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The Sweetest Thing


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Guest amaxing_grace

하늘이 아름다운 이유는 별이 있기 때문이고

땅이 아름다운 이유는 꽃이 있기 때문이고

내 인생이 아름다운 이유는 당신이 있기 때문입니다.

my bf said that to me ^ ^

awwwwwwww~~ =DD

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Guest ms_perfectionist

my ex bf said this to me before..well its not exactly all that sweet considering the situation we were in when it was said "i just get hurt often because u have to understand its coming from my best friend, only friend and my girlfriend, even if its little things. so i guess it actually hurts three times over.." when i think about it now its really sweet in a kind of sad way

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Guest empty soul

well he didnt say this to me, but sent it through sms and we were kinda arguing... "close together or far apart, you'll always b in my heart!" it was soo sweet..

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Guest Queenie<3

Him: Are we still going on a date?

Me: Yes, where will you take me?

Him: To cloud nine<3

haha that made me smile.

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Guest udkme.

him: "i always sing when i'm talking to you."

me: "why's that?"

him: "i dk, maybe it's like in 50 first dates, when she sings b/c she's happy."

then again, it was a joke. but still, nice for the moment. =)

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The ever sweet words that he said to me was "im scared that i will fall for you" and it was on the new years day itself. And the other one that i could remember was "where were you, i realized i couldnt do without you" and i was juz went to the toilet for awhile a that time.

Altho it wasn anything sweet at all, but it was so special to me

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I know this doesn't sound much...but to me it somehow meant the world because it was all from him.

"I hope you have sweet dreams."

"I'm the special one."

"You have a pretty name."

And then once we had a dispute, and I was slumped against the wall during gym with my hands against my mouth. He comes over and sits next to me.

Him: "Yo...you need to smile more. Come on."

Me: "I can't...I got a lot of problems."

Him: "What kind of problems?"

Me: "Problems dealing with YOU!!!!"

Him: "Aw, man...I'm really sorry."

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Guest xxkissesssxx

he said this yesterday and i thought it was too sweet :)

"True love gives you paranoia, I always looked at jealous boyfriends in protest, I thought it was wrong to be afraid of everything and anything that could happen in a relationship. Until I found someone that really mattered to me. "

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Guest pomeyy.

He said, "I love your artistic talent. I love everything about you. I think we're a perfect match. I love you."

Me? "No."

I'm sorry I'm so mean. ;___;

That's all I remember at the moment.

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Guest LostBrokenGrl

One of my guy friend this to me, which made me laugh. but it was sweet.

Him: 'I'm scared of you'

Me: 'Why?'

Him: 'Cause I`m scared of pretty girls, and you're a pretty girl'

Me: 'Haha, I`m not pretty.'

Him: 'Yes you are'

next day at school; he hides his face from me. haha

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Guest des_ire

My opppa & me text alot and you know how korean guys.. they don't express their feelings straight forward. So, out of all the things he said, I would say these two are the most sweet.. I always miss him so much, that's why :blush:

1. Don't forget.. I'm missing you more then you are missing me.. it will be like this forever..

2.me:I miss my Mr.

oppa: I miss my.. heart..(<-- OMG that one just made me get all :tears: but I was :) the whole day after haha.)

I think the second text made me realize the depth of his feelings so I was :D:D

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Guest babybuggyY2K

"your eyes are beautiful"

he said it when looking straight into my eyes and it was unexpected .

cause he's always arguing with me and critisizing me . and when he looked at me that day i FEEL he was gonna say something hurtful again but he said "your eyes are beautiful"


oh oh! and this one time we went out to shoreroad as a class to pick flowers to learn to preserve them for science class . the whole class was walking way ahead . and he picked a little flower and gave it to me . i still have that flower now even though it was half a year ago already .

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