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[tbs] Dragon Zakura ドラゴン桜

Guest peanuts

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Guest xkrankydankyx

WOW this thread hasn't been updated in 9 MONTHS!!

i just finished the series and i LOVED IT!!!!!


i really liked how Sakuragi was a super hard-core teacher but he still had a heart somewhere in him :]

watching this makes me want to go to a super good university like Todai!

i was really bummed at the ending when

Mizuno couldn't get to the test center on time. I really thought she was going to get there and take the test!

i was really mad at Ichirou's twin brother too!

he's such a little butthole!!!

i thought he deserved to

get rejected to Todai


Ichirou was my favorite character!!

I thought he looked like DaeSung from BigBang when he smiles!

absolutely adorableeeeee

the girl who plays Mizuno really looks like YoonEunHye too!

except prettier! lol

i actually ended up liking the ending!

at first, i was like wtf when the

three kids didn't get accepted into Todai

but if i think about it now, i think it was good that it wasn't like a

super fairy-tale ending

it makes the story seem much more realistic

i liked how

Yajima decided to not attend Todai even though he got accepted.

He didn't want others to make the same mistake that his own father did :]


I think this'll always be one of my favorite J-doramas of all times!

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Guest miki_chan

^ I agree with you 100%. Took the words right outta my mouth :)

I watched this series like last year.

And i found it very motivating.

I really enjoyed it and on top of that Yamapi was in it :wub:


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Guest meeyu

omgiosh i finished this drama hehe it was good the ending seems like it was kinda rushed >.< well yah haha teaches u good studying strategies xD

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Guest julz6453

Just finished it!! Wow, I watched like episodes 6-11 just today... pretty gripping story, I must say, even if it's just about kids studying and trying to get into Todai. ;)

Okay, here's for the review...

Overall, a very good drama! I think I give it about an 8.5/10. Yamapi and Teppei definitely bring it up a notch!! The storyline wasn't over the top, but not so lame as to be boring. The characters were extremely well developed, and you got to know them so well that you experienced all of their ups and downs with them. The lawyer Sakuragi was portrayed very well, although I must say I found him quite annoying at times... and I absolutely hated him at the end when

he was shouting at Hideki and Maki for failing! I seriously wanted Yuusuke to punch him!!

Like xkrankydankyx said, I'm glad

Yuusuke decided not to go to Todai

. However, I really wanted

Yuusuke to get with Mizuno

! Kinda bummed that didn't happen... I think it would have made the ending slightly more acceptable. And I thought it was cool how

Hideki and Maki got to teach the kids at the next year's class

, however I would have also like to see

them two getting into Todai the year after that or something, and for something to happen between them!

Come on, that drama had like no romance except for the scene where

Mizuno grabbed Yuusuke's hand.

:P Ah, I was melting at that point!! Eek, Yamapi is just too cute. (Off topic, but I can't decide whether I like him with dark hair (like in Nobuta) or with the brown hair better.... agh.) Oh, and I really wished they would have shown what

happened with Mizuno in the future etc, cause you only saw her studying

... and it was like... okaaay...

But anyways, overall, a very good and inspiring drama! So finish it if you've not already. :) Also had tons of good study tips, should help with me exams coming up in a month!! Ganbaru!!

Hmm, the reason I started to watch this drama in the first place was because of Yamapi and Teppei, and I'll say my efforts were well rewarded! They are ADORABLE. (Why does Japan have to have all the hot guys?! Naaaande da yo?!!) I may put some screenshots up soon, as soon as my VLC app starts working again. Grrrrr.....

Anyone wants to talk more about these fabby Japanese guys, just let me know! :rolleyes: So many guys, and so many dramas... any other recommendations anyone has?


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Guest hotarunu

yeah this was my first Yamapi dorama ..oh those inexperienced days of mine... but since then I been watching everything that i can found about Yamapi... and I really think that he do his best according to his posibilities in dragon sakura .. I mean he could go to Todai but what about his responsabilities with his mom and his debt (so unfair)

anyway cool drama is worth watching this one.. :blush:

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