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_______ Jo In Sungggggggggggggggg.


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Guest itrayya

that's it!!!

i stop scrolling down. i felt that heart attack coming on.....

he is so hot!!!!

he made me cry in 'bali'.!!!!

he was so good in that one!!!

he is so drop die hotness!!

i totally understand your posting like an insane woman.

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Guest faithnlove3

dood. good to know that he's still appreciated even though a whole new generation of korean entertainers have popped up (i'm not a hater~ just look at my avatar! xD)

Anyhoo, does anyone know if jo in sung smokes personally as well as in his films/shoots? cuz if he does... =o( that's a bugger. I know it shouldn't be surprising, especially with Korean guys, but it's still dissapointing nonetheless.

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