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Request__ Just Another Witch


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Ok, my first time requesting @ the artwork thread, therefore, i might forget to put some things, feel free to ask here, i'll PM you [:

Title: Just Another Witch

Author: STAR_x.

Mood: mysterious? witchy? LOL

Color: whatever you want (:

Color avoid: I don't care ^^;;


Bae Seul Gi - 02 03 04 05 06 07

shoot me. im not good at choosing pictures >___>;; if you have your own, please feel free to use it! <3

thanks in advance ^___^;;

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Guest Hae_Jin


You're so sneaky!

I can't wait to see what your posters look like.

And I especially can't wait to read your fic.

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Guest xxsarahhoangerz

I will whip something up later maybe if i can make it nice. ^___^;


Gosh, i tried. If its too much for you, don't use it. >__<; I was in my dark mood -_-; But hey, if you want one with a bright color (light blue) PM me because i made one before with the wrong instructions.

Good luck on your fanfic btw, <3

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i gave it a tryy. . . i know it looks crappyy. i haven`t PS in months! kekee XD

theres two versions. . . i didn`t add the quote because i would have made it look messy lol.





have a nicee dayy =]

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aww, thanks LEFTOVER and meishsh0rt<33333!!

those are some really pretty posters ((((:

LEFTOVER; i like how yours has swirls thingy ( lol, i suck at PS vocab XD ] i like how on the side, its blackish <3 haha THANKS SO MUCH!

meishsh0rt; i love your textures! and the font you used for the title is so nice! [: hehe, THANKS LOADSS :D

anymore posters are welcomeeee!! ^^

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