' were?

(in no particular order):

[Big Bang's G-Dragon]
[Big Bang's T.O.P]
[WINNER's Kim Jin Woo]
[Kang Dong Won]


Some discussions from netizens include: "Wow...Kim Jin Woo's visuals are no joke." "G-Dragon is handsome in his own way." "Kang Dong Won belongs to the category that discusses ALL male celebs in Korea!!" "Damn, makes me wanna see them in real life..." "The best....my fave is still G-Dragon." "G-Dragon and Kang Dong Won both in the top 5? I don't really know about that..." "What about iKON tho" "Eun Ji Won for life".


source : https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/11/netizens-discuss-the-5-most-handsome-men-in-yg-entertainment






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Lee Jung Hyun is in a positive review to appear in Peninsula / Bando (sequel of Train to Busan) Kang Dong Won has decided to appear as lead and is adjusting the schedule.


Filming will begin in May 2019.









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