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[movie 2007] Unstoppable Marriage 못말리는 결혼

Guest *sayuri*

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Guest youngmageee

just visiting today this forum. hoping to see more new exciting news about this drama. HURRAY for EUGENE

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Guest talksound

ah, i see bada's there to support her. (:

holymoly, everyone's there to support her. xD she's beautiful in that dress.

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Guest *sayuri*

+The movie is currently showing in Theatre.....:D The premiere for the movie take place last week.....:D

You can watch the new report of the premiere here: Unstoppable Marriage Movie Premiere (YNStar_5-2-07)

and the "Unstoppable Marriage" movie trailer here: Part 1 Part 2

Link to dl the trailer:






thanks to ate hermie for uploading the vid.

(*these information also updated on first page)

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Guest Ujin

this is showing in korean theatres today right??!!! i hope it does good in the boxoffice

eugene>> fighting!

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Guest chacha03

It already started to show..

It was mentioned in the posts above...

I really can't wait to see this!

Actually, last week was VIP premier and promotions, but today (May 10th) is the official opening day in theater. Good luck to Eugene and the cast on this movie.

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Guest *sayuri*

+Relate news translated by sarahkang00 at Eugene's official thread.......:)

sorry i havent translated anything recently. i was just busy/lazy. and most of the articles were just repeats about how she's starring in the movie and really coming out as an actress etc...

but there was one interesting article i didn't translate... i'll just write a summary.



The cast of the movie were holding an auctioning event (all proceeds going to charity) with their own possessions, and about a 100 fans were there. SG Wannabe (Korean hip-hop group) was also there because they know Ha Suk Jin and I guess they know Eugene too. Anyways Kim Soo Mi (Ha Suk Jin's mother in the movie) auctioned off her practically new yellow scarf and pink jacket (from movie) for a total of 150,000 won. that's like $150. Yoon Da Hoon (Eugene's uncle in movie) auctioned his golf club, neck tie, jeans for a total of 370,000 won, and Ahn Yun Hong (Ha Suk Jin's sister role) auctioned her watch and handbag for a total of 360,000 won. But Eugene... she sold a strand of her hair for 10,000,000 won.


(that's her being surprised at how high/fast the price is going up)

just kidding. She actually had 2 brand name sunglasses and she put them on to show the crowd how they looked. They were the most popular items at the auction. i wonder why. The price rose by the 100,000 wons, and Eugene's passionate male fan and guest SG Wannabe's Choi Dong Ha fought over it until the price rose to 730,000 won. ($730)

But Yoon Da Hoon told the host "they have to prevent heated competition," so Choi Dong Ha ended up getting the sunglasses for 350,000 won. (in another article which i think is more accurate actually... it said that Eugene had 2 pair of sunglasses, which is not specified in this article. And that Choi Dong Ha and the male fan got 1 pair each for 350,000 won.) Choi Dong Ha said that he had always been Eugene's fan and that he'll give the sunglasses to his mom. As for the other male fan.. who knows what he wants to do with his pair. lol

In total they raised about 1,500,000 won ($1500).

Article April 23 and April 24, 2007: To view the original articles => Click Here and Click Here



And Unpreventable Marriage is 2nd to Spiderman 3 in the Korean box office. (at least the last time i checked. correct me if I'm wrong.)


AND this is about another article from before...


Eugene's beauty has been compared to that of Olivia Hussey (during her Romeo & Juliet days) ever since she debuted as a member of S.E.S. She was worried about the pool scene in the movie because she wouldn't be wearing make-up, but the movie staff complimented her, saying she looked better without makeup. the quotes were "Without make-up her pure beauty showed" and "Eugene usually doesn't apply thick makeup in the first place so there was no big difference. She has nice skin so she looks younger without makeup"

Article April 27, 2007: To view the original article => Click Here




Eugene's role in Unpreventable Marriage is Eun Ho; the daughter of a traditional man and a girl who enjoys paragliding. Paraglding almost "caught" (direct translation, it means she almost died or got seriously injured) Eugene before the movie even premiered.

Even though people around her thought it was too dangerous, Eugene said she would not use a stunt professional and learned paragliding herself. The problem was that she didn't have much time to learn.

Even with minimum practice, the staff watched as she flew with ease and agreed saying, "she really is athletic."

But losing the communicating walkie talkie was the mistake.

She needed it to get directions from her coach but couldn't because she didn't have the walkie talkie. Eugene panicked and the parachute zig-zagged all over the place before crashing to the ground.

The staff was going crazy and everyone thought she got seriously injured, but Eugene, who fell lightly after being caught by a tree branch, leisurely collected her parachute and yelled "I'm okay" to everyone.

A member of the staff said, "We were so scared but she took care of the situation so calmly, which surprised me," and "Luck must have been with her because she didn't really have any injuries and we were able to continue filming in a short time."

Article May 3, 2007: To view the original article => Click Here

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ooooooooooo i can't wait to watch this!!!!! wait, the postpone the release date?! really? then when exactly is it coming out then? after seeing the trailer and all these photos, getting very interested. the pair up is a cute pair too! they look good together. ^_^ i likeyy.

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Guest chacha03

Thanks to sarahkang00 for this post in Kim Eugene thread.

thanks for the pics Ujin! i already saw them on her cyworld but it's better here since it doesnt change like every 4 seconds lol.

looks like she had a break from her busy schedule or something cuz she uploaded a lot of photos at once.

ok so one article said that Unpreventable Marriage is now beating Spiderman 3, and because of its popularity, there's now over 400 theaters showing the movie. Which can only mean that the movie will become MORE popular.

Unpreventable Marriage has 39.5% of the ticket sales, while Spiderman 3 has 20.7%

And it is also winning in terms of reserving (eh... more like Fandango, where you buy tickets online) tickets online. Spiderman used to be ahead, but now Unpreventable Marriage is WAY ahead. As in 72.4% of the sales while Spiderman takes only 10.4%!

Well, I guess it also makes sense because Spiderman premiered earlier than Unpreventable Marriage, but still. I'm so happy for Eugene.

But I heard that the movie mostly focuses on Kim Soo Mi and relies on her comedy. That I guess was also to be expected since Eugene said in interviews that she picked a movie that wouldn't put too much pressure on her. Since it was her first movie, she chose to take it easy and learn in a more fun, easygoing environment with veteran actors to guide her. I think this was very wise of her. Eugene really thinks about her choices. She values improving herself (as an actress, singer, as well as a person) over trying to gain popularity in lame ways (we see too much of this nowadays...), and THAT is why I am a fan.

Oh and the article with her face paint and wings... that was about how she put her 27th (26th if you're not counting in Korean style. or is it just asian style?) birthday party photos on her Cyworld, and all the "netizens" which translates to something along the lines of internet citizens, were going crazy over it because she looked so cute. Um, I would translate properly, but the whole content of the article was basically that... There is apparently an explosive interest in the birthday party pics, with netizens saying that Eugene looks so cute and innocent.

As for the long article that had pictures of Eugene with a woman and a man, it was basically about a newlywed couple (fans of Eugene) who had a Star Date with her. Star Date is exactly like it sounds. A date with a celebrity. Since this article is long and interesting (well to me) i will translate it properly, but not now. Sorry. I must do homework. I'll try to do it as soon as possible.

Yay for Eugene's movie and her bright future! She really wants to get married before 30, so lets all hope she finds a guy good enough for her (thats hard though.)

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Guest sweet_treats1812

yep yep...it sure beat spiderman! way to go!!!

i'm looking forward to watching this...i'm sure i'm gonna laugh like crazy :lol:

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Guest *sayuri*

+Yes.....I'm very excited and can't wait to watch this movie...... It's going to be a very comical movie and no doubt about that.......btw, thanks Chacha for reposting the news translated by sarahkang00 .......I already updated to the first post of this thread..........:)

Some behind the scenes pictures posted by sunright........:)

Let's find out where's Eugene XD


some other pictures






credit -cafe daum 012eugene

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Guest massdriver

any idea whether it will be available for download? cos nt all country shows all foreign movies...


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Guest davidnuknow

i cant wait to watch this!!

ha suk jin <3333 SUCHA HOTTIEEEEE

he looks like someone i know xDD

and eugene is gorgeoussssssss!!!!!

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i just go to www.hancinema.net and it says that around 831, 643 tickets have been sold since the movie is on screen (two weeks ago) which is really good i think ^^


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Guest youngmageee

Congrats ! wow I think this would be one of the blockbuster movie of the year since per report this movie plays second to Spiderman WOW! thats is really really GREAT!

Loves you Eugene!!! :P

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