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[graphic] Sex In The Media


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-----Art Competition long term piece

So tomorrow, as in the day of Feb. 22, the Freshman at my middle school are going to go to compete with every other high school in my state, Wisconsin.

And...I just feel like showing this to all of you.

GAH. I just need some confidence<3


It's supposed to be mocking the media, how they're is so much sex involved in EVERYTHING.

Sure, sex is good, right?

But too much is BLAH.

The blurred out words are indeed NOT naughty words and such, they are just supposed to confuse you into thinking dirty.

Like how the media likes you lure you in with different techniques and such.

If you look carefully, there is a shape that is a bit irregular.

Think about what it looks like.


I would describe my piece more, but I am too lazy.

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