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Dbsk Making Cookies!

Guest xOxsmilexOx

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Guest ichigo_no_powder

those pictures look so natural, as if they're fully concentrated in making the cookies. so cute >< plus the cookies if it really was made by them, doesn't look bad.

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Guest se7ensg1rl

wayyyyy too cute~~~~

xiah looks like he's about to burst out in laughter~~


haha and i just notice micky's like "Yeah, now what?~" and jj's looks like he's about to say "So the reason why these cookies came out the way they did was ... CHANGMIN'S FAULT!"

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Guest luckykat

wow all of them work so hard. hero looks like he is most concentrated tho. i guess that's why he is a good mother in dbsk :P . dang i want a BIG cookie now. it'll be nice if i can just take it out of the screen...

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Guest xdaisiesx3

They look so cute! I want to taste those cookies, they look so good!

Junsu looks SO into the whole thing, lols. & Jaejoongie looks so cute!

Micky looks really manly in that haircut! I think I'm the only one who likes his haircut :P

Anyways, thanks a lot for these big, HQ pictures! They're adorable!<33 :]

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Guest Salavoon

I got distracted by Micky's hairdo LOL!! It's like everytime I see him he has a new one...So CUTE!!

I want some of their cookies :blush:

And the pixs are really good and huge! Thanks for sharing!

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