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What Are You Craving Right Now?


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Guest StupidGurl

im craving coffee right now. iced or hot it doesnt matter.

OMG. i just realized i havent drank coffee in a really long time. :(

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Guest xstrawberry_bearx

Hmm, I want some chinese food right now! Haha it's 2 a.m.

Some chow mein/fried rice and orange chicken. Wah, yummie! >__<

Sudden craving for sushi&kimpab too -- goodness -_-;

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Guest Maia-X3


Momo (Dumplings)


Prawn Yakisoba Noodles

My mom's curries. <333

My mom's beans. LOL.

Crutons. XDD

Sesame Prawn Toast

Squid & Shrimp Tempura

Miso Soup


Ice Cream

Potato Salad

Wahahaha... craving so much!!

Eee too bad I can't just go out and get what I want.

14 more days. TT____________TT;;

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Guest lilaznluv143

ice cream



fattiee things

fresh fruit dats coldd

ice cream cakee

colddd colldd slushies

shrimp crackers

junk food

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