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Philly, Give Me A Heck Yeh~ :d

Guest batty

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I am going home in a week.

Obviously, if you were away, you would need to get a cheesesteak. I haven't been craving it or anything. I just know I need one.

South Street isn't nearly as cool as it once was (or so I've heard. I was too young during the "cool" ages), but I'm sure you can hit it up and shop a little or whatever.

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Guest ygb0unce

philly's not that exciting...haha. there's...south st, chinatown/gallery, 69th st...? ._. yeah i don't know any cool places sorry lol

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Guest dafleur

it depends on how old you are and where your interests lie. you'll have to be more specific in your question so we can help you out.

south street is full of tourists and suburbanites. i'd stay far away if i were you. if you want to do some shopping, check out the stores on walnut west of broad. there are also smaller boutique stores around the "gayborhood", but they're a little pricey. the restaurants in the city are pretty decent, but it seems as if steven starr has almost a complete monopoly. i prefer smaller places like shouk, salt, friday, saturday, sunday etc etc etc.

as for music, here are some upcoming events:

28 March @ fluid - josh wink and mr. c

30 March @ pure - making time w/ the presets, datarock, lo fi fnk

6 April @ medusa lounge - j smooth, carl michaels, jesse merlin, dza

14 April @ social club - the shakedown w/ johnny fiasco

14 April @ transit - 2manydjs, soulwax, the klaxons, dave p

20 April @ the troc - tv on the radio

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