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8 minutes ago, jinkzzmec said:


FGTD is LOL funny and KJH is perfect for the role because he is able to showcase his comedic sense... it was quite enjoyable to watch

yes I enjoyed it so much, that I used to watch the same episode more than three times when it was on KBS world

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So that my all other chingus are sending text messages to Kang Ji Hwan, I just created something different! It is OK if my art work can't reach him. But it's an honor to create this for a senior versa

Dear @jinkzzmec chingu!! You are a great designer! I love your poster for his Rough Cut!!!  And I've checked the 1st post & your editings are lovely!!    And dear @phoenix24 chingu, is t

Hey @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & other lovelies....    This is for you from me...     



Nara is dumped by her 7-year fiance, she meets In Jae (Ji Hwan) and they have a very good love story. I like it because Ji Hwan here is a very innocent man, with no experience at all in romance. You will really love him here and cry for him too. The lead actress is one of my favourite couples with Ji Hwan (I would say in bollywood terms best Jodi :)@gm4queen )


I like the actress, she is not throwing herself at Ji Hwan, and she tries to be successful in her career. I recommend this drama for you if you want to enjoy watching the young Ji Hwan. He is really so innocent here (which is my favourite side of Ji Hwan, I really find myself blushing when he is the bad boy like in Coffee House and Capital Scandal, which is not really fitting to him) because I am 100 % sure he is not a cruel person, on the contrary, I strongly believe he is very considerate to other people's feelings. I really think he is more like feel good to die's Baek Jin Sang in real life :D a man hard to please, who wants every thing to be perfect.

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Hello lovelies..... Just drooping by to give some love for our Ji Hwan oppa!!! panda-emoticon-31.gif?1292863511panda-emoticon-31.gif?1292863511panda-emoticon-31.gif?1292863511panda-emoticon-31.gif?1292863511


YES! I've never watched this series but I love these photos!! He is looking so gorgeous in red, isn't he??!! :wub: I think this is from his Lie To Me series!!!! Tagging my lovelies, dear @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & @jinkzzmec friends!!!!



















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@gm4queen thanks for tagging me chingu. Wonderful photos. 


@phoenix24 thanks for recommending Hong gil dong. It is so good, I liked it so much. I liked the fact that the prince didn't impose himself on Yi Nok, he was noble enough, I also understand that he had to fight to keep his kingdom, but I was sorry at the same time.

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Hello my dear @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & of course @jinkzzmec lovelies!!! :wub:


If I put KANG JI HWAN in this order, is it ok???! (Don't ask me why!! It's a top secret!!) Just need something for J & W!!! :D


K - kind

A - attractive

N - neat

G - gorgeous


J - 

I - idol


H - handsome

W -

A - attractive

N - neat

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Hello Kang JI Hwan lovelies, @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 & @jinkzzmec friends!! This is from me for you all!! :wub: I really hope you will like my edit!! And dear @jinkzzmec chingu, is it possible to include my edit in the 1st post of this thread..??!! :) I will be so honored to see my love & affection for him there!!! :)

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4 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:


Im done i got a dp meltdown. Not easy to get perfect one to fit that small size soompie allowance.


@gm4queen have Daniel head turn left, i have mine turn right :joy:


I hope you all enjoy it, cos u all always see me anyway muahahaha


Hah haaaaa chingu!!! We all know that he is yours! tv-baby-emoticon-47.gif?1292864352 He he he.... Just joking here!!!! By the way, I think you changed your pro pic at least thrice today!! :D You are seriously done!!!! And we two are all the same, darling!!! tv-baby-emoticon-46.gif?1292864351

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Song Won Seok And Park Se Wan Confirmed To Join Kang Ji Hwan And Kyung Soo Jin In Upcoming Drama

Apr 18, 2019
by Y. Kim

TV Chosun’s upcoming drama “Joseon Survival” (literal title) now has the full lead cast set!

Song Won Seok and Park Se Wan are confirmed to be featuring in “Joseon Survival,” alongside Kang Ji Hwanand Kyung Soo Jin, who had previously been confirmedto star in the drama.

Song Won Seok previously starred in the drama “My Only One” and Park Se Wan is a rookie actress who has starred in the movies “Omok Girl” (literal title) and “Dance Sports Girls” (literal title), as well as the drama “Marry Me Now.”

“Joseon Survival” is a time-slip drama about Han Jung Rok, a former national archer and current deliveryman from 2019. He ends up traveling to the past and meets Im Kkeok Jeong, a famous thief from the Joseon dynasty. Together, they struggle to survive, put their lives at stake for the people they love, and share a strong friendship.

Kang Ji Hwan will play Han Jung Rok, who travels through time to the Joseon dynasty with his first love and younger sibling. There, he joins Im Kkeok Jeong in fighting against corrupt officials.

Kyung Soo Jin will take on the role of Lee Hye Jin, a medical resident at the department of rehabilitation and the only daughter of a wealthy family. She is Han Jung Rok’s first love and a woman with a sophisticated way of speaking and an elegant air about her.

Song Won Seok will play Im Kkeok Jeong, who is a true figure who was alive in 1562. He is a witty man with a pretty face and large physique.

Lastly, Han Jung Rok’s younger sister Han Seul Gi will be played by Park Se Wan. Despite the 15-year age gap between Han Seul Gi and Han Jung Rok, she easily outsmarts her brother. She is a genius who won national writing awards and won first place in the math olympiad three years in a row.

A source from the drama’s production company Huayi Brothers Korea stated, “The drama will offer laughter as well as deep meaning as it tells the story of Han Jung Rok, who goes back 500 years to the Joseon dynasty that had a feudal system. Please look forward to this time-slip drama packed with refreshing content.”

“Joseon Survival,” directed by Jang Yong Woo, is slated to air in June.


source: soompi


@gm4queen Added your fanart to the first post 

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Thank you so much dear @jinkzzmec chingu for adding my edit on the 1st post!! I am sooooo happy! :wub: It looks amazing on the 1st page!


And just thought to recall my 1st time with Kang Ji Hwan! It;s none other than Big Man with my most fav Choi Daniel! I enjoyed every bit of Ji Hwan's acting as an orphan who breaks down the chaebol family of Daniel's!!!


And I personally think JI Hwan can portrait energetic roles very well!! And I haven't seen so many of his dramas as you guys have!! :wub: But only few like Big Man, Feel Good To Die, Children of A lesser God & a bit of Coffee House! I really was glued to Coffee House because Ji Hwan looked so pretty like a dream in it but I don't like short haired girls!!! Hah haaaaaa..... That's a big weakness of mine! :D But Ji Hwan is the selling point of Coffee House, am I right friends???! :) Srry for tagging you again, dear @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 & @phoenix24 chingus!!!!




And I am not a fan of historical dramas! But I will try his new series for sure! :) He's working so hard for it so hope he will receive a lot of love from public!! 


And this is an older post of him!! Kang Ji Hwan’s Fantasy Movie Choices!! :wub: He seems to have a great taste on movies!!





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Muahahaaa..... Just dropping by for adding some juice on our big oppa's thread!! :D :joy: It's said to be one of his movies!! 






3 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:


I read that KJH was learning the guitar years ago so I am not surprised :)

@jinkzzmec I agree that KJH looks different. I guess he looks older especially his face around the eyes area. I think after working in three projects last year he got exhausted. Maybe he should work less.


My dear friend, don't worry about him too much!! He will be back looking hotter than ever! :) :wub:





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