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Spring Tolo

Guest dori dori

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Guest dori dori

theme: Tokyo Drift
Yessssssssssss as weird as it sounds...

my school's theme for this years tolo is


based on the movie fast and the furious: tokyo drift

so me and a bunch of my girl friends decided were gonna go as a group (no dates)

none of us have exactly watched the movie but we kind of know...

short skirts... low tops...

basically... skanky clothes lol. right?

or am i wrong?

we still want to look like were a GROUP so our main piece to make us llook like a collection is gonna be




we are having troubles being...creative

like we want to have fun with this but not get off tangent of the tokyo drift theme...

is it just like... import model-ish clothes?

i dont know help!

any pictures, advice anything!

&&& if u have any other ideas for us .... SHARE THEM PLEASE (even if its not our theme of animal print!)

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Guest Batgirl

yes it is import hoeish japanese fashion.

u can do a leopard print halter. One girl can do like zebra print leg warmers paird with a short skirt heels etc

how many girls are in your group

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Guest donny fyasko

Just check out pictures from hot import nights or covers of mod mags. You'll get a pretty good idea of how to dress.

To digress:

Please take pictures. I am dying to know how your school's gonna pull this theme off. (Cardboard cutouts of skylines? YES!)

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Guest dori dori

batgirl- theres gonna be like 7-10 of us.

donny fyasko- yes i shall takes pics... im curious to see how their gonna pull it off too lol. everyone was like TOKYO DRIFT WTF? lol

uhm... lol i dont kno where to find hot import night pics lol... iv never done this ^^

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if i were at your school..i would feel sad to be having this theme :(

horrid movie plus horrid bad tacky clothes. it's not even good tacky...it's just bad.

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Guest husssh

hahah sounds like as long as you dress skanky. but animal print? you guys are gona be some sex bombs. if we had this theme or even tried our principle would kirrrrk like crazy, we have this unbelievably strict dress code.. if my elbows are showing i could get sent home. <_< lol okay i cised it.. not literally elbows but shoulders.

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Guest ~*saranghe*~

Erm..ya like everyone said, Skanky!!!! xD! Think like....I dunnno.....Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls-ish? =x

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