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[drama Japan 2006] 14才の母 / 14-year-old Mother

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: 14才の母

* Title (romaji): 14 Sai no Haha

* Also known as: 14-year-old Mother / Juyon-sai no Haha

* Format: Renzoku

* Genre: Family

* Episodes: 11

* Viewership ratings: 18.55(Kanto), 20.38(Kansai)

* Broadcast network: NTV

* Broadcast period: 2006-Oct-11 to 2006-Dec-20

* Air time: Wednesdays 22:00

* Theme song: Shirushi by Mr. Children



Shida Mirai, the young actress of Jyoou no Kyoushitsu fame, plays an average high school student who becomes pregnant with her lover’s child. The drama will show her gradually maturing as the circumstances around her change.



* Shida Mirai as Ichinose Miki

* Tanaka Misako as Ichinose Kanako

* Namase Katsuhisa as Ichinose Tadahiko

* Yamaguchi Sayaka as Endo Kyoko

* Koumoto Junichi as Mitsui Makoto

* Miura Haruma as Kirino Satoshi

* Tanimura Mitsuki (谷村美月) as Yanagisawa Mayu

* Kitano Kii (北乃きい) as Kubota Megumi

* Koike Rina (小池里奈) as Nagasaki Sayaka

* Koshimizu Kazuki (小清水一揮) as Ichinose Kenta

* Ideguchi Yumiko (出口結美子) as Okumura Yoshiko

* Hasegawa Kiyo (長谷川稀世) as Inohara Mitsue

* Osawa Itsumi (大沢逸美) as Matsumoto Rika

* Kaito Ken as Yamazaki Koyo

* Kaneko Sayaka as Mitsui Hinako

* Isaka Shunya (井坂俊哉) as Haraguchi Kazuaki

* Takahata Atsuko as Matoba Haruko

* Onodera Akira as Nakatani Eiza

* Kitamura Kazuki as Hatano Taku

* Muroi Shigeru as Kirino Shizuka

* Toda Naho (ep8)

* Sorimachi Takashi as Doctor Tsuchida (ep10-11)

* Ep 01: 中学生の妊娠…ごめんね、お母さん / A Junior Highschool Student's Pregnancy...I'm sorry, Mother

* Ep 02: お前なんかもう娘じゃない / You are not my Daughter Anymore

* Ep 03: さよなら…わたしの赤ちゃん / Goodbye... My Baby

* Ep 04: 旅立ち 私はもう泣かないよ / Journey - I Won't Cry Anymore

* Ep 05: バイバイ…初恋が死んだ日 / Bye bye... The Day My First Love Died

* Ep 06: 私にも母子手帳くれますか / Can you give a Maternity Handbook to me, too?

* Ep 07: お金で未来は買えますか? / Can Money Buy a Future?

* Ep 08: 二つの命…どちらを選ぶ?/ Two Lives... Which one to Choose?

* Ep 09: 出産・命をかけた24時間 / Delivery・Life threatening 24 Hours

* Ep 10: もう一度笑って… / Laugh once again

* Ep 11: 涙の最終回スペシャル…命ってなに?


* In preparation of her role, never having been pregnant herself, Shida Mirai consulted in her real-life mother for advice. She wanted to know if there are any changes in her walk, appetite, and so on during pregnancy. Her mother replied, "Except for the belly becoming bigger, nothing else changes." This information added no value to her preparation whatsoever.

* When Miki's mother call Miki's father to tell him, Miki play truant in ep1, the screen behind Ichinose Tadahiko is showing Kirino Shizuka, which is Kirino Satoshi's mother.

* Miki gets the bus #14, like in ep7 when greets Kirino-kun

SOURCE : 14才の母



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Guest fangorn

im waiting for this to be available in vcd/dvd in my country. I think this is a good drama (based on storyline). And Im simply in love with the theme song :).

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Guest dr jung

This is already done.. all 11 episodes aired last quarter (Oct-Dec 2006).

Mirai-chan did very well... she's so talented xD

The boy in it..... "Satsohi".. is so cuuuuute!!!... gosh.

I love the theme song..Shirushi by Mr.Children <333

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Guest sweet_treats1812

Where can I find and Download this movie at ?? This sounds really interesting!!

i got it from d-addicts.com~ the torrents and the subs are all there..currently watching it now. it's pretty good...i hate the reporter and the boyfriend though..the reporter is a total richard simmons..and the boyfriend is a spineless, wooden weakling :tongue2:

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Guest sweet_treats1812

anyone can help this thread? what this story about? :sweatingbullets:

the information is already in the first post :lol: this is the story of a 14 year old girl who gets pregnant...basically, she decides to keep the baby and give birth, even though she knows it will be risky and it entails a lot of sacrifices on her part. she quit school, she got shunned by her friends..all the harsh things that can possibly happen in a society that just can't believe that a 14 year old girl gets pregnant AND decides to keep the baby...

quite good actually :) i still havent finished it, but so far, i'm loving the drama...i love the bond between miki and her mom...japanese dramas have this thing about reflecting the nice bonds between mom and daughter (another example being that from 1 liter of tears :))

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Guest xHeartxSmilex

just finish watching it! sooo good, cried and smile with her.

she is such a good actress, love her soo much and looking forward to see her more.

the guy who is the baby's father, sooooo good looking!

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Guest witchyangelkk

I read about this series in a magazine... looks pretty interesting...

I cant believe shes born in 1993. Which makes her still 13... turning 14 on 10th May...

She's sooo talented ^^ Especially how she has to play such a challenging role as being pregnant !!

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Guest misz.perfect.

i think it's great that there's a series out that challenges such a controversial issue. i wonder what happens at the end, lol. does the guy leave her??


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