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[tw Drama] The Rose/qiang Wei Zhi Lian

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest Tobemist

It also makes me want to check out It Started with a kiss to see how Joe Cheng acts (well and I feel so pitiful for his character in here. I want him to have a happy role)

^ You'll be surprised. ^^ I watched this drama way before It Started With A Kiss and I was really amazed how he was able to handle the change from Kui, a kid who has all the emotions written on his face, to Zhi Shu who always tries to hide his emotions. I think he did a great job as Zhi Shu, given that his real life character is much more close to Kui's. :D

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really? he loves to eat and is eccentric? I love his character in this drama... (btw is his hair originally that long? or is this a wig?)

I saw a bit of ISWAK when it came out, but wasn't a fan of the manga/story, so I decided to drop it after a couple of episodes. I remember his character's really different from this one... but I didn't pay much attention to him as much as Jiro :P but I'll probably give it another shot since I'm in a twdrama mood and to check out Joe Cheng.

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Guest yoonbumhae

OMG joe cheng really funny in this movie but he was really cool/cold at ISWAK...he is a good actor...

Ella was really funny in this movie because bai he was really innocent

I can't stop laughing when i saw Ella and Joe fighting in this movie

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So I finally finished watching this drama (and soon after ISWAK)

I liked the first half of the drama, but towards the end, it began to drag.

Joe Cheng and Ella had great chemistry. Jerry Huang - I really couldn't stand his acting, so I fast forward a lot of his scenes. It seemed like Joe Cheng had more airtime (or perhaps I just skipped all of Jerry's scenes).

And because I couldn't get enough of Joe Cheng so I checked out ISWAK. Really different type of character. I have to say though, he acts more "naturally" in the rose.... in ISWAK, he overacted a bit in some of the comic scenes, but it was tolerable. I loved how they tied-in "The Rose" to ISWAK. I couldn't stop cracking up in the last episode when they showed Ariel and Joe Cheng acting out as "Kui" and Bai He" and also parodied the MV of one of songs, "Ye Zi" from the rose (the MV also started Selina and Joe Cheng).

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Guest cindel25

Does anyone know where I can purchase this series? Tiger Cinema has it for rent and YA doesn't have it listed.


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Guest barneyashley

Just found this video has so many tender moments of Kui and Bai He . Joe Cheng and Ella has such good chemistry that we all want them to be together . It is an odd and very weird drama but it is so addicted .

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