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190220 Top Media Update: Shinhwa’s Eric Fan meeting in 8 years! Moon Day? Moonday!

Hello, This is the post manager


Do you remember everything?
The holy February 16th.
Eric’s solo fan meeting in 8 years!



Today’s post is
for the Orange princesses
who are re-living the memory of that day!


image image image image


(I especially prepared the high definition photos just for this *claps claps*)




So now
‘2019 Eric’s Moonday’
Shall we see what happened that day?


image image


The prince_Eric_returns.jpg
Sitting on the throne
Showing the prince-charismas




Eric’s beautiful figure makes you breathless




He looks cool also while squatting down to check the attendance




Eric was doing the drama line quiz
Showing the naughty smile when the answer was wrong


image image image image


With his sweet smile,
Eric reads the wish list
(Eric’s fan love is the best)




For the orange princesses who did not get called,
Eric did one more attendance check


image image


Eric _ Music Game _.jpg
Listening to the songs and working hard
Eric pushing forward 




Even a serious game
Can you be so cool? 


image image


With the photos orange princesses provided
Eric is on a memory train
(Feat. soft smile)


image image image


An event prepared by Orange Princesses for Eric ♡
He was surprised first at the slogans!
And then smiles to the cake




0:00 then everything gets silent (tears dripping)
The time flew too quickly




But even after the fan meeting,
There’s still high-touch!
Eric’s look (can’t even)




Bonus photo!
Eric holding his staff card in the waiting room
Eric took a shot of certification




Starting with '2019 Eric’s Moonday’
Eric’s 2019 solo activities begin
Please look forward to it.


Source: Top Media @ Naver
Translation: EricMun.tumblr



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Doing various tasks from the fans' wish-list :)












Showing off his sleeve garter :)







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One thing I like about Eric is that while he treats the people around him well (giving his managers a car and a motobike, or generous with money for wedding gift that people was joking that you should make sure Eric is free that day before you plan your wedding lol)... He does resale his no longer needed stuffs (like selling his old cat carrier) or buying 2nd hand stuffs (the used gaming keyboard).... This gives off the vibe of how responsible he is with his finance as well as being environmentally responsible. 


Not sure which model of his is but electric Evolve Bamboo GT Series is ranging from USD$1450 - $1650









It's so adorable he added the Orange Dolly to his latest video since they'll be releasing Orange Dolly as the official character.  Turn on the caption for English sub





He was on a giving heart mode yesterday.  Liking so many comments... small gesture but it makes people happy.

Just a couple comments from him....  He also thank people who wish his wife, Hyemi, happy birthday (her birthday is today!).


This is too funny!  The gal asked him for a high five and he replied with "no six!"  hahaha so witty and touching at the same time... :wub::wub:






This one is supper funny!


A fan hoped she could get Eric's reply, even if it's ".”

Eric gave her the "." 

The fan replied back with:  “Thanks, I’m very happy".

Then Eric replied: "really?" then gave her a whole bunch more dots "..........."

(translation: jojoyu7)


hahaha He's so witty and sweet!  :wub:

Happiness was just multiplied by that many numbers of dots!! ........................................................ :lol:



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190227 “Present Progressive Legend” Shinhwa Releases The 21st Anniversary Concert Teaser

On February 27th, Shinhwa unveiled the teaser video ’CHAPTER 4’ for their 21st Anniversary concert.




The teaser started with the phrase ’The beginning of of the fourth chapter’. Through the beautiful melody of the piano that plays the snippets their songs Resolver (debut song), Brand New (after leaving SM), Kiss Me Like That (20th Anniversary album) and Like A Star, it takes everyone though the chapters of Shinhwa since their debut till now.

With the concert tittle ‘CHAPTER 4’, Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo story will continue. It is our journey that doesn’t stop. It marks the 21st Anniversary and it also marks a new chapter to be written by Shinhwa.


Known as “living legend” since debut in 1998, Shinhwa has been performing actively without disbandment or any member replacement.


Shinhwa Company said “Through 'Chapter 4’ concert, not only you will be able to see Shinhwa’s history, which is only possible because of Shinhwa, but also the beginning of a new chapter to be written. We hope you can join us for the start of Shinhwa’s new chapter.



Ticket reservation of the “CHAPTER 4” concert to commemorate Shinhwa’s 21st Anniversary will be through Interpark. The pre-sale for fanclub will be opened at 8:00PM on March 5th.  General reservation will be opened at 8:00PM on March 7th.


Source: Xportsnews
Translation: EricMun.tumlbr



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Youtuber Eric really explores all the features there are on YT :lol:


Who knew YT also has Story feature like Instagram.  Though, you can't direct link it or can see it easily like IG Story.

And you must have at least 10,000 subscribers before YT gives you that Stories feature.  I really wish he comes back to Instagram too, that personal account.


So cute to see his 2 babies and he looks great even if bare face.:wub:


190227 Shinhwa’s Eric #aguTV Update: Walking Gomdori & Sogeum


He posted it in aguTV’s Story.  You can watch the original video on his channel. Just head over to the Story tab  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrufTWlMgYEK71hSyJcR5Ng






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190228 TOP Media Update:  Behind The Scene of Eric's photoshoot & VCR for the Birthday Fanmeet


Apparently this black top and blue jean combo is him playing Steeve Jobs for a parody VCR segment

Nerd Eric looks so good though.  Even though they're behind the scene pics, they're just as good for a magazine spread.


He's so good at making a photoshoot pops!








































Source: Top Media





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These 2 are my most favorite.

Look at his face, that tall nose, puppy eyes, nice eyelashes and beautiful hands!





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190302 Official Shinhwa Eric Update: [ERIC’cam] Moonday Fanmeet - VCR Behind the Scene

This is the behind the scene for the VCR at his birthday fanmeet




Source: OfficialMunEric



Eric Jobs or Professor Mun, you pick! :lol:










Hey handsome! :wub:




ribbit… ribbit… ribbit…


Gif credit as tagged + EricMun.tumblr


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190302 Official Shinhwa Eric Update: Eric Shark

Eric shark synchronized behind the scene

#embarrassed #sigh #lookaway #conflict #denial #resignation #approval #socute ttureu ttureureu

t/n: the hashtags, each describes the feeling for each photo

(Baby shark was Andy’s request of Eric. What did you do to your hyung that he wanted to resign? )















Source: OfficialMunEric
Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr



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190302 Official Shinhwa Eric Update: Here Comes The Shark!

Saturday night’s surprise present :heart:
Eric Shark ttureu ttureureu








Source: OfficialMunEric (1, 2)
Translation: eric_munleader for



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190303 Eric at Incheon Airport Heading to San Fransisco for "Will The Locals Eat It?"
























































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I hope they'll have good weather while they're there! :smile:


190304 Shinhwa’s Eric and the Cast of 4 Wheeled Restaurant Spotted in LA

#4 wheeled restaurant #Season3 #USA #LA
#LeeYeon-bok #Eric #HeoKyung-hwan #JungJoon-young #JohnPark
#adapting to jet lag #Taste restaurant #eatstagram #Food
I’ll be back to Korea after doing a good job in USA.










Source: heodak81
Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr


Contradictory to the news reported upon their departure, looks like they’re filming the show in LA instead of San Francisco.  Both Jung Joon-young & John Park posted photos of LA.


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190209 tvN’s “Will The Locals Eat It?” Commissioned Personalized Cleavers for Shinhwa’s Eric, Jung Joon Young and John Park

tvN’s “Will The Locals Eat It?” commissioned Hanyang University Laser Workshop to do a Hanja (Korean name for Chinese characters) engraving on cleavers for Shinhwa’s Eric, Jung Joon Young and John Park.  Chef Lee Yeon Bok and Heo Kyung Hwan probably got theirs in season 2.

Watch the video below  https://serviceapi.nmv.naver.com/flash/convertIframeTag.nhn?vid=07F85A3685B347E84012C2262953FCCA04AD&outKey=V1210f71d0ce677dad38fd6e590f5ef5f626612754f9c1ed2ac40d6e590f5ef5f6266







Mun Jung Hyuk in Hanja






Source: gopluswith
Translation: EricMun.tumblr



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190228 #NosebleedPost [Shinhwa’s Eric] Fantastic in Every Single way! The Moonday Behind the Scenes

Hello there Orange Princesses!
I’m here to post something that will snatch every Orange Princess’ liking ^___^

This was Eric’s solo fan meeting in 9 years
It’s a disappointment that it’s over, so quickly, don’t you think so?

That’s why I, the community manager, brought a bunch of behind-the-scenes footage from the actual fan meeting!
Let’s hurry on!

First, let’s look at the behind the scenes of the VCR shooting set.
It all started with the Steve Jobs Presentation parody!!




Eric practicing the script with his own actions in that photo!
I can see a PRO right from the first picture.
Extremely dandy






Eric is looking at the VCR script..
While we’re here having a look at his build …….
I’m not the only one with heart problem, am I?

Next is the Orange Princess Wishlist version_VCR!








There are many photos, right?
His superior facial structures,
made my camera shutter go nonstop (silly me)




Isn’t it that visual that makes us squeal “cute and handsome” 5 billion times..
I think Orange Princesses have the same mind as me.. shy..




This photo, he’s like a naughty boy, playing pranks




This one, he’s handsome to the max,
Eric took the photo seriously when he needed to!
This moment my heart stopped twice….
I might actually faint after this..




Mischievous or serious whenever he is, he makes us Orange Princesses never to be free of his spell… (haha)

Now the behind the scene of the VCR shooting is over!

Orange Princesses, I’m sure everyone is upset that we couldn’t get to see Shinhwa Broadcast’s Triple Set ㅠ_ㅠ (t/n: the Triple Set consists Etilda, Lady Jang Hee-bin, and the belly dancer)

The Triple Set is to be kept with the Orange Princesses who were present at the fan meeting!
But don’t be too upset. We’ll unleash the behind the scenes of the calendar photoshoot.

#2019 Moonday Calendar Photoshoot Behind the Scenes!
Let’s get started






A Moon is holding a moon.jpg
Why is it so cute for him to wonder if he should tilt the moon or not
Sooo adorable! Why is it too cute?!!! Why!




No socks and crosses his legs as if he’s shy
But his facial expression showed a cool suave good-looking man.




The right and left side of his face are both too handsome……
I sincerely pay my gratitude (sobbing)




The aura around his perfect physique
This doesn’t make sense at all
I am literally crying while covering my mouth…




I want to avoid the sun.jpg
His face is near perfection…..
Now I appoint him, King of VCRs




Holding onto the string of the hoodie, is where you should pay attention… Fantastic




Here is (MOON) taking a selfie with moon!






Finally Eric is showing off his soft charisma, all in the mesmerizing composition of this photo
Everyone, this must be a pictorial… not a behind the scene…. This is unreal

I feel dizziness, suffering by the magnitude of his handsomeness.
I must stop here (dizzy)

Did you enjoy our post today ~~?

We tried to bring Eric’s cuteness and coolness altogether!

This Saturday,
Look forward to the behind the scenes VCR
Which will be available on ERIC’am

Until I see you again,
Our Orange Princesses, have a wonderful day~


Source: TopMedia
Translation: EricMun.tumblr


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190303 Official Shinhwa Eric Update: 2019 Eric’s Moonday to Be Released on VLIVE+

Eric’s exclusive fan meeting [2019 Eric’s Moonday]  FULL PACKAGE
2019 Eric’s Moonday, Eric’s exclusive fan meeting in 9 years!

Let’s meet once again through VLIVE+ (t/n: paid Vlive) with Eric’s sweet and loving fan meeting. Coming soon at the end of March!

Detailed schedule and configuration will be announced later  :heart:



Source: OfficialMunEric
Translation: EricMun.tumblr


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hahaha that cute!  I didn't watch the whole drama but only clips of it.   Their romantic scenes are not too deep since it's a family drama but it still makes you wonder... how does he feels seeing this.... :lol:  Gotta give it to Eric for being open minded respecting her keep going with her career after marriage even if they're financially stable.  Get yourself a husband like Eric. 


I'm sure she'll feel the same  feeling when he goes back to dramaland with a romcom


190306 “Happy Together 4″, Na Hyemi Said Her Husband Eric is Jealous of Her Romantic Scenes with Park Sunghoon



KBS2 “Happy Together 4”, which will air on the 7th, will feature the cast of the weekend drama “My Only One”. Jung Jaesoon, Lim Yejin, Cha Hwayeon, Lee Hyesook, UEE, Na Hyemi, and Park Sunghoon will appear on this broadcast.


During the filming, Na Hyemi said she and her husband Eric always tune in to watch the drama. When there is romantic scene between Na Hyemi and Park Sunghoon (who play a married couple in the drama), Eric shouts “Yi-nom~” (t/n: a Korean expression that is frequently used for scolding a naughty child). Hyemi also said that Eric skips all the romantic scenes when they watched the drama for a second viewing.


On the other hand, Na Hyemi said “Personally, I totally understand all of Eric’s love scenes."  However, when asked if she could watch the scene with him, she replied “In that case, I’d watch separately.

Cho Yoonhee brought a burst of laughter, when she replied “If my husband Lee Dongun shoots a love scene, I’ll shoot a scene that is beyond that level.


Recalling a funny behind the scene story, Na Hyemi said she had a hard time keeping a straight face when she was shooting an emotional scene with Park Sunghoon. When Sunghoon was acting in tears, he had a runny nose that was overflowing to the tip. Na Hyemi kept saying to herself, “It’s crazy if I smile now.

"Happy Together 4” will air on March 7th at 11:10PM.


Source: 10Asia
Translation: EricMun.tumblr


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