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[tbs] Dragon Zakura ドラゴン桜

Guest peanuts

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Guest tengy


is it english subbed?

hmmmm i went to the shuji2akira's cb but i think u gotta log in or sumthing?

hmmm i dono im blur with CB... =(

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Guest murdoc_19_2000

this drama is so cute eventhough i dun like the ending much!!!! Teppei koike is so adorable here and YamaPi is kool too!!!!!! <3 it much!!!!! <3 the theme song as well!

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Guest Shina :)


- Broadcasting Station: TBS Production

- Broadcasting Period: 2005-07-08 to 2005-09-16

- Aired Time:Friday 10:00pm

- # of Episodes: 11

- Theme:Melody-Realize

- Insert Song:Yamapi-Colorful

- Producer: Enda Kouichi, Shimizu Mayumi

- Director: Tsukamoto Renpei, Karaki Marehiro, Komatsu Takashi

- Screenwriter: Hata Takehiko

- Music by: Nakanishi Tadashi

- Buy Singiel: Melody-realize / Take a Chance (Japan Version)

- Buy Dorama:

Dragon Zakura DVD BOX

Dragon Zakura vol.1

Dragon Zakura vol.2

Dragon Zakura vol.3

Dragon Zakura vol.5

Dragon Zakura vol.6



1.「バカとブスこそ 東大へ行け」Baka to Busu koso toudai e ike / Only idiots and ugly girls go to Toudai

2.「自分の弱さを知れ!」jibun no yowasa wo shire! / Know your own weakness

3.「遊べ!受験はスポーツだ!」asobe! juken wa supootsu da! / Play! Test taking is a sport!

4.「壁にぶつかるまで我慢しろ」kabe ni butsukaru made gaman shiro / Don't stop until you hit the wall

5.「泣くな!お前の人生だ!」nakuna! omae no jinsei da! / Don't cry! it's your life!

6.「英語対決!」 eigo taiketsu! / english showdown!

7.「見返してやる!東大模試!」 mikaei can't reade yaru! toudai moshi! / go triumph! tokyo university mock test!

8.「バカの涙…夏休み課外授業」 baka no namida... natsu yasumi kagai jugyou / tears of idiots... summer vacation extracurricular lesson

9.「信じろ!成績は必ず上がる」 shinjiro! seiseki wa kanarazu agaru / have belief! your results will definitely improve

10.「友情か受験か?最後の決断」 yuujou ka juken ka? saigo no ketsudan / friendship or the test? final decision

11.(Final) 「お前らはもうバカじゃない! 運命の合格発表」Omaera wa mou baka janai! Unmei no Goukaku Happyou / You are not idiots anymore! The fatidic approval announcement


Ep 01: 17.5%

Ep 02: 16.5%

Ep 03: 13.8%

Ep 04: 16.1%

Ep 05: 16.8%

Ep 06: 17.9%

Ep 07: 15.6%

Ep 08: 17.0%

Ep 09: 14.5%

Ep 10: 14.5%

Ep 11: 20.3%



Dragon Zakura EP 1

Dragon Zakura EP 2

Dragon Zakura EP 3

Dragon Zakura EP 4

Dragon Zakura EP 5

Dragon Zakura EP 6

Dragon Zakura EP 7

Dragon Zakura EP 8

Dragon Zakura EP 9

Dragon Zakura EP 10

Dragon Zakura EP 11



You can find subs in d-addicts they are also in other launguage then english

External Links


Dragon Zakura Thread on Wiki

Other Links

Melody-Realize mp3

Yamapi-Colorful mp3

Dragon Zakura NG

Melody-Realize PV

Dont know if ost was realised but i think that no.


Yamapi(Tajima Yuusuke)


Nagasawa Masami(Mizuno Naomi)


Aragaki Yui(Kousaka Yoshino)


Saeko(Kobayashi Maki)


Abe Hiroshi(Sakuragi Kenji)


Koike Teppei(Ogata Hideki)



Sakuragi Kenji is a destitute lawyer and one-time member of a motorcyle gang trying to guide

failing high school students with an average score of 36 into Japan's most prestigious

educational institution, Tokyo University (Toudai).

"If you want to change your life, get into Toudai!"

For no other reason than Sakuragi's personal ambition, he has advertised his intention to produce 100 successful Toudai applicants from the students of a nearly bankrupt failure of a school.

"If you want to change your life, get into Toudai!" He will get them from this lowest of

all schools into Japan's number one!!

Our protagonist, Sakuragi Kenji, played by Abe Hiroshi in his first role as a high school teacher, is a must see in this summer's new show. This third rate lawyer soon becomes the homeroom teacher for the special advanced class aiming for Toudai University entrance. Hasegawa Kyouko costars as english teacher and Sakuragi's opponent, and Yamai can't reada Tomohisa from NEWS and Nagasawa Masami also appear in the role of students. This awaited original work and fascinating world view is brought to you from the popular serialized comic in Shuukan Morning (Kodansha) and has even been updated!

In addition to revealing essential test taking techniques for everyone who wants to know how to get into Toudai, Dragon Zakura will also teach the essentials of living one's life.


This drama is realy great.:) If somebody have problems in school then he should watch this dorama.

You can learn from her so much. Yamapi is so hot in there ;)


EP 1


EP 2


EP 3


EP 4



EP 5


EP 6


EP 7


EP 8 & 9


EP 10


EP 11







Kindai Magazine

Other Scans

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Guest Shina :)

i liked a lot :) i was hoping that Yuuske will be with Mizuno but ehh they wasnt :( Anyways this drama touch me a lot.And Yamapi looks good in here he isint so skinny :)

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Guest Shina :)

why not?? she was good for him, i think he was liking her a lot but he didint realized it :)

heheh everyone one saying that he is "my pi" xDDDD but mine also xD

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Guest baby--s

ohh I remember watching this drama. It's pretty inspiring I guess lol Pi was so skinny lol Teppei was pretty cute though ^0^

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Guest Shina :)

well dont be sorry you are right :D^_^ Maki is prettier that that girl so im also suporrt him,if he will choose her in real life i will be happy ^_^

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Ive seen this It's been a while already. I remember my bro suggested me to watch it bcuz he knew I liked Gokusen a lot. and he said it's even better. so I gave it a try.

And it was pretty good actually. I enjoyed it a lot. loved the casting really.

// ----- might content L I G H T S P O I L E R

I liked the Teppei&Saeko pair. they were cute together. The show didn't present much that much of their relation ( to my disapointment ) nevertheless I was cheering for that couple. and Saeko is so cute. I loved her style and her character ! and Teppei is a cutie as usual !! the perfect match in that drama !!!

I wasn't really into Yamapi love story. I knew from the start which girl the script was favoring and .. I disagreed with it. although I found Masami a good actress. I can't help but prefer Yui for Yamapi. lookwise. probably. and Yui character wasn't the cliche bitchy girl so ... Her character developpement was well-done. I simpatized with her. hehe :sweatingbullets:

Kyoko was good too. I liked her character. and she didn't look to bad with Abe. Although probably no one will ever replace Yukie-Abe chemistry in the Tricks serie. not even Yuko !!

But Kyoko has annoyed me in Boku Dake no Madonna. I guess I didn't like her pairing with Tackey ... I'm too biased !!! :offtopics:

and there was something about Nakao Akiyoshi character that I really like. I don't know. Thre's something lovable about him. how funny !

I found it very realistic storyline. That was a joy to watch.

and and tks Shina for the screen captures and creating this thread !! Make me reminiscence about that drama again ...

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Guest Shina :)











I liked the Teppei&Saeko pair. they were cute together. The show didn't present much that much of their relation ( to my disapointment ) nevertheless I was cheering for that couple. and Saeko is so cute. I loved her style and her character ! and Teppei is a cutie as usual !! the perfect match in that drama !!!

I think that too they look kawai together :D He is a good actor and she also :)I liked their characker. But seriously my boyfriend should be like Yamapi :). Dont know why i think like that but he is justt handsome i like hes character,and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee whne he is saying "Boo" xDDDD Im fainting!!!! *______________*

Anyways i will uplod this drama on cluboox so if somebody want it please be patient.Episodes will be with subs :)

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earringp4bb.jpg I like this earing xD i want it!!! :(

i remember seeing this in the JYA hehe ...and SoCal i meant that it's going to air in Sourthern California lolz sorry for my abbreviation ...actually alot of people spell it like that also, so i got use to it...

and yeh when i was watching this i wanted the childhoond friend of Pi and him to get together...i still remember the part when she was crying on Pi shoulder..lol was it can't recall and was there a hug? lol i don't remmeber...i though that they should have got together or something...but the other girl was suppose to be Pi's gilfriend in the drama?! the one that said she will go to Todai...

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Guest run_lola_run

For all you So. Cal people...this show is gonna start this Sunday on channel 18 @ 9:00 pm with english subtitles! Can't wait.

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