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Fahrenheit - Wu Zun 吳尊

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Name: Wu Zun / Wu Chun (吳尊)

Real Name: Wu Ji Zun / Goh Kiat Chun (吳吉尊)

Band: Fahrenheit (Cool 59 F)

D.O.B: 10th of October 1979

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Blood Type: O

Height: 181cm

Weight: 73kg

Measurements: 40, 31, 38

Education: RMIT (Australia) B. Business Majoring in Business Administration (Distinction)

Languages: Malay, English, Chinese and Hokkien

Hobbies: Basketball, Eating, Travelling, Going to the Gym

Favourite Food: All, besides oily and fatty foods

Favourite Drink: Mocktail

Favourite Flower: Lillies

Personal Blog: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/wuchun10cool

Fahrenheit's Blog: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/high0915

Fahrenheit's Official International site: http://www.fahrenciti.com

Fahrenheit's Official Japanese site: http://frhj.tv/

Taiwan Yahoo Group: http://tw.club.yahoo.com/clubs/LoveChun_1010

Korean Fahrenheit fansite: http://www.feilunhai.co.kr | Forum: http://cafe.daum.net/feilunhai

Fahrenheit Clubbox: http://clubbox.co.kr/lovefeilunhai | http://clubbox.co.kr/xiaojunnie

Background Info

Wu Zun is part of Fahrenheit, an extremely popular Taiwanese Boy Band consisting of four members him, Arron, Calvin and Jiro. They were formed in 2006, under the management of H.I.M. Most of the band members shot to fame in the TV series called [KO One] whilst Wu Zun made his debut in the series [Tokyo Juliet]. They quickly became one of the most popular boy bands in Taiwan, and released their debut album on the 15th of September 2006. It was a huge success in both Taiwan and overseas. They have received numerous awards in the past year, including awards such as Best Newcomer Bands and Best Duet for their famous duet with Hebe from S.H.E called [Only have feelings for you (只对你有感觉)].

Wu Zun was born in Brunei and was a former model and a gym instructor. He opened his own gym, Fitness Zone (Click on link to view Fitness Zone's website) at The Mall in Brunei after graduating from RMIT in Australia. He modelled in Singapore for a month and was talent scouted by a modelling agency in Taiwan so he flew there for his modelling projects. It was by chance that he was discovered by Ella Chen's (member of S.H.E.) sister while watching a movie. Ella's sister found him pretty good looking and introduced him to her producer-boyfriend. This was how Wu Zun stepped into the entertainment industry. He only modelled for a month in Taiwan then. As he was from Brunei, his mandarin wasn't very fluent when he began acting thus his voice was dubbed in his debut drama, Tokyo Juliet. He was known to be pretty quiet in Fahrenheit but he proved all wrong when his mandarin began to improve and turned out to be a rather hilarious member. As his mandarin improved, his voice need not be dubbed in his newest and most popular series Hana Kimi. Although he is only a newcomer, he has already scored himself 2 lead roles with the hottest actresses around, Ariel Lin Yi Chen (whom he partnered in Tokyo Juliet) and Ella Chen (the female lead of Hana Kimi). Working with both have caused various rumours being stirred, especially about him dating one of them. Yet, he has calmly responded he is merely 'just friends' with those two.

Wu Zun has also appeared in several magazine covers, including PLAY, COLOR, Fans and even CASHBOX. And not only did he appear once, but more than twice for magazines such as PLAY (excluding the times he appeared with Fahrenheit). His good looks and hot body has earned him the nickname of An Angel's face, yet a devil's body. He regularly tries to work out to keep his body in shape, but has sadly been unable to do so with his tight schedule, yet tries to fit them in into any spare time he has to keep up the body and prevent himself from gaining weight. As, all the dearest Fans of Wu Zun would know he is a food magnet (where he is attracted to the food).


2009: Er Bi Jian

2008: Butterfly Lovers - Wu Zun as Liang Zhong Shan (Movie)

2008: Hot Shot - Wu Zun as Wu Ji Zun

2007: Romantic Princess - Wu Zun as Yuki Shido (Nan Feng Jin)

2007: X-Family (Cameo)

2006: Hana Kimi - Wu Zun as Zuo Yi Quan

2006: Tokyo Juliet - Wu Zun as Ji Feng Liang

2006: KO One - Wu Zun as KO. 1 (Cameo)

2005: It Started With A Kiss 1 (Cameo)


Supau Drink (Wu Zun)

Taisun Grass Jelly Drink (Fahrenheit)

C.C. Lemon 2008 (Fahrenheit)

OSIM uYoyo (Wu Zun)

NIKKEN Glasses 2008 CF (Wu Zun)

7-11 Doraemon (Wu Zun)

Wu Lin Online (Wu Zun)

Ido Golden Necklace (Fahrenheit)

Watsons Water (Fahrenheit)

Tai Sun Tea Beverage (Fahrenheit)

C.C. Lemon 2007 (Fahrenheit)

7-11 Version 4 (Jiro, Calvin & Arron)

7-11 Version 3 (Jiro & Calvin)

7-11 Version 2 (Wu Zun, Ella & Arron)

7-11 Version 1 (Fahrenheit and S.H.E.)

Kobayashi NIKKEN Glasses 3rd version - 20 sec (Wu Zun)

Kobayashi NIKKEN Glasses 2nd version - 25 sec (Wu Zun)

Kobayashi NIKKEN Glasses 1st version - 50 sec special (Wu Zun)

Kobayashi NIKKEN Glasses 1st version - 30 sec (Wu Zun)

Heme - Man Simple (Fahrenheit)

3+2 Biscuits (Fahrenheit)

Bo Mi Fruit Juice (Fahrenheit)

Music Videos

Fahrenheit - 至少還有我 (Zhi Shao Hai You Wo)

Fahrenheit - 明日香 (Ming Ri Xiang)

Fahrenheit - 心裡有數 (Knowing It Yourself)

Fahrenheit - 為妳存在 (In Existance For You)

Fahrenheit & S.H.E - 新窩 (New Crib)

Fahrenheit - 小小大人物 (Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu)

Fahrenheit - 不會愛 (Don't Know How to Love)

Fahrenheit - 出神入化 (Superb)

Fahrenheit and S.H.E. - 謝謝你的溫柔 (Thank You For Your Gentleness)

Tank - 專屬天使 (Zhuan Shu Tian Shi) [Ft. Wu Zun & Ella]

Fahrenheit - 出口 (Chu Kou)

Fahrenheit - 只对你有感觉 (Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue)

Fahrenheit - 超喜欢你 (Chao Xi Huan Ni)

Fahrenheit - 爱到 (Ai Dao)

Fahrenheit - 夏雪 (Xia Xue)

Fahrenheit - 我有我的Young (Wo You Wo De Young)

Fahrenheit - 2月30好见 (2 Yue 30 Hao Jian)

Fahrenheit - 找幸福给你 (Zhao Xing Fu Gei Ni)

Fahrenheit - 一个人流浪 (Yi Ge Ren Liu Lang)

Latest News

Fahrenheit 2nd album (Asia No 1 version)


Fahrenheit's 2nd album - Two Sided Fahrenheit (Released on 4th Jan 08)

Man Version:


Boy Version:


Romantic Princess


Official Thread in Soompi: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?sho...t=0&start=0

Credits: ~Sw33tz~ and m1ss @ AF for relevant information

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is there anyway you can fix these letters? 吳尊 ....they're confusing, do you need help with typing in chinese? :blink:

Nope I know Chinese. It has to do with your encoding.

Right Click on your browser > Encoding > Choose UTF-8

His latest blog entry posted on 05/03/07:


Hi guys...

Did you enjoy your Chinese New Year holidays??? Well, I believe most of you are aware where i went for my holidays, right? I think i just couldn't keep any secrets from all of you huh... haha!!!

Anyway, many of you might be wondering why do I've chosen Melbourne and Sydney as my holiday destination!! Well, I think its because I missed the experiences when I was studying there and also the places that I used to go to especially some of my favourite restaurants…Yum Yum! My top priority for this vacation was 'food' so 1 week prior to my vacation, I have planned out which restaurants I had to go each day in my diary... haha! To sum it up, I went to many familiar places and it really brought back lots of wonderful memories... There was even a time when I thought of not working anymore and to take up a Masters degree... haha, just kidding!!! I'm gonna miss you guys if i do that, right?

By the way, I was so surprised to find out that most of the Asians there recognize me almost everywhere I went! It came across my mind thinking "Am I really that popular now?" HAHA!!! Well, I am really happy and in fact, one of my aims is to go everywhere around the world meeting our supporters coz the feeling is really unique! I realised that some of them are students from overseas and some are even Australian born chinese... To my surprise, quite a few of them even have the Kobayashi NIkken glasses on them and they told me that they ask their internet friends to bought it and send it to them. Honestly, it really touched me because its always nice to see my supporters wearing the products that I endorse... Thank you guys!!! Also, I think its fate that we bumped into each other otherwise, we might never have the chance to meet in real life! Although this vacation has given me less freedom but when I see my supporters' happy and surprised expressions, it really makes my day GREAT

So, do you want me to share with you guys what I did during my vacation? Well... I took a lot of pics and also asked my cousin to take videos on some parts of my journey! Although I still need to work during my trip, I never thought it was such a bad idea at all coz its an opportunity for me to let you guys understand me more and its great to show you the places where I spent most during my 5 years of UNI life! I don't know why but I Felt you guys are really a part of me now as I feel great to be able to share part of my life with all of you but I'm really afraid when I get real busy in the coming months, I don't have time to do that anymore and I do hope you guys wont blame me if this really happens! Anyway, I'm think you guys will be able to watch the pictures and video taken during my trip on the news in the coming weeks!

I'll be off to Taipei very soon and I will start to become very busy again as there will be commercial ad shoot, preparing myself for my upcoming drama, the release of Fahrenheit 2nd album and I am also very excited about POND’s activity at Luxy on the 13th of March. I am very excited as this is the first time where I will meet the participants one by pone and chat with them during the activity but I guess I don't mind sharing my vacation trip with them. All you need to do is to go to Pond's activity Website (http://tw.match.yahoo.com/pond.html ) and Register!

As to Hong Kong supporters... I will be going there soon to promote the airing of Hanakimi in Hong Kong TV channel!!! We will meet up again and I really cant wait...

Oh... One more thing, I did read the messages from many of you and I realised there are people out there who've made use of my name name to open up their own blog. All I want to clarify is that I only have one personal blog, which is www.wretch.cc/blog/wuchun10cool. So, pls don't be misleaded, ok?

One last note.... Chinese New Year is almost over so make sure you can get over with the holiday mood and get yourself ready and excited to face whatever challenges that will come to you in 2007... Go, go, go!!!

Quotes for sharing:

'Encouragement is the oxygen to our soul!'

Thanks for all the encouragement you guys have given me and remember to give encouragement to the ones you love whenever there is a chance too, ok?


Some pictures:







Pictures I took at Fahrenheit's autograph session in Singapore (28/01/07):











Pictures I took at Hana Kimi autograph session in Singapore (29/01/07):























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Hi Starylosophy

Thanks for creating this link and share with us :)

Well-done and please keep it up!!

I will try to come in here as often as I can :)

The more I see CHUN, the more I'm going CRAZY :blush: :wacko:

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My friends have totally gone crazy over him.

Hah, i was watching hana kimi, he's rather cute and handsome in there, but i prefer jiro. He's such a funny richard simmons.

Wu zun wu zun, i still think that his english name wu chun is hilarious

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wow, so many images from their auto session at IMM & TM. darn crowded. i went there but couldn't even get a glimpse of them. -_-

anyway back to the topic. wu zhun is indeed a hottie. pretty face with a hot body. woot. hot hot hot.

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His good looks and hot body has earned him the nickname of An Angel's face, yet a devil's body.

^That is so true. HOTNESS! Didn't know he opened his own gym. At least, if things don't work out for him in the entertainment industry later on, good to know he has something to fall back on.

Thanks for creating this thread. Keep up the great work on posting info on him! And, pictures!!

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:w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

A Wu Chun (Zun?) thread!

I seriously love reading his blog. I'm always checking for updates and am amazed when he has thousands of messages in a couple hours after he posted. I love that he posts English translation.

His eyes are so pretty.<333

I was surprised when I found out he was as old as he is. (Was it 27? Sorry I didn't read the info you posted up. ==;;)

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