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Yg Family Official Thread

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190122 Seungri Weibo Update!!

Seungri sent a VDO message to MONKEY MUSEUM in Changsha 

caption on weibo : Congratulations MONKEY MUSEUM in Changsha 2nd Anniversary! 
i hope you'll be able to spend in the next 5 years, 10 years together with everyone! 



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As I said before I'm more interested in the final product than I am the pre-debut show, but Jaehyuk is the member that's gonna need the most work leading up to debut. I wont drag his talents or his 4 whole months of training, but can't help feel bad for the other trainees who worked hard, did everything YG ask, showed talent and skill and STILL got passed over for someone with "potential". Kpop industry is so cold. 



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“Hi! I’m BIGBANG’s Seungri. Sincerely appreciate the award to Flower Road! I’ll surely pass this news to my hyungs! BIGBANG will come back soon as one with better songs & performances! Once again, thank u for the award! Hwaiting!”


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Congrats BB, iKON, and BP for collecting their things at Gaon awards. Men lie, women lie, but Numbers....





[190123] BLACKPINK Winning Speech Gaon Chart Music Awards 2019

My love for Jisoo may have hit a new level after she patted Rose on the head for almost forgetting BLINKs during their acceptance speech.  





Hyunsuk suffered through 2 YG survivals just to be announced as the last member.
YG still aint sht, but I'm so happy for HS :blush:



When you fully expect to be lied to but still end up disappointed.
We all know he's gonna be crying about "missing out" on Mashiho in a few years. 

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Now the real fun begins! ready to put money on how many times their debut is gonna be pushed back.

I'm sorry but what? 

Silver boys fans are really losing it. 

I've been there with Jinhyeong, Raesung, hell even future 2ne1, but you gotta learn to move on at some point. 




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