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Kim Nam Gil 김남길 ~ An Actors' Actor ~ Upcoming Films : 'The Guardian' | 'Emergency Declaration'


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Guest helen208

thank you helen208 I'm so sorry I remember wrong day :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets: someone tell me his birthday is 03/03/1981

and "Public Enemy III" it is new Movie or Drama of him

Sorry back too late :sweatingbullets:

"Kang Chul-joong:Public Enemy I-I" is a new movie, not a drama.. being released on June 19. He is one of the bad guys, I think.

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Guest goongaddict2603

-_- Too much hair!!! Urk I don't like it... :crazy:

I prefer the short, slick and clean "Taesan-ish" look (shaven moustache, cut hair)... <_<

But since it's for a show, I can't argue with that.

And he's so tanned now. :blink:


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Source : DramaBeans.com

Original Article : SPN eDaily



Starting a new career with a new name

November 19th, 2008


He was "Lee Han" (이한) until his role in 2008's Public Enemy Returns, after which point he reverted to his real name (he may be more recognizable in the pic below; his new look had me double-taking to make sure it was really him, and the name change didn't help!). Other projects he's done as Lee Han include dramas When Spring Comes, Lovers, and Goodbye Solo.


But he's used Kim Nam-gil (김남길) ever since, with subsequent films Modern Boy and Portrait of a Beauty. He's picked up something of a reputation as "Chungmuro's dark horse," and he's seems poised for a big career; keep an eye out for him in the future.

One reason for his initial name change to Lee Han was that as a new actor at MBC, he'd often encounter the similarly named veteran comic actor Kang Nam-gil (Who Are You, Gourmet). But after using a stage name for a while, he began to feel a desire to use his real name: "I felt that acting under my birth name would make me be more honest with myself."

At around the time he started feeling that way, directors Kang Woo-seok (producer of Modern Boy) and Jung Ji-woo (Modern Boy writer and director), as well as actor Seol Kyung-gu (Public Enemy Returns), encouraged him to revert to using his real name. "As I started using my real name, I felt I was starting anew. It allowed me to feel more humble and gave me the opportunity to be harder on myself, which is satisfying on a personal level."

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Guest Happy_Day

Oh my God......... This guy is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was just perfect in No Regrets and Portrait of a Beauty.

His acting is amazing, no doubt. But now I realized that he's also a great kisser, and I'm lovin' his new bad boy look. He's like SoJiSup + LeeJunKi......... <3

I just can't wait for his next drama, which is Queen SeonDuk.

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