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[jp/tw Movie 2006] Kurai Tokoro De Machi Awase/waiting In The Dark

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Wilson Chen (About Love, Sugar & Spice~Fumi Zekka & Chinese Tall Story) & Tanaka Rena (Overtime, Kyou no Dekigoto/A Day On The Planet & Hatsu Koi/First Love) in upcoming new movie Kurai Tokoro de Machi Awase 暗いところで待ち合わせ-Waiting in the Dark- :rolleyes: Based on a novel by Otsuichi, Waiting in the Dark is written and directed by Tengan Daisuke, the son of late legendary director Imamura Shohei. In his earlier films Aiki and Asian Beat: I Love Nippon, not to mention his writing contributions to Miike Takashi's Audition and his father's Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, Tengan has shown a knack for both humanistic and corporeal storytelling, a talent that is again on display in his latest film. Waiting in the Dark, a.k.a. Kurai Tokoro de Machiawase, stars up-and-coming Taiwanese actor Wilson Chen. Though Chen has spoken Japanese in some of his previous titles, such as Sugar & Spice Fumi Zekka, this film presents a new challenge as it is his first completely Japanese-language leading role. Opposite Chen is popular actress Tanaka Rena (A Day on the Planet), who he earlier collaborated with in Tripping, and actor Sato Koichi (What the Snow Brings). Quiet, heartfelt, and understated, Waiting in the Dark is a small title that goes a long way.

Young Chinese-Japanese Akihiro (Wilson Chen) is a loner and prefers to remain distant from other people. When his boss Toshi (Sato Koichi) passes away in an accident, however, he finds himself implicated as a murder suspect. On the run, he hides in the apartment of blind young woman Michiro (Tanaka Rena), who is initially unaware that she has a visitor. Akihiro quietly assists in her daily life, and Michiro gradually realizes that there is someone else in her home. In that small and quiet apartment, a unique romance begins to bloom.

I will post more info & pics soon B) Click here Official Website 暗いところで待ち合わせ & 暗いところで待ち合わせ B)

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