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Since there is no update from AJ let’s have some throwback! This blog compiled her previous answers from interviews. Pls bear with me this is a long post, hope y’all read it until the end it took me hours to do this :lol: I corrected some sentence structure from translator and dictionary, so forgive me if there are parts that is lost in translation.


• During school days Kim Ajoong was very outgoing/extroverted and a well-rounded person who studied well. 


Kim: When I was in elementary school I was someone who is greedy with my studies, I was once a student council president. I was the head of the cheering squad during school events when I was in middle school. When we went to a retreat I don’t have much money but the principal said ‘Just come, instead prepare for your talent show’.

Kim: I was very outgoing and easygoing back then. I went to an all-girls middle school and high school with popular female students around me. Later, after debuting as an entertainer, I became timid.

Kim: Since I was on TV, I have been able to see myself objectively. Until then, I thought I was quite good at it, but when I found out there were many who were better, I couldn't show off anymore. 


• Kim Ajoong was preparing to be a singer back in high school.


Kim: I was first offered to be a singer when I was in second grade and prepared to make my debut. But things didn't work out well, so I didn't make it. Actually, due to the fact that it is difficult for foreigners to pronounce the word "Ajoong” they named me “June” not “Joong” My stage name was “에이준” (Aijune) at that time. (She mentioned this also during her bday vlive)

Kim: Eventually, I failed to become a singer, so I need to study for 1 year to enter the broadcasting department of Dongduk University and become an actress in the end. As a matter of fact, my original dream was to be an actor. I wanted to be on TV and make people laugh and cry when I was a kid.


• In 2005, Kim Ajoong acted as a supporting actor in “Romance Meets Destiny” and became very popular due to the 2006 movie “200 Pounds Beauty”. 


Kim: After “200 Pounds Beauty” I was offered to release an album in China, Japan and Singapore because they thought I was a real singer. But I didn’t think it was the right time so I refused it them. 


• After gaining great popularity with “200 Pounds Beauty” Kim Ajoong went to graduate school of Journalism at Korea University in 2007. (She graduated in 2011 with a Master’s degree)


Kim: I went to graduate school because I wanted to expand my perspective and personal connection. In fact, it is good to meet various kinds of people to broaden the acting range. 

Kim: I did not miss out welcome parties for freshmen or various school events thanks to that I got close to my classmates and got along well with my professors. My close friend at that time was a Marine professional soldier who was 3-4 years older than me. I also got close with his wife. (This is cute lol


• As a reference, Kim Ajoong has a book called "Emotional Communication" with Professor Kim Kwangsoo of Korea University Department of Journalism. This book is good enough to be adopted as a liberal arts material by the Faculty of Journalism at Seoul National University of the first semester in 2010


Kim: During my first semester in graduate school, I took Professor Kim Kwang-soo's class called “Emotional Communication”. However, during lectures I felt like I was always doing confession and I felt emotionally comforted. Professor Kim Kwangsoo suggested that we prepare a book since there is no publication of a book in film department that deals with emotions. 

Kim: In the book there is a phrase that says, “The quality of life is affected by how you feel.” Certainly, depending on whether you are suffering from sadness or anger the quality of life and even life itself often changes.

Kim: When someone start to put the blame on me I get very sad. When someone has something to be angry with and finds a reason to accuse something against you, he or she (most people) becomes enraged. Because I made mistake and got blamed it pains me and get sad a lot of time. 

Kim: Of all the emotions felt by humans, I think sorrow is the most uncontrollable. It is inanimate and there is no way to eliminate. When sorrow builds up it becomes chronic and falls into depression. 

Kim: To overcome grief, it would be best to find out why you’re sad, make improvements, and live in line with your life schedule. 



• Kim Ajoong has no regrets, She does 1 work every 2-3 years. For a recognizable actress like her, she has little activity.


Kim: I have missed a lot of good works. When choosing a piece I thought I should do only a work that I think I can do well, because I am responsible for it.

Kim: But I have no regrets about that. I'm not even sure if I can do it if I had appeared in the projects I missed. 

Kim: It’s good to show a variety of performances at a young age, the roles that were offered to me for a while are mainly entertainers, singers and even chaebol. Strangely for me I don’t find those roles attractive. 


• Kim Ajoong got involved in a controversy in 2011, the truth behind her tax evasion case. 


Kim: I thought I am paying my taxes faithfully. But I learned something I didn't know very well from this experience. As a Korean citizen, I promise to faithfully fulfill my duties in accordance with the legal procedures.

Kim: My manager is the one who is in charge of all my schedules, and the tax accountant was in charge of my income tax. I thought all I had to do was work hard, but I think it was my mistake not to check my income tax personally. I only visit my tax accountant office once a year, and I realized that it was such an unprofessional behavior.


• Kim Ajoong’s Love Confession


Kim: The reason I haven't had any romantic relationship is because I don’t have interest for it now. I don't think I'm the type to hide or conceal. Whatever you do, you will be caught anyway.

Kim: (Ideal type) I like men who usually have a good voice and have good manners. You can lie about your looks and eyes, but you can't fake your voice. 

Kim: In fact, I talked only about looks and voice but that is not my absolute standard. I like a man who shows charm in everything. Therefore, when someone shows confidence and enthusiasm in one’s work it makes them attractive. I don’t like muscular type of men, I also like humorous person who reduces anxiety. (But her ideal type tends to change over time :tongue:)

Kim: (Marriage Ideals) I’m not a celibatarian, but I don’t have the confidence to get married yet. I don't know yet what it's like to make a home with someone and live with them for the rest of our lives thinking we're one.

Kim: My mother said I shouldn’t be ashamed of dating scandals at this age, but there is no pressure to get married yet. I think I should get married before 40.


In this blog she also addressed her plastic surgery rumor and her company said the pictures that circulate in the internet is not her. Pfft! Hope people will stop spreading this rumors :angry: The interviewer also said that AJ has an interesting political disposition but I didn’t get to trans bc it’s hard to grasp her answer. Guess I need to improve my korean ㅋㅋ 





In this article she said her older brother is in the process of becoming a film director bc it’s his dream?? She said she hopes to have a project with him in the future like director ryoo seungwan and his brother actor ryoo


link source


Reading her past interviews made me appreciate, understand and love her more. Such an amazing lady :wub: 

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AJ got her nail done, look at those 2 cute Shiba dogs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She often got her nail done at this nail parlor. 2018 is a year of dog. It's also AJ chinese zodiac year.

Dr Noh Hyeong Seop, an expert psychic (of 21 years) read some celebrities fortune in 2018, one of them is AJ.   (rough translation): Kim AJoong "marriage".   It is advisable t

last night episode was totally funny,AJ audition team won in an unexpected way,AJ even said thank you to Ho Dong team through the phone I hope to see her more on variety show,our girl is indeed th

Thank you so very much for your hard work!!!! @sarangashia

I could never translate long phrase like that. My Korean is at kindergarden level.


She's smart and wise.......and a cutie too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Girl crush poom poom!!!


I hope we'll get news of her new project very soon!



Quote: In the book there is a phrase that says, “The quality of life is affected by how you feel. 

Quote: To overcome grief, it would be best to find out why you’re sad, make improvements, and live in line with your life schedule.


She needs to write another book. Everytime she did interviews, people praised her, they said she speaks so well using wise and beautiful words.

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@sarangashiathank you!

it took years and my english still sucks,dont know how my korean's going ㅋㅋ



" Kim: Since I was on TV, I have been able to see myself objectively. Until then, I thought I was quite good at it, but when I found out there were many who were better, I couldn't show off anymore"

(oh dont know why she thinks like this?Just doing your best and not think it's  "showing off" Majoongie)

Kim Ajoong was preparing to be a singer back in high school.

(I remembered in MBC section Tv (2012) MCs revealed that AJ auditioned to be in a project with Jackie Chan as a solo singer  but didnt make it.And now we have actress KAJ but since her voice is quitegood,sometimes I want to hear it often :3)

section tv  (2;04)

Kim: It’s good to show a variety of performances at a young age, the roles that were offered to me for a while are mainly entertainers, singers and even chaebol. Strangely for me I don’t find those roles attractive

(I agree,she suits well with brainy character,my favourites are her 'Kyung' roles (Da Kyung,Ha Kyung,Yeon Kyung) and Sang Hee (the King) too ( even just with few seconds as a newscaster but she's so charming :tongue:)



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@nancy131 Actually the word she used was “까불지” which literally means brag/boast/show-off, but for me I think she meant she lost the confidence after finding out there were many who were better(but for me she’s the best ㅋㅋㅋ) 

AJ can definitely carry a tune, and her vocal color is very beautiful. Even her speaking voice is very nice, many praised her for her pronunciation and tone when MCing the award ceremonies. Well she didn’t hosted baeksang for 6 consecutive years for nothing :wink:



And btw I found an interesting story of when did AJ started to like wine...


Kim AJoong was talking about the secret of wine storage. 


“There was a man I really liked back in college. He liked wine and wanted to talk about it a lot. So I made a surprise confession that I signed up as a wine club member.”


Her interest in wine, which began with her affection for his boyfriend, eventually left her with enough knowledge to know how to recognize aged wine and how to preserve the taste of leftovers(wine). 




There’s a video interview on weibo during her bizarre bunch days where she showed her secrets, and one is her technique on how to recork a wine but I can’t find the video anymore. If someone has the link hope y’all can share it here :D



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interview after "Punch" drama

Kim Ah-joong and her appealing character


 AJ and her sunbae actor Cho Jae Hyun "moments" ㅋㅋ 


this is when he said he was excited to know they'll have AJ in the cast and looking forward to filming with her but they dont have much scene together (hope i get it right :3)

Punch press

They met again at Baeksang awards 2015,he mentioned AJ on stage and asked where she was ( but our MC AJ'd gone backstage :3)

Baeksang 2015 (1:58)

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@nancy131 This year’s baeksang will be a bloody battle for the best actress award lol So many big names kim heesun, kim sunah, go hyunjung, lee boyoung and kim namjoo is having a rave review right now for her acting in misty, the drama broke 5% already and on it’s second ep only. I’m not hoping she’ll get an award this year but a nomination will be appreciated. AJ needs to comeback in dramaland with strong script. But I’m wishing for a movie first :D thanks btw for the vid!

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@sarangashia this category getting tough this year compared to last year,many big names and they all have good rating with their drama.

I should keep my expectation low and hope she can be MC again :tongue:


AJ in a documentary film " Ari Ari the Korean Cinema " (2012).I cant find the sub just some screenshots with trans from this twitter account




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@nancy131 Baeksang is sponsored by Ilgan sports and they replaced AJ with suzy for 2 years in a row now, AJ did the 1st Seoul Awards sponsored by Sports seoul and they’re competitors. The selca of AJ posted by the producer during after the awards last year put a hashtag “see you again next year” so maybe she will be the MC again, tho I hope she can reclaim her spot on baeksang hehe :D

I’m glad that korea is becoming less patriarchal and koreans are slowy welcoming this issue about feminism, gender equality. And a lot of productions nowadays have female-centric themed. 

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Reading AJ's past interviews made me know her well and feel closer to her. :wub: She's really a girl crush ppum ppum! Thanks to all of you chingus who translated it. :heart:  I wonder what her next project would be....and I definitely want to see her MC again! 

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Another long interview but a very very great to read ^_^ This was done after lutyn but I don’t think someone translated this before.


“Kim Ajoong at 30, less frightened and filled with confidence”


Attractive appearance and acting ability. Maybe that is all actors needed. Having never been in a controversy over her exceptional appearance and a bad acting controversy, in that regard Kim Ajoong is considered to be an ‘actor with everything’. From rookie of the year, best actress, popularity award, it would be quicker to pick out awards that she haven't received yet. Kim Ajoong in her 20s was more stable than anyone else, and the fastest to became a star and actress. 


She confessed “I was scared and have no confidence.” It was after 200PB she became psychologically frustrated, enough to have camera sickness and experienced a severe slump. 


After getting out from the awful slump, Kim Ajoong in her 30s became stronger and more seasoned. Fear was eased and she filled the spot with her own thoughts and opinions. Rather than being hurt by the surrounding eyes or criticism, she has the courage and confidence to acknowledge and improve herself. Kim Ajoong said, "I have had a lot more fun."



• The reason why Kim Ajoong doesn’t cause nuisance 


<Sign> First genre in korean drama, <Punch> a drama that reflects the power struggle of political prosecutors, <Wanted> a drama that reveals media’s naked truth to the public. Except for <LUTYN> all her dramas in her 30s were all genres without romance. 


“It’s been nine years since I acted in a romance drama. I didn't choose heavy themed dramas consciously. I don’t like a work that just inserted fun to be interesting. I like the work that clearly expresses the story I want and unravels it. Whether it's a social message, a love story, or a comedy. Then I'll see who I’m going to make it with, and if I can play the character well. I have chosen works that satisfy these criteria and are attractive to me.”


However, Kim Ajoong’s characters have something in common. They’re not passive characters who are just swept away around in a given situation, but a character that solves the problem on her own initiative. 


In romantic comedy genre the dominant audience are women, so the male character in the drama has evolved more and more cool to fulfill their fantasy. But to emphasize this 'cool' aspect of male characters, female characters sometimes do stupid, frustrating and absurd acts. If one don’t depend only on male characters and then don’t hear words like ‘you’re an inconvenience’ then the female character is lucky. In reality, what kind of belief was not included in Kim Ajoong’s consistent choice?


“I will try to choose a work that is not an exhaustive use of female characters but an active and subjective character for event development. Rather than remaining sexually targeted, I try to express my ideas in a three-dimensional way. But I can't choose my work based on these criteria. There aren't many things an actress can do. Once I have chosen my work, I have a lot of discussions with the director. I'm also concerned about it a lot."


In LUTYN it was her idea that HeoIm used a pink apron and toothbrush and YeonKyung used the blue stuffs. The staffs bring the pink stuff to the actress and the blue stuff to the actor, 'why is pink necessarily for the girl?' Although it is a small change, it reveals efforts to break the typical patterns of female characters.


The reason why the female character in the drama is turning into a nuisance because they don't make rational judgments, they're emotionally swayed, and they tend to make things tragic. But they fall into the routine of repeating the same behavior over and over again without the process of regret or correction. Even if you fail to do so, it is not a nuisance if you reflect on it, correct it, and show your growth. But many characters are in these cycles. In fact, if you build things up the characters are all alive without having to be a nuisance. It does not mean that you should avoid moments when you have to. But when it comes to the resilience of the nuisance, you must become certain.”



• Kim Ajoong Today


When she was a rookie, she was grateful only for the chance given to her and acted hard and unconditionally. She had only the desire to do a given role better than a big ambition to make characters three-dimensionally. However, during her 14 years as an actor her perception has changed little by little.


200PB is the work that brought me recognition, after that I have a lot of choices since then. But the thirst for work choice that most actresses feel are not much different from the new ones. It may sound like a full-on, but there are not many works for an actress to do.” 


In fact, Kim Ajoong chose 3 movie scenarios before LUTYN but all of them were put on hold.


“I think I have the eyes for scenarios, It was a really good script, and I had the confidence to make it into a good movie. But all 3 were gone, it is too weak to express this reality as complaint. I feel so hurt. I can’t help but think about it.”


In reality actress Moon Sori made a movie called ‘Today The Actress Is Still…’


“I do not have a dream to be a director. But I don’t want good actors to stay unemployed, I think I want to see a variety of good ones used in various works. If there is a good story I would like to develop it jointly. In fact, korean people love movies and dramas very much. Even though there are people who are loyal to pop culture content the market itself is small so new attempts are not coming. There are a lot of movies with a million, two million viewers, and now most of them are blockbusters or low budget movies aimed at ten million viewers. There is a movie called 'The Table' (starring 4 actresses as the main leads) I hope more moviegoers can find them too and hope there are more films to choose from.”




• Kim Ajoong’s Dream for the Future


She became a star at an early age and was recognized. Even if you are dissatisfied with your choice of work if you are at ease you can lead a life of luxury and comfort without worries. However, Kim Ajoong is an actor who studied extensively and deeply about her profession and her field 


I don't have any other breakthrough. I don't do anything but work. That's why I seemed so fixated on this. Actually, an actress can be a very happy job. You're loved, you can do what you want to do and you're financially comfortable. So sometimes I just want to put it all down, have a normal relationship and take care of myself. But I didn't get interested in it that way. I've been dying to work for a few years now. I must be crazy (laughs).”


My everyday life is more of a fool. Good enough to say ‘don't you have any idea?‘ I become cautious. But when I work I get sensitive and straightforward. It's true that I get misunderstood a lot. ‘Kim Ajoong is a sly, who can bend male staff’ but I am not. I communicate my opinion accurately and clearly in the field. It's not what you expected when you think of a person named 'Kim Ajoong'. I think I should express myself a bit softly.”


Still lacking and slow, but the world is changing little by little. How different will the production environment be in 10 years time? And what would Kim Ajoong look like in it? She offered a question ‘Is it a future story? And added ‘10 years... psychologically it’s far, but not so long.’


I'm sure it won't make much of a difference in 10 years but it will be better. Everybody knows what a good direction is. As society changes, I think industry people and industry culture will become more mature. I wish I could be in a place where everyone can be respected regardless of age, regardless of the length of experience, regardless of the length of your career. No repression or discrimination. I hope that various actors and actresses can be used for various works. I wish I could play a role in transforming the industry. I want to be a person who tries to change society for the better.”


An actress who has a dream. It was not the desire to make a great work or the desire to get more love than it is now. But an actress that is hoping to continue to do good things and hopes her acting does not get rusty, and who develops even a little.


An actor’s life can not just be defined as 'happy' because black and white coexist so clearly. There are some pain that I have to endure alone because I'm definitely an actress. But you get love that you can not pay for a lifetime. Life is painful. But a grateful life that receives love, you have to live it. It’s up to you to judge whether it is a happy life. Me? I'm happy. I want to remain a good actress who can give people good impression and who can give a great resonance.”





Reading her interviews gave me so much inspiration, her social awareness is something I really look up to <3


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@sarangashia kamsahamnida chingu! I feel like I should compile everything that you've translated! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really like her interviews. They show how smart and how good she is as an an individual and an actress.


Wait ∑( ̄□ ̄;), I'm I the only one who hasn't compiled any of the interviews? Hehehe

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“Kim Ajoong, the pain that soothed her heart”


Kim Ajoong possesses the ironclad rule, ‘I don't drink to the bottom unless I show you how much alcohol I can drink’. Because of this preliminary coverage I went to the appointment worrying that it would be a little hard to drink today.


But what a surprise that she was a good drinker with sweet apple soju. She is like a long-time friend who you can talk comfortably and it’s not an ordinary affair. The manager who sat next to me said ‘It’s like 2 people talking in a sauna.’


“There was a time when I felt like I am the prettiest in the world but since I’ve become an entertainer I thought I'm not pretty than I am. So I have an obsession that I have to constantly introduce new things.”


Kim Ajoong shouted with excitement ‘Cheers!’ Drinking 3 glasses of soju makes me drowsy, it seems that I’ll be over with 3 glasses. 


An aspiring singer-dancer as a career. Gave up going to college but her agency got closed down.



“I thought I was BoA”


As it is well known, Kim Ajoong tried to become a singer-dancer but instead became an actress. Speaking of casting, she put a glass of soju on her lips saying ‘Ah! that's a really heartbreaking story.’


When she was in high school, she received dozens of entertainment agency business cards on the street and started her career as a magazine model. An agency said ‘I will raise you into a singer in Korea, China and Japan’ She packed her bags and moved to his accommodation


“I felt like I was in a training camp at that time. I wake up at 7 in the morning and ran for 4km of Dogok-dong street next to the office. During lunch time I took choreography exercises. After that I got vocal training for 4-5 hours a day. I'm taking English lessons at night.”


“As a Korean agency related to Jackie Chan, I had dinner with Jackie Chan and Geum Sungmoo in Hong Kong. In Japan I met famous producer Komuro Tetsuya. BoA did the recording in the booth I was recording. I thought they were filming the Three Kingdoms. I really thought I was gonna be like BoA.”


• The anger came in layers


She trained more than 10 hours a day and developed the dream to be a singer for a year and a half. She was accepted to the Department of Arts and Literature but gave up because of her company's advice. But out of the blue the agency suddenly shut down.


“I thought I would be an Asian star but the agency suddenly shut down. It was a bolt from the blue. My reality was that I need to re-enlist, so I packed and went home. My heart was aching as if I had been blown away and I cried with a blanket over my head so my parents won’t see me crying. To make matters worse I lost my love at the same time. We met in high school and dated for about two years. He was 1yr older than me and had difficulty being a manager. His world is too different from mine and if I had to become an entertainer I think we will keep on fighting so we broke up.”


“I just laugh it off now but back then it was really painful.” 


Kim Ajoong’s eyes were red as if the childhood wound seemed to flashback. I felt sorry fo her and poured an apple soju into the glass.



“When I got to be partnered with Rain I found 7 anti-cafes”


I said that the alcohol is too weak, so Kim Ajoong ordered another bottle of soju to increase the alcohol concentration of apple soju. Kim Ajoong who is unknown climbed to stardom in a short time with MBC TV <Heartbeat-Love Survival> However, her debut film which is not well known to the public is called <Who’s Got the Tape> in 2004. 


She met her current agency and spent year and a half in obscurity. She only auditioned for CFs. 


“It is not only one or two movies that I have been cast off the list of nominees and then changed. But it is okay I'm better off now (laughs).” 


After a year and a half of audition challenge the film <Who’s Got the Tape> was released. It interfered with the day when the candlelight demonstration was held in the presidential impeachment of Roh Moohyun. 


“When I went on stage to greet the opening day, tens of thousands of people were holding up in front of the theater. Of course, the film flopped.”


After that she came to the broadcasting company by chance and the PD of MBC saw her. 


“Nobody recognized the work that I took for six months but once I came out on TV, everyone knew. It was bitter. When I was partnered with Rain I found 7 anti-cafes. I realized his popularity.”


Kim Ajoong emptied the glass as if she remembered the past. 


• “I heard stories that my Dad is a PD, and I have a lot of sponsors”


MBC TV <Heartbeat-Love Survival> “Let’s give up the dream of being a celebrity if I won’t make it here.” She appeared in the program as her final determination. “Let's try not to show pride well. Let's just do as it is.” She recorded the program with that mindset.  


Kim Ajoong was one of the contributors of popularity of the show. She booked a spot as a CF star in Sky’s cellphone which displayed her hidden dance skills. She was selected as the host of KBS2 <Happy Together-Friends>, film <Romance Meets Destiny> and was able to expand her scope to act as the main character of KBS1 daily tv drama <Bizarre Bunch> There is no doubt that stars have jealous gossip. 


“My father is not a PD, and I don’t have big sponsors” those rumors tormented her. “Although I was really hurt, I feel like I have to live as a celebrity and live with it.”



“Falling into a slump, I developed staff phobia”


She looked good on the outside but she was also in a slump. After making her drama debut on KBS2 in <Emperor of the Sea> and MBC <Our Attitude to Prepare Parting>. This is the most difficult time for her as an entertainer. It was when she was shooting with a page script and no time to practice. Netizens complained that she couldn't act and got scolded because of it. She developed staff phobia. “I should take a break from acting, I couldn’t help but think like that.” 


Before her debut she was confident that she could do everything well but her confidence gradually plummeted.


“Women live in an illusion. I thought I was the prettiest girl in the world but I woke up and came to a place with pretty girls like Kim Heesun and Kim Taehee exist. After I made my debut I’ve had an eye for myself objectively. I feel uncomfortable when I act because of my strong facial features. I was worried about getting a cosmetic surgery but I just left it because it would not have a distinct individuality.“


As the mood subsided, I said ‘let’s change the atmosphere’ and recommended a shot of soju. 


• “I want to be a female scholar”


Kim Ajoong who looks prettier with a red cheeks due to the effects of alcohol, I asked what is her goal.


“My dream is to become a good actor until I'm in the mid 30s. I want to study after that. I want to be a female scholar but I have to study hard so I can't do it right now. I am interested in the feminist films and I would like to appear if a proposal for a feminist film comes in. I like writing and won a prize during my high school days. Nowadays, I still write poems and essay in my cyber diary. I don’t have that typical beauty. I think being good looking is a great asset to an actor but I don't have it. So there is a pressure to study something and try to create a new look. Writing is a good tool for me in that respect.”




This interview was done before 200PB and her early days in the industry. You can see how she has become a mature woman after learning about her past :) 


If in case anyone would like to repost pls take out with full credits^^ thank you <3

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Waaaah!!!!! With every new information about AJ, i can't help but to admire her so highly. Imagine going through such tough experiences at the very early stage of her career and being able to get passed through it all, she's such a resilient person. Aside from being honest and intelligent, there are a lot more other things about her that keep me drawn to her and i love her even more for that. She's such a wonderful person who is really passionate in her craft. really GirlCrush-ppumppum-worthy actress indeed :wub:
Thank you very much to all kind-hearted chingus who really exert a great amount of effort translating interviews, articles and whatnots about her. :blush: You're all DAEBAK!!! :D let's keep on loving our AJ!!!!!!!!! :heart:
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