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Ultra Maniac

Guest tempuraicecream

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Guest Mademoisella

I quitted on this book but hooked on again.. lolz..


but yeah lovely book.. i love her mangas alot... esp. marmalade boy <333

own page 2 <333

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Guest chikashi

i loved this manga... i love the nina and hiroki loveteam! they are so cute! i love the drawings too... anyway the ending didn't end quite well but the extra story in it kinda support the loveteam... hehehe... ^_^

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Guest wish.girl

i loved reading this manga. it was interesting and isnt like most manga i read. thats why it was so interesting and fun to read! by the time i finished reading it, i wanted to read more! its a shame .. i want to read more .. T.T nina is so cute ^^

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Guest HANAo1

omg, this was such a cute manga~!!! kyaa,kyaa

the author of this was the author of marmalade boy?! i had no idea but i read that too~!! <3

but the ending was sort of......eh.

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Guest lOsS_cHaNgE

I really liked reading this manga, it was so sweet. I read the first few chapters of Randon Walk but after that I couldn't find anywhere else to download it.. T_T.

I only got the chance to purchase volume 4 of Ultra Maniac but I've already finished reading it.

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