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Kang Dong Won • 강동원 • Gang Dong Won • カン・ドンウォン • 姜棟元 • คังดงวอน

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ღOº°Kang Dong Won Soompi Thread°ºOღ

Name: Kang dong won / Gang dong won / 강동원
Birthday: 1981.01.18
Blood type: B
Ht/Wt: 186 cm / 65 kg
Habit: shy & humble
Hobbies: playing soccer game, making furniture
Talent: football, playing guitar
Education: Namyang Elementary, Kyungwon Junior High, Guhchang High, Hanyang University with honors (major in Mechanical Engineering), Sangmyung University (major in Film)


 The Priests (2015)

 My Brilliant Life (2014)

 Kundo: Age of Rampant (2014)
Psychic / Haunters (2010)
Camellia [section 'Love for Sale'] (2010)
Secret Reunion / Blood brothers (2010)
Jeon Woo Chi The Taoist Wizard / Woochi (2009)
M (2007)
Voice of a Murderer / His voice (2007)
Maundy Thursday / Our happy time(2006)
Duelist (2005)
Temptation of the Wolves / Romance of their own (2004)
Too Beautiful to Lie / Don't believe her (2004)

Magic (2004)
1% of anything (2003)
Lady of Dignity (2003)

Joo hyung jin - "Broke" (2010)
J – "Light"
Jo Sung mo - "Dajim"
Link - "Bigawa"

Adidas (2010)
Bom Bom's Soju (2009)
French Café (2009)
Chris-Christy (2008-2009)
Cyon Phone (2006)
"Sharp" Digital Dictionary (2005)
Basic House (2004-2005)
KTF (2003)

2010 Critic Choice Awards 'Best Actor' - Secret Reunion
2006 Korean Film Awards 'Popularity Award' - Maundy Thursday
2005 Paek Sang Arts Awards 'Popularity Award' - Duelist
2005 Blue Dragon Awards 'Popularity Award' - Duelist
2004 Director's Cut Awards 'Best New Actor' - Temptation of the Wolves
2004 Korean Film Awards 'Best New Actor' - Temptation of the Wolves


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I'm so glad I saved his bio. Here it is:

Bio (credit: juny, Soompi)


Birthdate: Jan. 18, 1981

Birthplace: Pusan

Family: parents, one older sister

Status: not married, in a relationship with model Do Yuhjin

Blood Type: B

Height & Weight: 186 cm, 72 kg

Schools Attended: Namyang Elementary, Kyungwon Junior High, Guhchang High

Current School: Hanyang University

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: listening to music, sports, websurfing, collecting shoes

Expertise: soccer

Personality: introverted

Ideal Girl: pure and innocent

Life Motto: Never change. Don't hurt other people, and do what I want to do.

TV Appearances:

-2003 MBC A Funny Wild Girl - drama

-2003 MBC 1% of Something - drama

-2004 Too Beautiful to Lie/Don't Trust Her - movie

-2004 A Wolf's Attraction - movie

-2004 SBS Magic - drama

-2005 Duelist - movie

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:blink: ... Gosh i'm kinda shock with what happend to our Soompi ...

Now we need to start all over again ...

But that's OK now i have his name on my ID :rolleyes: ... Just to show some love for KDW ... B)

Heavely_Angel ... I was about to make a thread for Kang Dong Won at first but you made it already ... Same with Camy :P ... :D Thank You for made this thread for Kang Dong Won :wub:

But yeah i agree with Camy, it's just an advice to copy Kang Dong Won's Biodata to the very first post ... your post ... Anyway that spring_waltz_2nd is my photobucket album hehehehe ...

Have you seen it all?

;) My Kang Dong Won's photobucket album ...

I see Camy, Heavenly_Angel still here with the same username ...

Mine is about the same too airine = AiRiNe<3KDW ...

Hi thunder ... you are here too !!!!!

Hmm ... where's t'enka and Island ... Did you guys change your username????

Diia, x jinaa, oceanluv, my immortality, ME 하루 ... Hiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!

anyone know what religion kang dong won believes in?

out of curiosity..

Hmm i think he's a christian ...

did duelist already come out?

sorry~ im slow on movie dates ^^;;

Duelist is out in Korean Cinema ...

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nicely said, MAYOR HOTTIE. haha i cant wait to watch the duelist too. hes acting with my favorite actress! eek. haha

Yeah ... I luv your subtitle Heavenly_Angel ... It's a fact he's a MAJOR HOTTIE !!!


Wow you're here already t'enka ... re-welcoming you to the thread !!!!

Looks like we all want to be the topic starter ...

Whoa just realise that my first post is in this thread ... Yeah!!!!!

The first one for Kang Dong Won ...




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