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Changing My Screen Resolution


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Alright, so the monitor that originally came with my computer blew a fuse or something and won't turn on. So yesterday we went to Best Buy and bought a wide screen monitor. My computer doesn't support that. But isn't there a way I could download something to make it able for me to use the monitor correctly? We bought a 19 inch flat.
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do you know if your computer came with a video card?

Or is it integrated into the motherboard?

If it is integrated, then more than likely it wont be able to support higher resolutions.

If you have an actual video card that's not integrated, then you might be able to download and install the latest drivers.

um.. to see if you've got integrated or not..

google for your computer's specs by googling your computer model number.

It should show what graphics card you're using

but just in case, why dont you tell us what your computer model number is

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According to HP's webpage about your desktop model, you have an integrated video card (eg, it's part of the motherboard). Therefore, unless HP has the video driver to allow widescreen, you can't do much.

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I mean yuo could search for drivers (when you find out your specific Integrated graphics processor) but since it was made in the beginning with limited resolutions, i doubt a new driver would have higher resolutions.

why not do some research and buy a cheap/budget graphics card?

I have the HP a910n with integrated graphics, but i bought an actual card (Geforce 7600GS) really cheap and installed (haha i couldn't game worth crap with the IGP)

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Your video card is a VIA UniChrome graphics. It will not support 1440x900 resolution which is the native resolution of the monitor. You will need to buy a new AGP graphic card.

I'm assuming you live in the U.S.A. I think any AGP graphic card would support 1440x900 resolution out now.

You could get one here for around 20 bucks (assuming you do not game).


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