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a really kawaii mangaTitle: +Anima

Mangaka: Mukai Natsumi

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure

Volumes: 10 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=6

Scanlator: Manga-Koekje

Licensed: Yes

Publisher: Tokyopop

Uploader: Tenshinchigi, wishgrunts, shadoll, kyashi, gaz_mallrat

Recommendations: -



In this medieval world, there are people who have their own characteristics which belong to animals, who are called +Anima. Those persons are pretty rare and most conceal of a legend than of a fact. Cooro, a young boy whose +Anima is a crow , is searching for other persons like him, who have a strange tattoo on their body, sign of the +Anima. He will meet other +Animas like him, with their own story and secret, but all with the same hope : to be accepted and live peacefully with Humans.




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Awesome manga. [:

I'd like to see more of this manga.

Hoping they'll make an anime of it?

If they do, it would be awesomee. <3


woah. o_o

This thread began in Feb. 7. 07.

My post: Feb. 7. 08! Dangg..


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I really loved this manga and it took me by surprised that it finished pretty quick~ I want more from this manga-ka artist and hopefully more will come soon so hoping there would be something like anime adaption? this manga is so underrated!!

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