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Guest HollyBeth

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Guest HollyBeth

Hey there. I am sorry about posting a new topic, but I need some help. If there is any girl out there who can help me get an item from Canada. Please help me. I need to know if there is any shops there that sells Wonderbras?? I went to Canada last year and I bought two bras from Wonderbra and I need some more of them. I tried googling all night long, but no sucess. Please help me. Please PM me to tell me where to go. I need a specific style type and need some help. I tried going to Zeller's page because I have an HBC rewards card and I do need the points. I live in Ohio by the way. If you are able to help me I will be willing to give you a reward. I just need some help on where to go to buy them.. Please help this shopper... Please...

Thanks for the help...

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