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[help] Internet Problem


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My internet at home will NOT work. Well, it kind of does but it kind of doesn't. There's an ip address and everything, I've went into the command prompt and typed in "ipconfg" and all sorts of things. The adapters or w/e are installed and everything. I can't go into any websits and sign into MSN or use any P2P programs either.

I've also tried the "ping" in the command prompt and I get a reply from various websites I've tried. The dude that came in to install it had the same problem with another computer and they were missing drives, but my computer shouldn't be missing any drives. I can't find the drive CD anyways.

I've also used different web browsers, well, only a few but they should have worked. I've used the simple Internet Explorer and Avant Browser and then I got Firefox, but nothing worked. Also like I said before, my MSN doesn't even work. It sees that there's an IP address and stuff but when it got to checking the "Key Ports" there was a problem.

Ai-ya...I hate my computer. <_<...I was thinking of just BUYING a new one, but, we don't money to spend ATM.

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Guest thachhao

I highly doubt it's your computer. Did you contact with your ISP about this problem?

Edit: Actually, I pretty much know what they'll ask you to do.

1) First, try disconnecting all wires from your modem. Turn off your computer too.

2) Wait a minute or two.

3) Connect them back in. Be sure you know what goes into what. (Ex: Wall -> WAN)

4) "ipconfig /renew"

THEN call them if nothing works.

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I did that. I tried everything. T_T...

Well the dude said that "they couldn't do anything anymore" and that they did "their best". <_<...I called the HP support number but I don't wanna pay for help. I thought you kids could help me for free. xP...-__-"...

But yeah...I tried disconnecting stuff.

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instead of leaving everything on automatic, force your computer to use the ip address that your router would assign to you. Also manually set the correct gateway according to what your router uses ( for linksys routers as an example). Submask is almost always gonna be Leave your DNS settings on automatic and see if it works. I've seen this problem before on several computers and they were all caused by a computer using an incorrect gateway when set to automatic (using instead of which was the ip for the router we were using).

Assuming that fixes the problem, change everything back to automatic and your computer SHOULD retain the correct gateway address. Also I recommend you right-click Local Area Network then click "repair" each time you change your settings to make sure your router and computer are updated correctly.

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