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[japan Movie] ブラックキス / Black Kiss

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Odagiri Joe, Ando Masanobu & Hashimoto Reika

Asuka (Hashimoto Reika - Survive Style 5+) is an aspiring model who moves to Tokyo to pursue her career. She moves into a small apartment with a friend of a friend, Kasumi (Kawamura Kaori). A bizarre murder occurs in the hotel across the street. The body was mutilated and repositioned into a lurid work of art. After this, a string of murders start happening all around the two girls, as if some crazed serial killer was following them. At the scene of each crime, the perpetrator leaves a black lip print, and is subsequently dubbed "The Black Kiss."

From Tezka Macoto (a.k.a Tezuka Makoto), the son of the legendary creator of Astro Boy, comes this haunting murder mystery. Tezuka has won huge acclaim for his TV commercials, music videos and other artistic ventures, and displays more of his visual and artistic prowess here. Black Kiss also stars Odagiri Joe (Shinobi, Scrap Heaven) and Ando Masanobu (Kids Return, Battle Royale).

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