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Any Good Animes Out There?

Guest j3nn13pho

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Guest j3nn13pho

Animes that your addicted to.
I love Anime especially about love, fantasy, and action. So can you guys recommend any animes that are worthy to take your time to watch

So far I've watched:



Samarai Deeper Kyo(my fav.)

Full Metal Alchemist


Ah my Goddess!

Full Metal Panic

DN Angel



Ruorouni Kenshin

Scrapped Princess

Love Hina


Ouran High School Host Club

Tsubasa Chronicles

Saiunkoku Monogatari (This is really good)

Midori no Hibi

Samarai champloo

Elfen Lied

Kono Minikuku Mo Utsukushii Sekai

Fruit Basket

Angelic Layer

Kaliedo Star

School rumble


One Piece

fuuishi yugi

.......and alot more.

So do you know any animes that once you watch it you'll get addicted to it???

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