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[movie 2007] Soo 수 (壽)

Guest ys_jen

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Guest ys_jen

Ji Jin Hee, Kang Sung Yeon, Moon Sung Geun, Oh Man Seok
Title: Soo

Genre: Hardboiled Classic, Action

Cast: Ji Jin Hee (Dae Jang Geum), Kang Sung Yeon (The King and the Clown), Moon Sung Geun (Hanbando - Korean Peninsula), Oh Man Seok (The Vineyard Man), Lee Ki Young (Marathon), Jo Gyung Hwan (Dae Jang Geum)

Director: Choi Yang Il (Blood and Bones)

Release Date: March 22, 2007

Based on the cartoon book series "Double Casting" by Shin Young Woo.

official site: www.cinemaservice.com/soo/

trailer: mms://media1.maxmovie.com/movieinfo/image/av/Maxsoo_trailer700k.wmv

teaser trailer: mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/2/movie/trailer/2006/11/su_TR_700k.wmv


Tae-Soo (acted by Ji Jin Hee) is a contract killer who never shows his face except to the man who raised him, Song In (acted by Jo Gyung Hwan). Tae-Soo is only known as "Soo", and is the most wanted criminal by police. He has only one aim, to meet his twin younger brother Tae-Jin (also acted by Ji Jin Hee) whom he separated with 19 years ago. Tae-Jin was caught instead of Tae-Soo for stealing a drug dealer organisation's money to overcome their hunger. But on the day Tae-Soo finally meets his younger brother, Tae-Jin dies infront of his eyes after being shot in the head.

Tae-Soo decides to pretend that he is his twin brother in order to catch the unknown person who killed Tae-Jin. However, Tae-Jin was a policeman who was after Tae-Soo. Tae-Soo, acting like he is Tae-Jin, waits for the murderer of his twin brother, despite the suspicions by Tae-Jin's fiance detective Kang Mina (acted by Kang Sung Yeon), and detective Nam Dal-Goo (acted by Lee Ki Young) who lost his colleague because of Tae-Soo. After finding out that the person who made the brothers separate 19 years ago- the boss of the drug dealer organisation Goo Yang-Won (acted by Moon Sung Geun) - was also behind the killing of his younger brother, Tae-Soo finally starts his great revenge...

(translation credits to me).








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Guest babymarzy07

YEAH!!! this looks like a good movie cant wait. love those detective, classic action movies. Can't wait to see JJH here.. He looks awesome..wow the cast good too. Can't wait!!! lots of great movies in march.

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