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DN Angel

Guest ~fantasygurl~

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Guest ~fantasygurl~
Manga Title: D.N. Angel Manga-ka Artist: Yukiru Sugisaki Genre: Fantasy, Romance dn_angel_wallpapers-normal.jpg Daisuke Niwa is a 14 year-old-boy who has a special genetic ability: whenever he sees or thinks about his crush, Risa Harada, he turns into the infamous phantom thief Dark. Satoshi Hiwatari is a student at the same school as Daisuke and the Harada twins, as well as the Commander of the police force who is heading the investigation on Dark. He is also member of the Hikari family, a clan of artists which has opposed the Niwa family of thieves for centuries. D.N.Angel follows the adventures of Daisuke Niwa and how he must cope with his alter-ego, Dark Mousy. Because of the nature of the ability, his two friends, the twin sisters Riku and Risa Harada become involved. Other central figures include Satoshi Hiwatari, a descendant of the Hikari family who created the artworks that Dark targets in his thefts and the adopted son of a high ranking police officer. Like Daisuke, Satoshi possesses his own alter-ego, Krad. Daisuke's family act as supporting characters in the story and aid Daisuke as he copes with the instability of his transformations. hahaha credits to wikipedia.org i really love this anime a lot and the manga too! so how about you
Published by: Tokyopop (up to 13 vol)
Anime Episodes: 26
*This series has also games released
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Guest AnonEMus

i just finished watching this last night. i just love the drawing especially the backgrounds (including the feathers)! :)

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Guest sincerelydolly

I loved this anime! My sister hates Dark [i absolutely love him]

I thought the songs on the anime was really good...

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Guest MoonChild

I love DN Angel, my favorite character in DN Angel is Dark-san. DN Angel wouldn't be as interesting without a character like him. <3

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

manga is way better the anime bc it ended to quick :D

need more stuff ^^

yeah i thought so too but anyways i'll put some pictures here they go!!

a picture of WIZ!


hahaha the favs!!!


dark and daisuke!




daisuke again


omg!! krad


ahh!! dark-san!!



ask me to post more pics if u ask me too k?

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Guest fionahh

Omg I love this anime =)..I watched this like..in the summer haha. <3. I like Riku xD The ending cracked me up when Sataoshi and Risa were looking at each other haha. Umm I read the manga up to number 8 =] Oh. And I hate Krad =__=''

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Guest Melyxcious

i've seen the whole series wayyy before it was licensed in America so I really have no clue how it sounds like in English~

but anyway, i luff luff lufffffffff KRAD AND SATOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333

Dark's hawt

but I <3 krad wayyy more

and of course satoshi. his quietness and how he is in general, i just luff him XD

i dun like risa = =;;;

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Guest disgruntled_ricecooker

I have the entire series on DVD and only got through about 9(?) out of 26. The series doesn't make a big impression on me and the transfer student and the shallow twin got on my nerves. One of these days I will finish it.

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Guest Access DENIED

^Me too. I thought this anime was really boring. It dragged and it didnt get to the point until way later. They didnt give much emphasis on Dark. Risa annoyed me throughout the series. And i was so glad that she got told by Dark.

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