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Top 10 Prettiest Korean Actresses!

Guest starsangel

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Guest starsangel

who do you think is the prettiest?
My top ten prettiest I think are:

1.Song Hye Kyo

2.Jeon Ji-Hyun

3.Kim Hyun Joo

4.Kim Tae Hee

5.Park Sol Mi

6.Lee Dae Hee

7.Kim Hee Sun

8.Son Ye Jin

9.Han Chae Young

10. Jeong Ryeo Won

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Guest VoxiVoxi

Mine is(Only for Actress):

1. Yoon Eun Hye

2. Nam Sang Mi

3. Sung Yu Ri

4. Han Ga In

5. Sung Eun

6. Choi Jung Won

7. Jung Ryeo Won

8. Kim Tae Hee

9. Song Hye Kyo

10. Park Eun Hye

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Guest White Star

not in any particular order

..there more than 10... but i think there're too many beautiful women out there to just list only 10

Han Hyo Joo


Ha Ji Won


Choi ji Woo


Jung Ryeo Won


Yoon EUn Hye


Song Hye Gyo


jeon ji Hyun


Lee Na Young


Lee Hyo Ri


Son Ye Jin


Lee Da HAe


The girl in Love is Zero....Moon something.


I love this actress....unfortunately i keep forgetting her name.


Park Shin Hye


There so many more... i just don't remember them all.


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Guest gummonster


2. Lee Da Hee

3. Son ye Jin

4. Sung Yuri

5. Kim Tae Hee

...........( some more, i can't think right now.)

Yoon eun hye- not a chance.

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Mine are in order :

1. Kim Tae Hee

2. Yoon Eun Hye

3. Jung Ryeo Won

4. Jeon Ji-Hyun

5. Jang Nara

6. Son Ye Jin

7. Song Hye Kyo

8. Han Ga In

9. Moon Geun Yeong

10. Jung Da Bin

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Guest paigehk

my top ten are:






I think that's all I have...hehehe. I love a lot of other actresses, i love their acting and all, but i find them ok looking, it's just that they have the way to carry out their look. (i don't know what i'm saying)

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Guest cookiies x3

my top 10 favorite

1. song hye gyo

2. jeon ji hyun

3. yoon eun hye

4. lee dae hae (my girl, not sure if that's how you spell it)

5. choi ji woo

6. bae seul gi

7. jung da bin

8. eugene

9. park shin hye

10. go eun ah

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1.Song Hye Kyo (full house)

2. Kim Tae Hee (stairway to heaven)

3. Eugene (wonderful life)

4. The actress from please come back soon-ae.. Park Jin-Hee is that her name?

5. Jung Ryu Won (MNIKSS, What Star are you from)

6. Nam Sang Mi (Bad family, the Sweet spy)

7. Lee Dae Hae (My Girl)

a lot of actresses are pretty.

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1. Lee Dae Hee (My Girl)

2. Park Shin Hye (STH & Goong S)

3. Eugene (Wonderful Life)

4. Yoon Eun Hye (Goong)

5. "little" Jung Da Bin (is she considered? hehe.)

6. Jung Ryeo Won (WSAYF & MNIKSS)

7. Kim Tae Hee (STH)

8. Kim Hee Sun (Sad Love Story)

9. Han Ye Seul (Fantasy Couple)

10. ^yeah^.. that actress from come back soon ae.

*random order except for top 3.

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1. SONG HYE KYO (Autumn In My Heart, Full House, My Girl & I)


2. Jeon Ji Hyun (Windstruck, Il Mare, Daisy, My Sassy Girl, White Valentine)


3. Son Ye Jin (A Moment to Remember, The Classic, Summer Scent)


4. Han Ga In (i only saw Super Rookie but i thought she was really pretty)


5. Han Chae Young (Autumn In My Heart, Sassy Girl Choon Hyang, Only You)


6. Lee Bo Young (My Sweetheart My Darling, ugh! i hated that show, but i thought LBY was really pretty, My Brother)


7. Kim Ah Joong (Bizarre Bunch, 200lb Beauty)


8. Son Tae Young (One Million Roses, Sad Movie)


9. Jeong Ryeo Won (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Which Star Are You From)


10. Moon Geun Young (Autumn In My Heart, My Little Bride, Innocent Steps)


Edited :P i bumped HCY to my top 5 list... after watching Sassy Girl Choon Hyang i was just mesmerized by her pretty face :blush: ... and i switched KAJ and STY after much consideration :P

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Not in order

1. Kim Tae Hee (Love Story in Harvard)

2. Song Hye Gyo (Full House)

3. Son Ye Jin (Alone in Love)

4. Jeon Ji Hyun (My Sassy Girl)

5. Lee Yeon Hee (A Millionaire's First Love)

6. Kim Sa Rang (A Love to Kill)

7. Moon Jeong Hee (Alone in Love)

8. Jeon Hye Bin (Let's Go to School Sang Doo)

9. Park Chae Rim (All About Eve)

10. Ha Ji Won (Hwang Jin Yi)

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Guest Andante

I think...

1) Han Ga-In - her face is so lovely!

The rest are in no particular order, really.

Kim Tae-hee

Kang Sung-yun

Song Hye-kyo


Woo Hee-jin

Chae Lim

Jun Ji-hyun

Gaaah, I should think of two more...hmm, say Lee Seung-yun (no idea if she's still acting, or what she looks like now, but when I first saw her in Wedding Dress I thought she was so beautiful)...and...umm, oh, well, say Kim Hee-sun.

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1. song hyegyo (full house)

2. ha jiwon (hwang jini)

3. jung jihyun

4. ryeo won

5. yoon eunhye (goong)

6. kim taehee

7. eugene

8. han ga in

9. shin mina (ijuksa)

10. yeon hee (a millionaires first love)

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Guest rose_liana

mine is:

song hye kyo

kim tae hee

han chae young

lee da hae

ha ga in

jeon ji hyun

the girl play antagonist role in all about eve..forgot her name

ha ji won


chae rim

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most of them are pretty , but for me , topping in my list always ,is Lee Da Hae .If I got a choice to have the face of a Korean actress I know , I dont need a sharp nose , I dont need perfect facial feature as many ppl out there are talking about SHK or KTH , I just love the LDH face and body figure ,and for sure her bubbly personality .Just looking at her bright smile and her pretty round eyes can make my day ,sometimes she can be sexy , sometimes she can be elegant , sometimes she can be cute and adorable .She's just simply perfect for me .I've never fallen so deep into any actress like I do now to her. Noone can compare to her , to me :lol:

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