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[movie 2007] Zigzag Love 일편단심 양다리

Guest allie_cat

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Guest allie_cat

Jae Hee, Shin Yi, Park Si Yeon, Myung Seung Hoon

일편단심 양다리 (Il-pyun-dan-sim Yang-da-ri) a.k.a. Zigzag Love

Jae Hee, Shin Yi, Park Si Yeon, Myung Seung Hoon

Release Date: Spring 2007 (tentative)


재희 Jae Hee as Han Sung Hyun


신이 Shin Yi as Park Se Young a.k.a. Miss Dictator


박시연 Park Si Yeon as Ra Young


Myung Seung Hoon as Im Kyung Soo




Director: Han Seung Lim 한승림

Production: Parangsae Entertainment

Original Story: Cho So Yeon

Cinematography: Lee Jung Bae

Lighting: Park Hyo Hoon

Recording: Kim Sang Woon

Art: Choi Keun Woo

Synopsis (from http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/):

A 24-year old charming girl, La-young, still believes in love at first sight, although she has a long-term, faithful boy friend Kyung-soo. Sung-hyun is a very attractive man and has been tempted by many girls, but he is tied to his long term scary girl friend Bbak-se, who constantly keeps an eye on him. One day, La-young and Sung-hyun come across each other in a subway. Both of them fall in love at first sight, but still, they do not want to break up with their respective lovers. As their love evolves, all the situations around them get twisted and their lies are getting bigger to both of their lovers.


from the Soompi News Thread

9/13/06 – Jae Hee, Shin Yi, and Park Shi Yun (신이, 박시연) are selected to lead the movie “The Single Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence (일편단심 양다리)”. This romantic-comical movie is based on the popular internet novel bearing the same title. The main male character played by Jae Hee receives loves from two women at the same time. He is the quintessence of a single sitting on both sides of the fence. He is overwhelmed by the happiness and agony from two women’s loves. Finally, he realizes who the woman he really loves is. PSY plays the role La Young (라영). Shin Yi plays the role Bak Sae (빡새) who is a tough woman between JH and PSY’s roles ripping their minds. Currently, both Shin Yi and Park Shi Yun’s movies are scheduled to be debuted on 9/21 and 9/28 respectively. SY’s movie is “Marrying The Mafia 3 (가문의 부활)” and PSY’s movie is “The Fox Family (구미호 가족)”.











1 2 3 4


Jae Hee

20061027012730055721pf8.th.jpg 20061027010400652641pr0.th.jpg

20061129202149761c42026io4.th.jpg 20061129202228760c42028ez1.th.jpg daum025fo5nk8.th.jpg

200701111024256560xa9.th.jpg 20061129184208587951852rl6.th.jpg 20061129155254315801831jr0.th.jpg

20061129184208585951852mo0.th.jpg daum49bw7il1.th.jpg daum28tc2cg5.th.jpg

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Jae Hee and Park Si Yeon


20061116132039274a31320cu4.th.jpg 20061129162339809941626mq7.th.jpg never020dl7zs8.th.jpg


Jae Hee and Shin Yi


152006102727799641lj1.th.jpg daum25fa9dv5.th.jpg daum22tx3zg1.th.jpg


1 2


at a press conference


1 2 3


Behind the scenes


20061128201509868b02015up8.th.jpg 20061027011451829431qc2.th.jpg

20061027012205001311wj1.th.jpg 152006102727799688sq0.th.jpg 20061027103551794101ro7.th.jpg

152006102727799693jc8.th.jpg 20061027103523751462im6.th.jpg 20061027103523751461bi6.th.jpg

20061027010213617951fj7.th.jpg 20061027005520499341qk2.th.jpg 20061027005653512061hx2.th.jpg

80639265fg6.th.jpg 20061129154512617e71555qy0.th.jpg 20061129154609583941548sc9.th.jpg

daum24ww1ut1.th.jpg daum27tv6dr7.th.jpg


More pictures here...

Credit: all pictures from Yahoo Korea



Download: Behind the scene clip – photoshoot for poster

Credit: jaehee.idv.tw

Screencaps: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Download: Behind the scene clip

Credit: jaehee.idv.tw

Screencaps: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Download: Jaehee and shin yi as presentors during the 5th korea film awards held Nov. 19, 2006

On youtube:


Download: Jae Hee, Shin Yi and Park Shi Yeon in Mnet KM Music Festival held last November 25, 2006

On youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdd8EB5Uwy8



Download: Behind the scene clip

Credit: leehyunkyun.com

Screencaps: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Download: Zig Zag Love on Arirang January 12, 2007

Credit: rebby http://clubbox.co.kr/trebby


Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

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Guest allie_cat

waves back to babymarzy!!!

From leehyunkyun.com






Notice how jae hee goes unnoticed… those people in the background don’t fully understand how lucky they are to be within a few meters radius of jae hee!


Ooohhh… how I’d love to be dragged by jae hee in the pouring rain!

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Guest incarnadine

Thanks for putting up this thread, allie_cat :)

Jae Hee looks so stylish and funky in those latest pics, as always. Isn't he shooting something in those pics? Perhaps that is why there are not a lot of people flocking to him, plus I see some crew members in the background. ^_^

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Guest allie_cat

hi incarnadine! yes it seems that he is filming in those pics. People are just walking past him though, there isn't a mob to control :lol: , which i doubt would be the case had it been another more popular korean actor. Not sourgraping though, just noticing :D

hey rebby, thanks for reposting those screencaps! i hope you didn't mind, i uploaded arirang's feature on zigzag love which you made on megaupload and posted the link here without asking you first :)

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wow alliecat...this is really a 100% effort you have been showing huh...this is a lot of hardwork and let me just say thank you for the dedication and the consistency you have shown for our dear jae hee. tomorrow is the big day so lets cross our fingers this movie will make good at the ticket sales. aja aja!!!!

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Guest angel2nyt

is Shin Yi also acting in [what happened in Bali]? she look a bit familiar......any advice?

yes..she was ha ji won's bestfriend in whib

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