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What Anime Do You Watch On Youtube?

Guest SeviE

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Guest madeinktown

nah not really. The quality of the anime being uploaded is really decent. It's clear enough to make out their features, look at street signs and even tell what color eyes they have. The subs are easy to read as well. There are few bad uploads but basically the quality is pretty good. It's not HQ but definitely not low as you claimed.

learn IRC!

takes me maybe 10 mins to download a normal sized episode. it's a little confusing to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy.

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Guest getxinfatuated

Sensual Phrase <33 (very explicit tho ^^)

Can you give me the user name? I can't seem to search for it. Thanks in advance <3

EDIT---Never mind =]

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Guest papasmurf

hentai............haha im jp......um saikano, kiminozo, full metal panic, and other stuff too many to remember but excel saga is also one.......

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Guest kAytiieee

So far on Youtube...I've only watched a few...

-Fruits Basket

-Rurouni Kenshin (only the ones I missed on TV)

-Paradise Kiss

-InuYasha (only the ones without the English dub yet)

-Hana Yori Dango

Hmmm yeah~

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Guest knockblock

...can't believe you guys can actually watch anime on youtube. it would go crazy with the low low low low quality of it.

Speak for yourself. When there is something I'm not sure if I want to watch and want to try a few looks at, I will check what its like on youtube.

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Guest madeinktown

^ even if i'm sampling, i just IRC it. or ddl...i have like 3 different links for ddl. the longest i'll wait is half an hour. if its any longer, i just quit while i'm ahead.

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^ well some people like *cough* me

actually don't want to DL anime b.c

A] they take to much time

B] alot of space


and its always good when you don't have to DL you can just go on youtube and watch and you can watch it over and over again.

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Guest Teimester

i watch

bleach right now on youtube (cause i dont feel like downloading eps 1-100 or something)

and i used to watch naruto on it when i was still in the epi 1-120 but now i just download them.

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Guest simpleandpink

Is fruit basket really good? Might watch it after watching tsubasa chronicles..

Arg, read the manga. Way better IMO

Anime was too short, left out characters, ahhhh >_<

I don't watch a lot of anime on Youtube. I do watch a lot of like korean/japanese movies though. But...anime I've watched

Gakuen Alice

(stopped because I was having problems w/ downloading...and I read the manga....and the kids voices are...whoa)


(stopped...I'm lazy)

I think that's it. I download everything else xD

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Guest mimi1931

i was trying to watch sailor moon from ep1 to the last

but i just got bored of it

and some i had watched when i was little.......who didn't

anyway right now i am watching

Perfect Girl Evolution (Wallflower)

other i just watch on TV

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Guest SUNNYsideUp

Death Note is the only anime that interests me now. I don't have any other anime to watch since I finished Ouran High School. Death note was the only one that captured my interest, the other animes that are popular now are..ehh to me =T

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i've watched ouran high school host club, gauken alice (well, some of it), muteki kanban musume (so freakin funny!), fruits basket, bokura ga ita, tsubasa chronicles (love it!!!), and a lot more! right now im watching yakitate!! japan :sweatingbullets:

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