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Looking For A Manga~

Guest miyaviyo

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Guest miyaviyo

Hi! Ages ago i read a manga in a shojo magazine...it was so long ago and I can't remember the title...

it's about girl who lives in an apartment with another girl and they seem to have problems with bills. So one girl went out to look for a room mate [?] and she saw a cute wolf transformed into a cute guy, the guy saw her so she freaked out and ran and when she got home the cute wolf guy was their new room mate.

Does anyone know the title of this manga? i really want to read it. Was that [w.o.l.f.] or something...sorry i really can't remember. >_<

thanks for any help!


I found the last page of the comic book, the title was F.O.X ... I'm so stupid, sorry. >_< XD XD

Anyone knows about this manga?

If it helps, I read it in 'Comic Fans' magazine...click to see the front page.


I found it! Anyone knows about this manga and a scanlation site?



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Guest Max_4_lyfe

ahh FOX

I have it up to volume 2 ch 2 in english. They people scanlating it suddenly stopped scanlating this though... i dunno if it was dropped or just on hold :/

but the raws are floating around ^_^

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