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Guest dyzxD



haha the drama hasn't even aired yet and we already have 9 pagesss hehe!

we are too exciteddd ^^

pi my love ~ i just can't waiittt !!!!

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Guest dyzxD


.. :tears:

i don't really like masami girl..

maybe it's because im jealous? haha

yes..they do look cute together..

and same here i am a yamaki supporter too =(


and is it normal that pi looks more beautiful than masami haha ^^

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There's something about the pair that doesn't look quite right o-o I need to see this drama before I draw conclusions on them as a couple. He should smile more! Masami's totally smiling and he doesn't really have any expression.

Three more days! Yay!

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Guest dyzxD

^16th. tomorrow! :w00t:


:w00t: !

aahhhhh after .. 2 months (?) of waiting ...

finally.. IT'S TOMORROW !!!!

(but we still have to wait for the subs though but it's okay ^^)


YAMAPIIIIIIIIIIIII.. this guy makes me so happy :blush:

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Guest kkandy4mee

i'm about to explode from the anticipation XDDD

but more importantly...does neone know which clubbox(es) u'll be able to d/l the raw from? i have no idea who's uploading this...and it's gonna kill me x__x i can't wait for subs ToT and i understand enough japanese from watching ridiculous amounts of anime/drama that i can watch raws pretty well.....but yeeea




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Guest cpopbaby19

^probably on ysy2021 or kangjegu's clubbox.


they have the latest japanese dramas. although they're in korean though.. ._. but i think they sometimes include the kanji of the drama.

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^ oh no clubboxes?

i only have torrent... wah~

but im totally excited for it to come out!!

to tell you the truth i had no idea when it was going to come out...

i just knew that it was soon~ lol

^_______________^ i'll makes caps when it does come out.....


i was just rewatching dragon zakura.... and i had to make caps of the to-be couple



^eh maybe they would work......

*secretly chants yamaki! yamaki!*

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Guest lilsh0rtnancy

I loved this scene! It was probably the only sweet moment they had in the drama that kinda indicated there was something more than friendship.


Anyways, Masami looked cute in DZ, but nowadays, especially w/ her short haircut, she looks really old to me, but in some shows she looks cute.

Isn't this airing tonight in Japan? Can't wait! Hopefully someone will upload the raw one really quick.

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