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[hk Movie 2006] A Battle Of Wits

Guest xheyitzmex

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Guest xheyitzmex



In 370 B.C, China was separated as seven nations and several other small tribes, one of these being the city state of Liang. The nation of Zhao is led by the terrifying prime commander Xiang Yangzhong who orders his troops to launch an attack on Liang in a bid to conquer the small city. Leaping to the defense of the cowed people of Liang is a warrior who goes by the name of 'Ge Li' from the Mo-Tsu tribe, renowned for its defensive skills. He is their last hope as the terrors of Yangzhong's troops are unleashed. The future of Liang now hangs in the balance, with all their hopes pinned on the mysterious Mo-Tsu warrior Ge Li...


Ahn Sung-kee .... Xiang Yan-zhong

Andy Lau .... Ge Li

Chin Siu-hou .... Niu Zi Zhang

Choi Si Won .... Liang Shi

Fan Bingbing .... Yi Yue

Tin Chiu Hung .... Gao He-yong

Wang Zhiwen .... Liang Wang

Ma Wu .... Si Tu

Nicky Wu .... Zi Tuan (as Qi-long Wu)



*If you guys wanna check out the movie, it can be downloaded at


Language in Mandarin but has English and Chinese subs!!!

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Guest <3goesDOKIDOKI

did anyone watch this?

i just watched it last night... and omg.

it sucks haha. halfway thru we turned it off and watched something else instead.

i didnt even know who was fighting with whom, i just knew ppl were fighting and at war together haha.

also i watched in cantonese so choi si won's voice was dubbed.

i have no idea if he even spoke in mandarin haha

his acting wasnt so bad, it was decent.

altho his character didnt have much personality.

i totally forgot choi si won was doing a movie with andy lau so i was really surprised to see him haha

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I watched a little bit of it, but like what you said...I couldn't really follow it. Two sides fighting and that's all I got. I watched it in mandarin and it seems like Choi Siwon's voice was dubbed over for that too. <_<

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Guest theanonymousafro

Watched this recently,while I wouldn't say it's my favorite it's pretty good. Showed a strong but not perfect main character and interesting side characters.

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Guest syMplicitY

I'm not really into these period drama...but when I read the title "Battle of Wits," I thought the characters are using a lot of brain-power to battle each other (like the chinese drama "Three Kingdom" ???). Oh boy...was I disappointed. Nothing special about the plot and the story was soo predictable. At the end, I don't really understand what teaching was he trying to spread. Cuz if someone asked him to help, he will help them out no matter what country they from. So can anyone care to explain exactly what he's trying to do??? Cuz i think I understand, but seems what he's doing is really pointless.

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Guest mayyeejeh

i watched this movie, i actually think its pretty alright... until

siwon died

... haha... the ending kinda errr...

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