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[japan Movie 2006] 天使の卵 / The Angel's Egg

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173



Tenshi no tamago / 天使の卵 / The Angel's Egg (2006)

Directed by

Shin Togashi

Writing credits

Yuka Murayama (novel)

Masako Imai (screenplay)

Genre: Drama

Runtime: Japan:114 min

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Color: Color


Hayato Ichihara .... Ayuta Ipponyari

Manami Konishi .... Haruhi Godo

Erika Sawajiri .... Natsuki Saito

Tomokazu Miura .... Shibusawa

Kazuma Suzuki .... Hasegawa

Keiko Toda .... Sachie Ipponyari

So Kitamura .... Naoki Ipponyari

Manami Konishi, Hayato Ichihara, and Erika Sawajiri star in the new film based off of Naoki Prize winning book "Tenshi no Tamago." Shota has a thing for beautiful girls. Though he has a girlfriend, he just can't get his mind off of the lovely women he saw on the train. Sometime later he goes to visit his father in the hospital . . . where he meets the train girl again, and this time she's in charge of his father. He talks to the girl, only to discover that not only is she eight years older than him, she's also the sister of his current girlfriend!

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Guest sWeEteSt.eTeRNiiTy

i saw this..i really wanan watch it cuz erika is in it. but a BOOST toO! ichihara is in it toO! haha.

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Guest Truelover


A movie with Erika Sawajiri cannot be bad, even if the storyboard is weak. I'll wait to see the regular DVD out, one of these days.



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Guest Mirae-chan

The title really creeps me out because of the chapter in the back of DIABOLO Vol.3 (manga).. =X

but it sounds interesting I guess.. and Erika Sawajiri! <3

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Guest FiEnDmAkEr

Interesting! The cast is really nice :3

I wonder how they're going to do this- I would feel bad for all of the characters if he actually makes a choice, though I think I know which one he'll choose.

Ah~ hope to see this floating around somewhere online soon

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