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Yg Family Official Thread

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180611 YG K-Plus CEO, Ko Eunkyoung's IG Update with Seungri
"We get along well~^^
#SuddenMeetUp #TeaTime
#YGXCEO #Seungri

#승리 #YGKPlus"


180611 Bodyguard, Choi Jaeho’s IG Update with G-Dragon:






"June last year.. Time seems to fly really fast but it's like going slowly and I hope the time will go fast."

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Blackpink said they're not playing games with any of us! The teasers are gorgeous :astonished: 







Ikon TV Ep 8 was the funniest thing I've watched in awhile:lol:  
B.I as a directer lived up to all my expectations. 

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[ENGSUB] 180604 WINNER AmigoTV EP. 1
[ENGSUB] 180606 WINNER AmigoTV EP. 2
[ENGSUB] 180608 WINNER AmigoTV EP. 3
[ENGSUB] 180502 WINNER's CUT on JTBC4 's Mimi Shop EP. 2
[ENGSUB] 180502 WINNER'on JTBC4 's Mimi Shop EP. 3
[ENGSUB] 180309 WINNER - JTBC's Live A Good Life (cut)
Kang Seungyoon's IG Update
"Off from work GN "
Zion T's IG Update with Seungyoon
"everyday  @ w_n_r00 "

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BLACKPINK Comments On How They Feel About Long-Awaited Comeback



BLACKPINK is just as excited as their fans about making a comeback!
On June 12, the group shared through YG Entertainment, “We sincerely and lovingly prepared every single track as this is not only our comeback in a year, but also our first mini album since our debut.”
Jennie expressed, “I think that’s why we feel confident and have lots of expectations. I’m happy that we can show BLACKPINK’s musicality in a variety of ways.”
Jisoo also commented on how she has personally been preparing for their comeback, saying, “I have been practicing dance even more than I do normally since we have to show a powerful side to us that is different than anything we have done up until now.”

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180612 styleshare_kr Update: WINNER meets StyleShare with W.DRESSROOM 


[Product Info / Scents]
Tracklist Set (4)

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