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2PM's Hwang Chansung (황찬성) Official Thread

Guest gail0623

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우아~ >ㅇ< He's my agee X_X. (but like 8 months older 우후후)

&&! <3<3. He's like 9 cm taller than me =D

So cuute T_T. LOL I definitely see like everyone you mentioned in him.


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Guest msj1nstar

OMG! he's 1990!!!?? he looks so old tho. i thought fershure he was 20. ahhh so young!!!

he's so cute i love him from highkick even though he barely comes out. hahhaha

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Guest Romancer.

....... I'm older than him?! Woah hahaha he looks older though. He's really cute! And so is the cat :3 I love his hair and eyes <3

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Guest StylishAzNx07

Oooh I never knew JYP has actors?

I thought he trains singers only? or not...nvm then lol

Anyways I know an oppah personally who is training in JYP right now who is from the States and he knows him.

They train together sometimes hehe.

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