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Your Current Ringtone Is....

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I am currently using 3 ^^

one for my close friends, one for my family and one for general friends :sweatingbullets:

I love personalising my hp! haha

balloons : DBSK

You're my miracle: DBSK

Black glasses [chorus] : ERU

Sometimes i interchange them with ERU's white snow [chorus]

[i love this song! =)]

or DBSK "O" extended version ,

either the dance intro or the chorus part =)

I also use Rain's music sometimes ^^

currently, I have these 3 artists songs in my hp :sweatingbullets:

For those who are wondering how come i add in 'chorus' part,

that's because I cut the song and use only certain parts as ringtones :sweatingbullets:

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Guest sweet_hunny

Well I'm right now using Se7en's LaLaLa.

Past ringtones

-Se7en's Goong S ringtone (:lol: it's adorable)

- CSJH's "My Everything"

- BigBang's "Dirty Cash"

- BigBang's "Forever with you"

and that's about it plus my voicemail and msgs are BoA's "Girls on Top" :P

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currently, it's shinhwa - time machine & van morrison - dancing in the moonlight (this is only for one person).

but i'm planning to change the shinhwa one o_x.. maybe to epik high or something.

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Guest flipchk23

my ringtones right now is

bi -i do

bi- i'm coming


dbsk- 'O'


dbsk-Get Me some

Full House OST- i think i

and there's a couple more but i forgot hehe

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Guest 1missbebe

mines a 'One Fine Day' instrumental melody thing from the drama ^^ very nice sounding~~

i dunno if this is the right place to ask and since the subject is about cellphone ringtones i thought i'd try asking here :3

i was watching Goong S and i really want the girls ringtone @_@ anyone have it or know where to get it? or know what its called? i dont have to dl ringtones, i can use the actually mp3 and put it on my phone as a ringtone =P i'd use this one that i cut from the drama but...you can hear other sounds and its cut off short @_@

hopefully someone has it O:! cuz i REALLY really want it @_____@


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my current one is EpiK High - Fly ^^

Hey, I have the same ring tone.

I had it for over 6 months now.

I should get a new ring tone one of these days. :x

Where do you get korean ringtones?! o.o

I use the actual song as the ring tone.

Just transfer the song to your phone and set it as your ring tone.

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