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[movie 2006] Project Makeover/ Go Go Sister/ Sister Coming 언니가 간다

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Go Soo Young, Lee Bum Soo, Yoo Gun


Project Makeover / Go Go Sister / Sister Coming 언니가 간다 (2006)

Starring: Ko Soo-Young, Lee Beom-Seo, Yoo Geon

Director: Kim Chang-Rae

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Runtime: 112mins

Production: Sio Film

Distribution: Cinema Service

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Time travel in movies has been done. We have watched so many of these films now, including the Hollywood adventure ``Back to the Future’’ and its sequels and the local melodrama ``My Mother, the Mermaid,’’ that the idea has lost its freshness.

But it’s obviously still a tempting offer.

Directed by Kim Chang-rae, the new romantic comedy ``Project Makeover’’ (Oniga Kanda) tempts the audience with an interesting hypothetical: Would your life be better if you could change your first love?

The film revolves around a 30-year-old woman who goes back to 1994, when she was a high school student.

Na Jung-ju (played by Go So-young) blames her misery on her failed first love, a man who left her and became a famous singer.

One day, she meets her high school friend Oh Tae-hun (Lee Beom-su), who had a big crush on her. He is now a successful businessman. She regrets that she didn’t go out with him.

But she has a mysterious chance to travel in time. She decides to go see herself at 18 to prevent the crush on the playboy and to persuade her younger self to date the future businessman.

But things are not as easy as Jung-ju plans. She bonds with the teenage version of herself, an easy task, as they have a lot in common, but the free-spirited teenager resists control. Despite her efforts to change the past, events seem destined to follow their course.

Compared to other films, ``Project Makeover’’ takes the audience into the past clumsily. The film lacks the fancy car of ``Back to the Future’’ series or the mysterious accident of ``My Mother, the Mermaid.’’

Jung-ju enters the past with the help of a mysterious computer program, which appears from out of the blue.

The development of the story is also clumsy. Many scenes seem unconnected to other parts of the movie. Strangely, however, the film does manage to arrive at its destination.

The moral of the story is that there are things that you just let go. The past is not something you can change; it’s your job to make your life better by working hard in the present.

This could sound like a cliche, but it is also persuasive, probably because the film is not overly instructive. The audience is free to draw its own conclusions.

The film has another strong point _ the past. If you are now in your 30s and you spent your youth here in Korea, the movie will feed your nostalgia. When Jung-ju arrives in her past, the world is full of nostalgia-provoking items _ songs by hip-hop boy band DEUX, Guess jeans and pagers.

(courtesy of KoreaTimes)

SOURCE : 언니가 간다

언니가 간다

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just finished watching the movie...

i'm kinda satisfied w/ the ending... though it does not goes w/ her wish^^

The JoHani guy is such a jerk...

i thought that he changed in the end & loved her..

i liked the movie, but there're still some parts that i didn't quite didn't get...

like how did she managed to keep in contact w/ the young her when she got back to the current her...

i don't know..^_^

but the movie is still worth watching ^^

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Guest lilxtwinkies

for some reason i'm having problems downloading the single cd srt and the cd2 srt...i was only able to get the srt for part 1...

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Guest sweet_treats1812

just saw it tonight...not bad really...i wasn't expecting the time travel thing. based on the title, i thought it was gonna be a story about some nerdy girl being transformed into a beauty...mwhahaha...but still, i wasn't disappointed. the story had it's moments...

i didn't know any of the actors in this movie but i thought that the guy who played the younger tae-hoon was cute :lol:

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Guest alakina

Hey where can i see this movie online or where can i dowl it ... it seems funnny :rolleyes::sweatingbullets:

u can download it at naynay123's clubbox :D

i've started watching it and so far so good.

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Guest changsta

i JUST finished watching this movie!!! i loved it. i didn't know if i would at first, but it was really sweet. everything from her mom to her relationships was really cute. WATCH ITT!!! = )

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i liked this movie :)

it reminded me of 13 going on 30 but the other way around :lol:

the young tae hoon is cuuute! it's funny how he always accidentally grabs jung ju's chest - haha.

the young jo hani - is he the boy from 18v29? :huh:

i think i've seen the young jung ju in another movie before .... :sweatingbullets:

EDIT: she was the girl in Spin Kick!

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Guest XTINE__

I watched this movie last night, and i absolutely adore it!

Judging from the title, I thought the movie was gonna be about some big transformation to win back her old love, but it was actually about time travel.

It's so cute and so hilarious at the same time. 30 year old Jeong Ju is so funny.

Bahh, I thought Jo Hani was gonna actually change though. But TaeHoon was soo sweet.

Anywho, it's a movie worth watching, plus a geeky Yoo Gun definitely makes it all the more worthwhile! :)

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Guest lebron23

does anyone know the title of the song that Ko So Young and “little jung joo” sing at the karaoke scene in the movie?

thanks in advance

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Guest jlove1831

Is there a soundtrack for this album? Does anyone know where I can get the music featured in this drama, namely the song the teacher (Yoon-something?) was singing and Jo Hani's songs? XD

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this movie was good. really unique and interesting stuff. dude, when i saw the picture of Tae- Hoon (Actor Yoo Gun), I was really surprised. He looks so handsome compared to the movie. haha. the magic of make-up, hair stylists, and glasses.

it was a sweet movie.

i'm curious...does anyone know the name of the song that the character Jo Hani always sings...the song he sings at the talent show. if you don't know what i'm talking about, here's a clip of it:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIEMP_HrUaI . credits to xxdream. if anyone could tell me, i would really appreciate it. thank you. and have a great day everyone!

oh and if anyone wants to watch this movie with subs, go to http://www.crunchyroll.com/showseries?id=2158 . you have to be a member, but the registration is free so go watch this movie!!! :D

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Guest leeesax3

i saw this movie ^^ it was cute but it had a really weird ending to it :huh:

totally different from wat i thought

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gosh Go So Young is still amazing!

anyone knows are there any thread for GSY in soompi?

seems they not release the cd soundtrack.

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