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Guest inaho

La Cordo D'oro

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Guest carriesa

Wow it's a nice thing Kiniro Corda has a special thread in Soompi! Yay! ^^

I have watched the anime (twice!) and played the games. The games are in PS2 and PSP formats,

and all in Japanese language (NTSC/Japan). I had to buy PS2 just to play them... I only had Nintendo Wii before! ><

But I have no regrets! NO WAY... The games are sooooooooooooooooo goooooooood... T.T

Better than the anime, I think? ^^; The pictures are beautiful, the scenes are fantastic!

And the never-ending and never-boring storylines??? JUST WOW... ><

Even though the games are in Japanese and I can't understand a single thing... I spent hours playing! T.T

Just browsing through everything, meeting all the characters and watching how their relationships develop is enough fun!

I recommend these games for all of you who love the anime and the manga... YOU JUST HAVE TO BUY THEM!

And for all of you who like RPG (Role Playing Game) + Adventure........ TRY IT! ^^ Be a master violinist!

In the game you can be a HINO KAHOKO yourself... And try to get the guy you want... 6 guys to choose from! ^^


you can even pursue the 33 y.o. music teacher KANAZAWA HIROTO and the OB/OG 25 y.o. teacher SHINOBU OUSAKI! ^^

You can also be best friends with the funny reporter NAMIE AMOU (20) and the cutie SHOUKO FUUYUMI (19)~*

And for those of you who doesn't already know... HINO is 20 y.o... Seisho Gakuen is a Music College, not a high school... ><

The games are already into the 3rd season... Anime is already on to the 2nd season this year ^^... Can't wait!

In the first game (released by KOEI Japan), you will experience being in the CONCOURSE (like the 1st season anime).

You have to meet Lili, the MUSIC FATA, and guide your character (she wasn't named before, so you have to name her)

through the game and do a lot of things at once. ^^;; This is the most difficult part!!!!

You have to find the MUSIC FATA'S (Lili's friends) through out the school grounds.

Each FATA will increase your levels and give you sheets of music to play for the concourse... ^^

You have to practice based on the music sheets... The more you practice, the more you can master the song!

And through out practicing, you have to meet the characters and be friends... or enemies! with them! ^^ Haha...

Each FATA is color-coded (so does the music sheets) so you have to be careful in choosing which FATAs you want.

Because each character in the story demands different color-coded music for each 4-selections of CONCOURSE.

For example, if you want HIHARA... You have to play HIS choice of song, which is GAVOTTE in B-flat (red) for the 1st SELECTION.

For 2nd, 3rd and Final SELECTION he might want other color-coded songs (you have to ask him ^^ or dream about him!).

If you get close enough to one of them (play music or practice near your guy all the time) you will dream about him! ^^;

In the dream he will tell you which songs he wants you to play for the next selection, and also his choice of dress!

Yes... you can collect points from your fave guy or regular students by playing music near them.

The more you play or practice, the more points you will have. You can exchange those points to get items from Lili~

Lili sells a lot of stuffs, including magic items that can help you increase your levels or dresses for your man. ^^ Haha...

I have tried and won 5 guys' hearts : LEN, RYOTARO, HIHARA, YUNOKI, and OUSAKI~ ^^;;

What's amazing about the game is the STORY LINE. ^^ Each time you play, it's a different story.

No matter how many times you play, you will never get the same story line twice, not even with the same man!

The game contains thousands of story lines, and you can never guess which one you will get next! ><

Imagine if like me, you try 5 times with 5 different men... >< Yay!

Each character is unique. Some are easy to pursue and some are very hard to pursue! T.T

Like HIHARA... He likes HINO from the first time he saw her, so it's very easy to get HIHARA's heart.

YUNOKI is HIHARA's best friend, they always go everywhere together ^^... You can find one by finding the other!

YUNOKI is harder to get and sometimes he can get mad at HINO for no reasons at all~ ><

And then you can't play music near him for the whole day! AISH~

LEN is very hard to get, and he fights with all the other characters, especially RYOTARO.

So you can't be friends with both of them at the same time!! ><

Each character brings a different ENDING to the game. You have to score 1000 HEART POINTS for the guy you like.

If by the end of FINAL SELECTION CONCOURSE you can't get the 1000 HEART POINTS, you lose (game over).

If you lose, some guys will leave you (LEN will... >.>) and some will encourage you to TRY AGAIN (Hihara, of course! ^^).

BUT if you win and get the guy you like, HE WILL RUN TO YOU AND CONFESS HIS LOVE TO YOU in the school roof! T.T

It's so ROMANTIC! >< It's a game + adventure + love story in ONE!

Each character has a different way of confessing his love... LEN and YUNOKI are by far the most romantic ones.

LEN will bring you to the music room and play music for you. YUNOKI will bring you to the green field and read you poems.

So in the game, with 7 characters (Len, Ryotaro, Hihara, Yunoki, Shimizu, Ousaki, Kanazawa) plus Namie and Fuuyumi,

you can have 9 different endings, game-overs not included. It can be 999999 endings in all, I don't know... ^^

That's why I said the game is a NEVER ending and NEVER boring game, I can play it FOREVER! ^^

Plus, now they released the 2nd season game (KINIRO CORDA 2 ~ENCORE~)...

There are 2 games in this season... the ~ENCORE~ and ~ANCHOR~... 2 CDs. ^^


Imagine thousands of storylines waiting for you to develop!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

I'm already playing the 2nd CD now... >< And I have won LEN + RYOTARO + SHIMIZU + AOI~~~~~~~~

As suspected, each guy (AGAIN!) brings different difficulties and demands...

But because it's the 2nd season, they're all friends with each other now and know each other well from the CONCOURSE.

In the new season you will be introduced to 2 new guys : AOI KAJI and AKIHIKO KIRA.

AOI is a new student, classmate to HINO KAHOKO ^^. He is a violinist (his violin teacher is OUSAKI),

but like OUSAKI, he can also play the VIOLA (different musical instrument).

He likes HINO since he saw her in season 1 (but not included in the 1st season game or anime >.<),

and he pursued her by transferring himself to SEISHO GAKUEN and enterring the GENERAL EDUCATION department

instead of the MUSIC department (much to the dismay of the music teacher KANAZAWA ^^::).

KANAZAWA has been asking HINO and RYOTARO to join the MUSIC department but they both declined.

AKIHIKO KIRA is the son of the college commisionaires and he now pays for the school fund.

Something happened in the past between him and the teacher KANAZAWA, during the CONCOURSE.

Even though they're both still friends, KIRA is cruel towards KANAZAWA and his students, and he hates music.

So he wants to close down SEISHO GAKUEN. The music department decides to fight, by holding a fund-raising concert.

The concert is going to be held on Christmas Eve (Dec 24) and all the students have to participate.

KIRA challenges by promising to keep the school open if the concert is successfull.

So HINO and friends have to work extra hard for the concert. They have to perform as GROUPS.

The groups (or ENSEMBLE) consists of 3 persons or more. You can choose any music students to play with you,

including the guys (LEN, RYO, AOI, etc) and the girl (FUUYUMI). ^^

Some need persuading (LEN is of course the most difficult and HIHARA is the easiest) to join your ENSEMBLE.

Each ENSEMBLE will perform 3 times before heading for the CHRISTMAS CONCERT.

During your practices, again you have to pursue the guy you like best. ^^

You have to know the color-coded music sheets he likes and the dresses he wants you to wear to the concert.

At the 3rd ENSEMBLE CONCERT, HINO celebrates her 20th birthday. ^^

The guy you choose will come to her and give her flowers (or corsage) and ask her to dance with him... *^^*

And after the CHRISTMAS CONCERT, you will get a LOVE CONFESSION from him! ^^ ROMANTIC ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!!

Again, KOEI excels in making the game NEVER ENDING and NEVER BORING.

Each guy gives you endless storylines (one guy can give you 20-30 storylines) and different endings.

Each guy's ending will be a MUSIC VIDEO (MV) of all the characters and the storyline you made.

Each character's SEIYUU (voice-over) will sing for the MV... ~T.T~

The 2nd season game is better than the 1st one because it was released after the anime got so much popularity.

The pictures are gorgeous, the movements are so much better, the music are different and more outstanding,

and you can even choose Christmas songs for the Christmas Concert! ^^

Lili still has his store open for you to buy magic items or dresses with the points you collected... ^^;;

And in the new game, you can go on DATE with the guy you like (or has affairs with other guys as well behind his back!).

You can also practice your music together (with your date or your group) and increase each other's levels...

In the end, only the guy who has your heart will sweep you off your feet in a heart-warming love confessions! ><

Sorry if I can't stop talking... Because I'm so in love with this game! ><

Here are some pictures, sorry I can't do the thumbnail things so bear with me! ^^

I scanned these from the GAME CDs (PS2). All copyrights go to KOEI JAPAN... Have fun!


Some wallpapers I made ^^ !!!!












Kin'iro no Corda

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


(Kin'iro no Koruda)

Demographic : Shōjo

Genre : Romance, Music

Game : Developer Koei / Publisher Koei

Genre : Role-playing game, Life simulation game, Visual novel

Rating : CERO:A (All Ages)

Platform : PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable

Released PlayStation 2: March 18, 2004 / PlayStation Portable: November 16, 2005

Game: Kin'iro no Corda 2

Developer Koei / Publisher Koei

Genre : Role-playing game, Life simulation game, Visual novel

Rating : CERO: A (All Ages)

Platform : PlayStation 2

Released : March 15, 2007

Manga : Kin'iro no Corda

Author : Yuki Kure

Publisher : Hakusensha / VIZ / Serialized in LaLa

Original Run : 5 March 2004 – On going

Volumes : 9

TV anime: Kin'iro no Corda ~primo passo~

Director : Reiko Yoshida

Studio : Yumeta Company

Network : TV Aichi

Other networks: TV Hokkaido, TV Osaka, TV Setouchi, TV Tokyo, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

Original Run : 1 October 2006 – 25 March 2007 - Episodes 26 (25 + 1 special)


Kin'iro no Corda (金色のコルダ, Kin'iro no Koruda?), is a role-playing game from Koei's Neoromance series. The title is also sometimes written La Corda d'oro, Italian for The Golden String.

The story has been adapted into a shōjo manga series by Yuki Kure serialized in the Japanese shōjo manga magazine LaLa. Currently, eight volumes have been released in Japan with more on the way. The manga series has also been licenced by Viz Media and released its first volume on October 3, 2006. Chuang Yi english manga has also recently licensed the manga series in Singapore.

An anime series based on this manga called Kiniro no Corda ~primo passo~ aired its first episode on October 1, 2006.

Plot Summary

Hino Kahoko is a second year student at a Seisou Academy, a school where the students are divided into two groups: those who wear the gray uniforms, the General Education students, and those who wear the cream colored blazers, who have chosen a musical instrument as their course of study. One day, after assisting her teachers with an errand, Kahoko discovers Lili, the mischievous musical fairy who had blessed the original founder of the school. Delighted that she is one of that he is visible to, Lili grants Kahoko a magical violin, and a place in the school's annual musical competition, which many students in the music department wish to partake in.

Kahoko refuses, only to be pressed on by the fairy, who constantly nags her until she finally gives way to his pleads. She reluctantly accepts the instrument.

As she practices her pieces, Kahoko is amazed that she can play any piece on the violin as long as she knows the tune.


Character histories

Kahoko Hino (日野 香穂子, Hino Kahoko)

Voiced by: Reiko Takagi

Violin by: Yuuki Nakajima

The protagonist. Kahoko has a slim figure, with scarlet hair and brown eyes. She is a second year at Seisou Academy and is a General Education department. Hino never played or touched a violin in her life until she meets the strange fairy, Lili. Though at first reluctant about playing the violin, she soon becomes more in depth with her music. She is a polite and considerate girl who puts other's feelings before her own, though at times she can appear rather naive, especially in music. The boys involved in the concours have obvious crushes on her. She lives in an apartment with her mother and older sister.

Lili (リリ, Riri)

Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi

The fairy that lives on the campus of Seisou and is the one who gives Kahoko the magical violin. Lili is the same fairy that promised the creator of the Academy that he will bless the school with music. He flys around the school waiting for people to notice him, and if they respond, he blesses them with a "magical" musical talent or whim.

Len Tsukimori (月森 蓮, Tsukimori Len)

Voiced by: Kishou Taniyama

Violin by: Kouichirou Muroya

A surly, blue-haired, violin player who normally behaves contemptuously toward everyone. He was a child prodigy, coming from a family of musicians. His mother, Misa Hamai, is a very famous pianist and his father is a well-known violinist. Because of this, many people take his brilliance for granted. He seems very cold towards those that he comes into contact with, even his admirers, to whom he rarely pays heed.

Before he met Hino he didn't think that music was enjoyable, though after spending time with her, he began to slowly enjoy music and his music change because of her. He slowly warms up towards Hino and even gives her advice on how to hold and stand properly with the violin. People think that he acts harshly towards Hino, but deep down in his heart he is really concerned about her (though he may not show it). As the series progresses, he realizes his feelings for her. He's slowly affected by Hino and his mother says that he has changed his character and his mother knows that Hino is the one that affected him or changed his personality

Ryoutarou Tsuchiura (土浦 梁太郎, Tsuchiura Ryōtarō)

Voiced by: Kentarou Itou and Ayumi Tsunematsu (young Tsuchiura)

Piano by: Masaru Okada

Another second year General Education department student, and Hino's friend. He and Kahoko met after he ran into her, nearly knocking her down a staircase, saving her in the nicht of time. Their friendship eventually grows, and she even confesses she knew nothing of violin playing. He is a very gifted pianist but quit playing in public because of an unpleasant experience at a junior concert. Ryotaro is the star of the soccer team, being very skilled at the sport (and even outdoing some third years). After he helped Kahoko in the first round of the concours by being her accompanist, he, as well, joined the concours. He is at odds with Len Tsukimori, as they often argue. His feelings for Hino gradually deepens as the series progresses.

Kazuki Hihara (火原 和樹, Hihara Kazuki)

Voiced by: Masakazu Morita

Trumpet by: Kazuki Abe

Hihara is an energetic third year at Seisou who plays the trumpet. He is tall and in shape (he runs every morning), and has green hair and eyes. He's aggressively friendly and outgoing and has little sense of social boundary. Hihara has an enormous appetite, as he is constantly eating (especially baked goods). He quickly befriends Kahoko. In the middle of the series, he starts to call Kahoko "Kaho-chan", instead of the usual "Hino-chan", this suggesting he has a rather obvious crush on the girl.

Azuma Yunoki (柚木 梓馬, Yunoki Azuma)

Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio

Flute by: Shin Endou

A student in his third year, he appears to be a very considerate and kind, this helps to hide a meaner and more intimidating man. He is tall and slim, his hair a deep purple and longer than that of the female characters. He comes from a family of flower arranging. He also used to play the piano, but due to the law that the youngest son cannot be better that his brothers, he turned to the flute. The charming and considerate flautist "prince" of the harem, he has a worshipful trio of fans that hate any girl he shows any attention to, Kahoko in particular. He has strong feelings for Kahoko.

Keiichi Shimizu (志水 桂一, Shimizu Keiichi)

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama

Cello by: Tomoki Tai

A blond 'bishounen' and also is the youngest male competitor, he plays the cello. He is very drowsy all the time and often seems confused. Shimizu can sleep anywhere, anytime, so Kahoko first meets him lying on the ground fast asleep. His life seems to revolve around music (he tells Hino that he sleeps, wakes up, plays the cello, then repeats the process, other than eating and visiting the library), and he loves to play his instrument. He enjoys reading and studying music history and structures of instruments. In time, he becomes interested in Hino because of her carefree music.

Shouko Fuyuumi (冬海 笙子, Fuyuumi Shōko)

Voiced by: Akemi Satou

Clarinet by Tomoko Nishizaki

The other female competitor from the school, she plays the clarinet. Fuyuumi is a first year at Seisou, a small, slim girl with cyan hair and eyes. She is very hesitant and easily intimidated. During the training camp, her vacation house was used, indicating she comes from a wealthy family. She looks up to Kahoko as a role model and wants to be like her.

Nami Amou (天羽 菜美, Amou Nami)

Voiced by: Yuki Masuda

A brunette female general education student in her second year. She is from the press club and is set to report on the contest. Most often she does crazy things just to get the "juiciest" articles. She befriends Kahoko and Fuyuumi.

Hiroto Kanazawa (金澤 紘人, Kanazawa Hiroto)

Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa

Tenor Vocal by: Naoki Tokorodani

The lazy music teacher with greyish-lavender hair who is the head of the competition. He is always seen smoking, and sometimes when outdoors he is seen feeding his cat. He seems to know about Lili, but claims that he cannot see him. In the anime, his talent is singing.

Shinobu Ousaki (王崎 信武, Ōsaki Shinobu)

Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi

Violin by: Kouichirou Muroya; Viola by: Yuri Matsumoto

He is a Seisou graduate, with reddish-orange hair and who is also in his 3rd year in a university currently and as a support teacher for the orchestral club. In the past when he was still in high school, he won first place in the competition. His reason for playing the violin is to make listeners happy. He has a gentle heart, and he was the one who cheered up Kahoko after she started questioning her abilities of relying on the magical violin compared to the music department's students hard work in episode 12. He also enjoys teaching young children to play the violin, and has even gotten some of the concour participants to help him with it.

Aoi Kaji (加地 葵, Kaji Aoi)

Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

Aoi, who's a blond, is one of the new characters who appears in the 2nd La Corda game. He's a student in the Regular Department, who transfers into the heroine's class, he previously played the violin but dropped it and now plays the viola. He first meets the heroine (Kahoko) on the streets of town when he first hears her playing her violin and is now her number one fan.

Akihiko Kira (吉羅 暁彦, Kira Akihiko)

Voiced by: Yuuya Uchida

Akihiko, who has black hair and currently 31 years old, is the other new character who appears in the 2nd La Corda game. He doesn't remember people's faces well at all, so even if someone had met him before, he won't remember them. He's the son of the family that founded Seiso Academy and the most recent and youngest director in the history of the school. In the 2nd La Corda game, it is revealed that Kanazawa was his senior when both of them are still in school. It appears that Kira has some obscure relationship with the Fata, Lili.


Anime Music :

Opening - "Brand New Breeze" by Kanon

Ending - "Crescendo" by Stella Quintet

Music Played On The First Selection

- Hino : Frédéric Chopin – La Chanson de l'adieu (from Étude No.3 (Opus 10-3).

- Tsukimori: Wieniawski - Polonaise Brilliante No. 1 Op.4, Vitali's "Chaconne"

- Hihara: Josef Franz Wagner – Unter dem Doppel Adler.

- Shimizu: Luigi Boccherini – Cello Concerto No.9 in B Flat Major (G.482).

- Yunoki: Edvard Hagerup Grieg – Morgenstemning.

- Fuyuumi : Johann Baptist Joseph Maximilian Reger – Romance in G Major.

Music Played On The Second Selection

- Hino: Johann Pachelbel – Kanon und Gigue in D-Dur

- Tsukimori: Pablo Martín Melitón de Sarasate y Navascués – Playera y zapateado

- Hihara: Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Auf Flügeln des Gesanges

- Shimizu: Charles Camille Saint-Saëns – Le Cygne

- Yunoki: Jules Massenet – Thaïs

- Tsuchiura: Frédéric Chopin – Fantasie-Impromptu

- Fuyuumi: Charles Camille Saint-Saëns – Romance

Music Played On The Third Selection

- Hino: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Mélodie.

- Tsukimori: Maurice Ravel - Tzigane.

- Hihara: Franz Schubert - Serenade.

- Shimizu: Gabriel Fauré - Sicilienne.

- Yunoki: Johann Sebastian Bach - Partita in A Minor.

- Tsuchiura: Frédéric Chopin - Revolutionary.

- Fuyuumi: Robert Schumann - Three Romances No.2.

Music Played On The Final Selection

- Hino: Franz Schubert - Ave Maria

- Tsukimori: Niccolò Paganini - Caprice No.24.

- Hihara: Gustav Holst - Jupiter from The Planets.

- Shimizu: Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude from Suites for Solo Cello No.1.

- Yunoki: Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninov - Vocalise.

- Tsuchiura: Franz Liszt - La Campanella

- Fuyuumi: Polish Folk Song - Clarinet Polka.

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Guest c_yen

I love this anime~

Len is ssssoooo cool!

He is like the Ice prince who plays the violin on a full moon's night~

Ryotaro too!

Shouko's sssooo shy and always feel as if she would faint if someone says she's cute!

The way they made him look when he's playing the piano is juz like a prince!

and Kazuki is very funny and cute~

He looks like he can still smile on a stormy day~

Even though Azuma is not the perfect boy everyone thought he is, I still love him!

He's so dark and mysterous , and the way they sketch him in the opening of the episodes playing the flute on a clock tower, really makes him stand out !

And Keiichi who's always sleeping, has a really deep passion for music,and the things he say has deep meanings too!

Kahoko is always cute and funny, although the fact that Azuma thinks she's annoying is too much impact on her~

and Lili!he's the cutest fairy!

I love all of them!

I'm saving money to buy the anime , hope they won't raise the price again...

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Now who would've thought that there's a thread for this anime on soompi? Cool! <3

Thank you very much carriesa for your post! I had fun reading it 8D I'll definitely be printing it out. I'm getting excited about playing the games ^^

Anyway, I'm not really a game junkie so I don't know much about the games. I'm currently downloading the PC game since it's the first of all the La Corda D'Oro games (: I'd love to buy it, but I just can't find it anywhere. (If you could point me to the right direction or know of someone selling it, then please kindly PM me. I'd be eternally grateful <3)

I have a PSP, and no PS2 T_T Like I said, I'm not really into video games. If I will buy another Playstation, my parents would probably tell me to get a PS3. How I wish they would release the games in Wii format, lol. Too bad that my Japanese is still very poor T_T I'm sure I would be able to enjoy the games more if my grasp of the language is very good~

The season 1 anime left me really unsatisfied, so I'm turning to the games for more enjoyment, lol! I want a season 2, just like everyone else <3


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Episode 20

Episode 21

Episode 22

Episode 23

Episode 24

Episode 25

Episode 26 (Special)



Brand New Breeze (OP) and CRESCENDO (ED)

Divertimento [Limited Edition]

Classical Collections

Character Collections

Komorebi no Sonata

Kimagure Fuga

La Corda D'Oro 2 ~vivace~

Espressivo 2

Purchase Links

- Arranged according to classification and release date (:

Stella Quintet

Players Side [Limited Edition with DVD]

Drama CD

Bifu no Scherz

Komorebi no Sonata

Fantasmagoria [Regular Edition]

CD Drama New Series 1

Divertimento [Regular Edition]

Character Collection 1: Hibara Hen

Character Collection 2: Shimizu Hen

Character Collection 3: Tsuchiura Hen

Character Collection 4: Yuzuki Hen

Kinun no Regart

Character Collection 5: Tsukimori Hen

Suimen no Staccato

Character Collection 6: Kanazawa & Osaki Hen

Character Collection 7: Curtain Call

Ao no Sazanami

Yukidoke no Yoko

Animation Soundtrack


Original Soundtrack

Radio CD

Hokago no Etude (Vol.1)

Hokago no Etude (Vol.2)

Hokago no Etude (Vol.3)

Classical Various Artists

Classic Collection: The 1st Selection

Classic Collection: The 2nd Selection

Classic Collection: The 3rd Selection

Classic Collection: The Saishu Selection

Classic Collection: Riri no One Point Classic Special

Game Music

La Corda D'Oro 2 ~vivace~

La Corda D'Oro 2 ~felice~

La Corda D'Oro 2 ~grolia~

La Corda D'Oro 2 ~felice 2~

Character Classic Collection







Episode DVD

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 8

Volume 9

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Guest hirotoki

omgomgomg this is one of the best animes/manga i love it soo much

IMO the anime was better cuz theres actions and music

the music is justtt so beautiful

it also inspired me to pick up the violin <33333333

love all the characterss

i really want to play the game but its only availble in japanese :( and the japanese version of playstation if im correct?

correct me if im wrong

but there is a chinese version of it, made by another group

but i cant find the downloads anywhere T__T

i also have a request!!

i cant find the track of this specific song played in there, i love love it soo much if anybody noe the title of the song please please pm me!!

its the track played wen they were annoucing who is going to be in the competition

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Guest Snowbunni3z

^ I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, watching this inspired me to pick up an instrument too <3 <3

LEN!!! he should have soo confessed to Hino T_T i hope there's a season two X3

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Guest wlimilk

i loved the anime (;

freaking awesome! i wish that there was a more satisfying ending through.

all those hawt guys -0-

when i first watched it, it inspired me to play violin.

&such beautiful artwork too<3

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There's a Chinese version of this game? D: And yeah, the game's only available in Japanese on PSP and PS2 (Japanese and the modified US version).

There's a PC game, too. It's a bit difficult to play x)

Season two, where are you? I hope the series wasn't made solely to promote the manga T_T That would really suck ><;

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Guest hirotoki

^ yeah there is a chinese version, its the same plot and characters but its slightly different since its made by a different group and company and the whole violatino of copyright thing XD

but netherless the game seems awesome too! the preview was just amazing.. it was out awhile but i cant find online downlodas of the game >:(

i reallly love there is a season 2 T__________T

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^ yeah there is a chinese version, its the same plot and characters but its slightly different since its made by a different group and company and the whole violatino of copyright thing XD

Oh, I see 8D I've only played the PC game so far~ I'm still thinking of buying the one for PSP xD

Did anyone buy a Japanese PS2 just to play the La Corda D'Oro games?

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OMG I love this anime. . . . sucks that she didn't end with someone though. Maybe she should have been paired up with Yunoki or Hihara ^^ Awww I hope they'd make a season two for this. . . Really great anime influenced me to play the cielo weeeeee. . . .

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Guest wlimilk

^ i cant wait for a season two either.

i predict that there will be. because in the end, she never ended up with one of the guys.

ahhh the hot new guys in the game ;D

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I'm desperately praying for a season 2 of this ^^; I was all "WTF?!" during the ending. I'm rooting for Tsukimori here, hahaha!

(It's different reading the manga and watching the anime D:)

Oh yeah... I suck playing the game xD


Bored~ I don't have a life because I'm waiting for someone else to reply here, lol! Anyway... Here's a "freaky" picture of Len from Corda 1:


"Freaky", eh? Hahahaha! (I was kidding! D:)

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Guest lilinnocence

Ahaha~ A screenie from the 1st game when he take you home. It's sure unusual for him to smile ain't it? ;P

Ah I want to play La Corda 2 and Encore badly T.T Kira and Kaji.... :[

The gameplay's not that hard once you understand it though.

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Yeah, it's unusual seeing him smile like that. Half-smiles are okay (like the ones from the anime), but when I first saw that scene... LOL :D I just had to take a screencap. I screencapped quite a lot of Tsukimori while playing the game. That's why I couldn't concentrate hahaha!

Ah, I haven't played La Corda 2 or Encore, either O_O I'm still struggling to get all of the events and trying to win over all of the characters (except the girls, of course) I suck T_T

It would be fun if they released Wii versions of the games (: Imagine playing your own virtual violin <3

(I'm assuming KOEI isn't particularly attached to Sony? Some of their games can be played on GameCube, Xbox 360, etc. formats)

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Guest kaikaicutie

I like it. Read some of the manga, but then i found out there was a anime so i ending up watching the anime instead of reading the mangas for it. Actually, it is because of this series that has gotten me into classical music which i found quite relaxing when doing homework or sleeping. :mellow:

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Guest lilinnocence

Yeah, it's unusual seeing him smile like that. Half-smiles are okay (like the ones from the anime), but when I first saw that scene... LOL :D I just had to take a screencap. I screencapped quite a lot of Tsukimori while playing the game. That's why I couldn't concentrate hahaha!

Ah, I haven't played La Corda 2 or Encore, either O_O I'm still struggling to get all of the events and trying to win over all of the characters (except the girls, of course) I suck T_T

It would be fun if they released Wii versions of the games (: Imagine playing your own virtual violin <3

(I'm assuming KOEI isn't particularly attached to Sony? Some of their games can be played on GameCube, Xbox 360, etc. formats)

Haha I haven't done Tsukimori's route myself because my little sister played through it all XD

Ahaha someone mentioned the same thing about the Wii on another forum about La Corda (neoromance :3)

It would be fun too. Then we shall improve our music ability >:]

I want to play the ps2 games but it's impossible for me. (for now... >:])

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Guest saruuyri

I watched the anime some time ago . The characters are cute . The little angel is so adorable ^^

I love the music ... awesome .

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Guest hot_jae_joong

i love this manga. i even bought the books! ^^ :D :D

i can upload some parts if anyone wants to read it. i have the parts from 2-5, with the total of 23 eps.^^


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