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Beni Arashiro Official Thread

Guest Finir

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Beni Arashiro is an artist on the Avex Trax label. She has a solo career and is also a member of Bishoujo Club 31. Beni was the first from the group to pursue a solo career while being an active member. She attends Sophia University, along with her friend and r&b/pop star Crystal Kay.

She was named winner of the "New Artist of the Year" for the 19th Japan Gold Disc Award in 2005. She was one of the finalists for one of the Japan's leading contest, Oscar Promotion's, National Beauty Contest. She is also the ambassador for the NFL in Tokyo, and has been the face of many products such as Kose Visee, Glico confectionery, Orion Beer, and much more.

Although Beni's sales may not be as high as other young JPOP stars she has a dedicated fanbase, is a successful model, and is present at various events. In 2005 she was the female heroine in an Andrew Lloyd Webber play in Japan. She has also appeared in a short television program, known as BeniTV, as well as Shinkankaku Keyword de Eikaiwa which helps people learn English.

Her upcoming single will be named "Luna," and is due out February 28, 2007. It will be the theme song to a TV drama, ABC・テレビ朝日系全国ネット松本清張わるいやつら


Official Website:


Fansite with a forum:



Beni Arashiro's music videos

1st Harmony


2nd Infinite


3rd Here Alone recommended


4th Miracle


5th Cherish


Unfortunately youtube doesn't have her 6th music video Hikari no Kazu dake Glamarous

7th How Are U?


Call me Beep Me (Kim possible theme song)


Here Alone performance




Beni Arashiro - Kose Visee CM [Debut CM]


Beni Arashiro - Kose Visee CM featuring Flash (one of her unreleased songs)


Beni Arashiro - Kose Visee CM featuring Hikari no Kazu dake Glamorous (here's your chance to hear a little bit of the song)



I absolutely love Beni Arashiro and so far i have all her songs except for all the instrumentals i only have two of those :(.

Her albums are nice to listen to. Beni has released two great albums which contains a lot of good songs. Unfortunately lots of her good songs did not become singles.

Just in case there are any Beni Arashiro fans. i will be posting a review of her songs from her albums soon. :)

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Beni has a nice voice. it's very silky. haha i don't know how else to describe it. i found out about her through the song "Kiss Kiss Kiss" and then looked up the music video and thought wow she's real pretty too. one of my other favorite song from her is "Stardust" also.

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Guest Asian-Soompi

since there not much fansite out there dose anyone want to start a blog/forum/fansite with me?

PM :)

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Guest sunny_dance


Album: Bitter & Sweet

Release Date: September 2, 2009

Label: Nayutawave Records for Universal Music Japan


1. Bitter & Sweet: Intro

2. Kiss Kiss Kiss

3. ずっと二人で (Always Together)

4. 恋焦がれて (I'm In Love With You)

5. 抱きしめて Feat. 童子-T (Hold Me Feat. Dohzi-T)

6. Anything Goes

7. Star Dust

8. Kira Kira

9. Go On

10. 信じさせて (Make Me Believe)

11. Nice & Slow

12. Stay

13. Beautiful World

14. もう二度と... (Never Again...)

15. Kiss Kiss Kiss (DJ Hasebe Remix)


Album: Lovebox

Release Date: June 2, 2010

Label: Nayutawave Records for Universal Music Japan


1. Lovebox Intro

2. Yurayura

3. サイン (Sign)

4. 瞳とじて (Close Your Eyes)

5. Gimme Gimme

6. Girl's Night Feat. JAMOSA

7. A Million Jewels

8. 君じゃなきゃ (Swear To You)

9. Bye Bye

10. Move

11. Break The Rules

12. He Is Mine

13. マイ・フレンド (My Friend)

14. Message

15. ずっと二人で (Always Together) - [unplugged Version]

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Guest Chelissamow

I absolutely love Beni Arashiro and so far i have all her songs except for all the instrumentals i only have two of those

Do you have Surrender by her? o:!

I have been looking for it for ages. xD It's from her 'How are U' single. Which... ironically was one of her least successful albums. D: I still like 'Surrender' and her 'Time After Time' cover. Aiyah.

If you have it, would you kindly be able to share it? :3! Thankies

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Guest EternalCassiopeia395

OMG I love Beni! She is my favorite J-Pop singer of all time. Her voice is beautiful and she is completely gorgeous inside/out. She is just a Goddess. In my opinion, she should make a collab with Tohoshinki one day, that would be like the perfect combination for sure :D

Recently, I've been writing fanfics and blogs about her in Asianfanfics and I got really nice feedback which makes me really happy :x

I'm very glad I bumped into this thread, I only wished that it was more active though.

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