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Jung Il Woo 정일우 - Current Drama 2021: Bossam – Stealing Fate


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[New Drama] "Bossam - Stealing Destiny"




"Bossam - Stealing Destiny" (2021)


Directed by Kwon Seok-jang

Written by Kim Ji-su, Park Cheol-I

Network: MBN


With Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yuri, Kim Tae-woo, Shin Dong-mi, So Hee-jung, Yoon Joo-man,...


A survival-type kidnapper mistakenly kidnaps the princess and experiences a life reversing encounter.


Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2021




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Hi Guys. Sorry, this post was meant for the Drama Thread but I can't delete this anymore. It's been so long since I last used Soompi like almost 10 years ago. But I'm excited for this new drama so I'm back here. I liked Il Woo since 49 Days and I like SNSD too, especially Yuri. So I'm really really excited for Bossam - Stealing Fate!


Yuri talking about Bossam - Stealing Fate



Jung Il Woo's Birthday Post and Mentions Filming a New Drama


November 9, 2020 - First Filming Day

Yuri Spotted - First Filming Day in the Fields OMG 

Ilwoo's IG Story - Ilwoo in the Fields Filming


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Been so long since I last used Soompi
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*** Upcoming MBN drama “Bossam – Stealing Fate” (literal title)has unveiled new stills of JIW TODAY, January 4!  :blush: He will return in this new historical drama as Ba Woo. It looks he is filled with sadness as he stands on a field of tall grasses. Looking forward to this drama.  It is scheduled to air in the first half of this year. I have  been waiting to see him back on the small screen. He's with YURI from Girl's Generation on this drama. This seems interesting but I hope it will have a happy-ending. Jung Il Woo.. will be there for you always. :grin:




pictures source : soompi news

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Hello everyone. I recently started a blog about HAECHI, and Jung Il Woo.  I hope it's ok to let all of you fellow Jung Il Woo's fans know.  


This is what I wrote there (JUNG IL WOO 4U – JUNG ILWOO in HAECHI. DREAMERS OF JUSTICE. (findingjesus.blog)



Being ethnically Korean, I grew up watching Korean dramas since the time I learned to talk. Watching these shows taught me so much about my culture and shaped my identity. I also enjoyed reading and at times, writing. But I lacked discipline to write anything specific.


At the beginning of this millennium, I heard of the Korean wave. Oh wow! Growing in South America, many people didn’t even know a country called Korea even existed. I was called Chinese or Japanese. “COREA? DONDE QUEDA ESO?” (“Is Korea a county?”) But now, the world seemed interested in knowing more about this tiny peninsula, the underdog of East Asia. Proudly, I helped translate some dramas and articles and would post them in korean drama sites such as soompi.com or in my old Xanga account (don’t even remember what it was). After I got married though, I stopped my k drama frenzy. I would watch dramas sporadically, but nothing too deep.


During the 2020 world pandemic, unexpectedly staying home with lots of extra free time, I went back to my old hobby: watching Korean Dramas. At first, it was to kill time. Just binge watching.

A few impressed me and grabbed my interest. CRASH LANDING ON YOU (with Hyunbin). ONE SPRING NIGHT (with Jung Hae In). I AM NOT A ROBOT (with Yoo Seung Ho). Then, I started to get inspired. Like craving to write. 


Actually, I watched Yoo Seung Ho grow up. I remember watching him in many dramas as a child actor. When I recently watched him, as an adult actor, I was so impressed. He turned out very fine, and he had depth in his acting (20 years under his belt). He had soulful eyes that spoke thousands of emotions. So yes, I got hooked — on the actor Yoo Seung Ho. I checked most of his recent works, and even if I wasn’t too happy about the quality of his shows, I would be grinning, satisfied to see Yoo Seung Ho in action. I was like this for many months, unable to watch anything without him.  I rejoined Soompi and stayed at YSH's forum for a while.


That is, until I watched HAECHI. And then, something else happened. I was reminded of a crush I had (11 years ago) on an actor called JUNG IL WOO who played in THE RETURN OF ILJIMAE. But he was no longer the naughty pretty boy he portrayed there. He has matured. He could go from looking helplessly vulnerable to strong and commanding, from clueless fool to wise and understanding. He could look so hurt you want to cuddle him, to sexy leader… Oh dear!!! Where’s the fan! I can’t say he is the greatest actor. But he surely is charismatic, with his sarcastic crooked smile which has become his signature.


I searched for more information about Jung Il Woo and about Haechi. But having joined the party a year too late, I couldn’t find active forums on this drama. And sadly, this drama did not create the expected buzz. So here I am, to create the buzz it deserves. I am starting a blogging journey. Mainly about HAECHI. But also about everything JUNG IL WOO. And any k-drama things.


Even is it’s just a little splash. Like Haechi so well said: Let us work hard to create a better world, even if that is an unrealistic dream. Let us push forward, even knowing that we are doom to fail. Because politics (and life) is all about advancing towards an unreachable utopia, without giving up. And if we eventually give up (fail), let that be at a much later time. At the time to say good bye.

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*** Jung Il Woo and Kim Bum reunited for a meal together! The former shared a video on his YouTube channel that gave a glimpse of his friendship with Kim Bum. Jung Il Woo commented that a friend who would comfort his loneliness just arrived at his place. His friend turned out to be none other than Kim Bum. KB showed up in a casual outfit with a black mask. Check out the full video with English subtitles below! :blush:  I just learned that he’s one of the few who don’t like ramen. I love both of them. :grin:



video source : soompi news

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Jung Il-woo, Yu-ri to Star in Upcoming Historical Romance Series




Jung Il-woo (top) and Yu-ri


Jung Il-woo and Yu-ri of Girls' Generation will star in a new TV series on cable channel MBN.


The historical romance revolves around a professional kidnapper and the princess he unwittingly abducts.


Jung has appeared in many hit historical dramas such as "The Return of Iljimae" and "Moon Embracing the Sun."


For Yu-ri, the series marks her first period role since she expanded her career to acting almost a decade ago.


The new series is scheduled to air this spring.

credit : Chosun Ilbo


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*** I'm looking forward to this pairing. Another pairing that has the potential to work out well. I don't really dig sageuk genre but since JIW is in it, no choice - hahaha - Jung Il Woo shines in period roles so I have no doubt he’ll deliver. The drama is slated to air in the first half of this year (2021) on MBN. :blush:

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Blast From The Past: 10 K-Dramas Turning The Big 10 In 2021



It’s that time again where we turn back the clock by 10 years and revisit some of the more memorable dramas from a decade ago. Many of the dramas from that time drew huge followings and greatly bolstered the popularity of many actors, who would continuously churn out great entertainment in the years to come.


For obvious reasons, we can’t list out all the dramas that premiered in 2011, so here is just a small sampling of 10 that are memorable for one reason or another. And if we left out a major 2011-drama of yours, do head down to the comments section below to give your own shout out. Without further ado, let’s head down memory lane and say “Happy Birthday” to these 10-year-old dramas (in no particular order):



Flower Boy Ramyun Shop



The first installment in the “flower boy” series, “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” is another great rom-com that left an impression in 2011. It’s every bit zany, funny, earnest, and heightened, all feelings we associate with a young romance. Jung Il Woo is perfectly cast as the main lead Cha Chi Soo, an arrogant high school senior who thinks he knows everything about love and relationships, until he notices a (slightly) older woman who’s very different from the girls he used to date. And while working at a ramyun shop (cue all the mouth-watering ramyun shots), Chi Soo and his pals begin to learn what love truly is.




Watch “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” here:


Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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Jung Il Woo Shares the Reason Why He Saved More Than 70k Photos in His Phone Gallery




Jung Il Woo has more than seventy thousand photos in his phone. Read more to know the reason behind these photos.


In the recent and first episode of the Korean variety show "Phone Cleansing" the "Cinderella and the Four Knights" made a special appearance and shared some of his life journey with the cast.

Jung Il Woo Shared His Past Experiences in Life

MBC's "Phone Cleansing" is a new entertainment show that primarily helps the guests to reorganize their photos on their phones. And in the first episode of the show, they had actor Jung Il Woo.


While in the middle of conversation, the actor started to confess that he was diagnosed with partial amnesia and cerebral aneurysm before. Since then, he began to store thousands of photos with him. He shared all the pictures he has gathered in the past years, and said, "If I already get married and have the kids, I want to show all of these photos to them. So I kept these (travel photos)."






Jung Il Woo Has More Than 70,000 Thousand Photos and Considered it as Treasured Memories

With the help of the cast namely "Goblin's" Yoo In Na, DinDin, and Yoon Jong Shin, they successfully reduced the numbers of pictures on Jung Il Woo's phone from 70,987 to 7,000. The members were astounded at the amount of photos Il Woo has in his phone. And from that, he started to tell the story behind his past experiences.


According to him, "I was involved in a car accident before and suffered a partial amnesia. Because of what had happened, I decided to take a lot of photos because through pictures you can remember and reminisce every moment."


He went on, "That time I also experienced knowing my friends just by their face, but I can't really remember where I met them. However, not everything is erased from my memory, I can still remember some bits from my past memories."


After sharing some of his challenging journey in life, the actor showed some of his precious memories with the members of the show. Jung Il Woo visited the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) in Spain three times. The cast asked him why the place meant so much to him.


Il Woo immediately replied, " I was in the middle of filming the drama 'Golden Rainbow' and had a bad headache. So I decided to see a doctor and after that I was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. This illness is like having a bomb inside your head because if the blood vessels expand and ruptures, I could die of a cerebral hemorrhage."


He added that after he was diagnosed, Jung Il Woo suffered a severe depression.


And the only place he thinks at that time is the "Camino de Santiago" . It is the place he has always wanted to visit since he was a kid. When he finally got the chance to visit the place, he learned how to enjoy every moment of the present.


Watch the video below!


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Actor Jung Il-woo reveals he suffers from memory loss


Actor Jung Il-woo was featured in MBC's new program "Phone Cleansing," Tuesday. Courtesy of MBC

By Dong Sun-hwa

Actor Jung Il-woo revealed on MBC's new program "Phone Cleansing" Tuesday that he has been suffering from partial memory loss after a car accident years ago.

He is reported to have sustained serious injuries in the accident in 2006, but it is unclear if he was referring to that particular one on the show.

"I have about 70,000 photos on my mobile phone ― since I have partial memory loss, I try to recall things through pictures," said Jung, who appeared as a guest.

In "Phone Cleansing," the three hosts ― actress Yoo In-na, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin and rapper DinDin ― help the guests organize their mobile phone photos following an in-depth talk.

Jung said he also suffered from depression after being diagnosed a few years ago with a cerebral aneurysm, which can cause a hemorrhage or uncontrolled bleeding in the brain. For nearly a month, he said, he did not see anyone, staying at home after learning about his medical condition.

"After that period, I decided to make a pilgrimage to Santiago, the national capital of Chile," he said. "Thanks to this experience, I got over my uneasiness. I felt like I got healthier and learned to enjoy the present moment."

Jung made his acting debut in 2006 with the thriller "The World of Silence." After ascending to stardom with the 2006 sitcom "Unstoppable High Kick," he has appeared in popular dramas including "The Return of Iljimae" (2009) and "Moon Embracing the Sun" (2012).

The first episode of "Phone Cleansing" also featured actress Kim Sung-eun, who opened up about her family life. After marrying professional football player Jung Jo-gook in 2009, Kim now has three children ― two sons and a daughter.



credit : Korea Times


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8 Famous Korean Actors Who Have Launched YouTube Channels


Korean actors dazzle us continuously via their film and K-drama works. Every single role shows us a new side of them that we may have never known otherwise. And when they join social media, we get to see more of their real personalities beyond the characters they portray.

Luckily for every fan out there, some actors started their own YouTube channels. This means more content for avid viewers and especially more interactions with them other than the usual fangirling/fanboying on small – or big – screens. Here are eight famous Korean actors who have launched their YouTube channels in the past few years.

1. Jung Il Woo (1DAY 1LWOO)

Jung Il Woo joined Youtube about three months ago, and his content is quite entertaining. He shares a variety of content with his viewers such as live broadcasts, vlogs, and interesting collaborations with other Korean celebrities. Most of the aforementioned have one thing in common: delicious food, which is always mouthwatering to watch.




(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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On 3/6/2021 at 10:18 AM, jeannietcw said:

Hi all.. Ilwoo oppa's new drama will premier on 1st May 2021.. here's the trailer shared by Oppa himself on his IG channel ;)




@jeannietcw, thanks for sharing this. I'm happy that the trailer/teaser has been dropped finally. I have a drama of JIW again to look forward to… Yes, the drama is scheduled to air on MBN in May. :blush:

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MBN’s upcoming drama “Bossam – Stealing Fate” released a new teaser poster of Jung Il Woo! :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1):   “Bossam – Stealing Fate” will premiere in May. I cannot wait to watch his upcoming drama.  :Twerkdatbutt:









poster source : soompi news

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*** Hmmm.....JIW really rocks the scoundrel look in this upcoming drama. He's actually looking so smexy. Count me in in this drama. It's one of the upcoming dramas I'm looking forward to, so definitely excited for this. Although, it's historical, which genre I don't really dig, but the plot sounds interesting. I'm sure he'll be great here. :wow2:

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*** 'Bossam - Stealing Fate' has released its 2nd official teaser! Meanwhile, the drama premieres on May 1! Bossam is a popular pork dish in Korean cuisine. It is served with side dishes. To eat, the meat and side dishes are wrapped together in ssam vegetables, hence the literal meaning of bossam: "wrapped" or "packaged". It's the wrapping of fresh greens without rice that makes this dish healthier. :grin:






video source : allkpop

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  • partyon changed the title to Jung Il Woo 정일우 - Current Drama 2021: Bossam – Stealing Fate

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